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Bonzai Progressive BP4462015 11 May, 2015

Atreyus Fate debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Autumn.

The Original Mix of Autumn intros with a super sweet and intoxicating pad melody that fades out into a very cool progressive groove complete with chunky kicks, gritty bass and sharp stabs alongside some excellent one shot vocals that get the gated effect. On the break the pads return and bring that rich melodic sound before a nice and pure analogue style bass comes through and sets the track on its sublime progressive house journey. A truly stunning trek into the prog house sound that will clear away those foggy days and get you in the mood for Balearic summer.

The Deezy Sunrise Mix goes straight for the jugular with a superb upbeat drum arrangement that will definitely get the floors and terraces packed. A warm, lush bass sits on the low end beautifully and allows the sweeping, caressing pads to let loose and bring those wonderful melodies into being. In the background cool arps flow through as cool vocals are used to great effect. The break delivers a surreal sequence as the pads and bass are left alone to wander around and drive the mind deeper into the sound.