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Lonely Sun

Lonely Sun


Columbian music production duo Niclas Agudelo and Lonely Sun are the latest addition to the Bonzai family. The guys joined forces in 2013 and released their track ‘Mistweaver’ on Vacate Music and Vacate Exclusive.

Nicolas Agudelo is one of Colombia’s most promising electronic artists, his diverse, elaborate releases are supported by major DJ’s as well as underground DJ’s all around the world. He has released music on a multitude of labels including Quadrophonic, Liquid Grooves, Round Triangle and Elliptical Sun Recordings to name just a few. He has also worked with top producers during this time and is an experienced artist within electronica.

Born in 1982 and currently a graphic designer, he learned everything he knows about music through an almost empirical way, being first an electronic music listener and then starting to experiment with sequencing software, wave editors and midi instruments.

Currently, he produces a wide range of sound that covers the most experimental stuff to ear-catching dance music, which can be easily spotted in many live sets, charts and radio shows worldwide.


Lonely Sun aka Daniel Cabrera is an emerging producer from Colombia. Daniel’s love for electronic music started very early in his life while listening to 80s and 90s music, he found he was fascinated by the sounds of the synths and percussions that were proposed at the time. So he studied to become a DJ and also studied electronic music production.

Even though he loves almost all type of electronic music he is focused on what he is passionate about, which is progressive. His influences range from Sven Vath, Carl Cox, John Digweed, Sasha, Stephan Bodzin, to new artists such as Loquai and Cid Inc to name a few.