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Jamie Baggotts

Jamie Baggotts


Jamie Baggotts is Midlands UK based DJ and producer who began his career in the 90’s. He started out playing Drum and Bass which was massive at the time with a lot of competing jocks vying for the best gigs. His own unique style made him successful and soon he moved on to playing out Trance where he got to support top DJ’s like Lisa Lashes and JFK.

On the producing front Jamie has seen many releases on labels like Dusk Underground Music, Planet Acetate Records and Dash Deep Records to name a few. His production skills allow him to combine different genres, pushing the boundaries to discover fresh new sounds which makes it difficult to pinpoint his musical style. In turn this makes his sound stand out and that is why over the last few years his musical styles and techniques changed with support from Mark Knight and Maya Jane Coles.

Lots more to come from this Jamie, he recently signed with Bonzai so he is definitely one to watch for the future.