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Atreyus Fate

Atreyus Fate


Andre Geub aka Atreyus Fate has been crazy about music since his youth. He began to study guitar at 16 and he loved listening to hard rock bands. He soon discovered Trance, Acid and House also thanks to labels from the 90s like Bonzai and Tracid Traxx. The technical side of music came naturally and so he concentrated on other instruments which brought him to experiment with other genres like Heavy Metal and Goth among others.

In 2008 he released 2 albums as co-composer and lead guitarist under the alias The Outcast. In 2009 he turned to synthesisers and midi recordings which soon became a time intensive hobby. Besides House, Chillout and Trance he had a project with J.P.Abramsen called Elysium Dreams with which they connected electronic music with acoustic guitar, bass guitar and e-guitar, resulting in an Electro, Downtempo, Electro Rock and Chillout fusion.

His ideas and inspirations come from his daily life and he uses music to describe feelings which is always a challenge as well as a purification process. From this routine he has made 5 unreleased albums. In 2014 he got the attention of the label manager from Bonzai Progressive and Atreys Fate got his first EP out.

Much more to come about this guy so stay tuned.