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Matt Holliday is back once again at Bonzai Progressive with another stunning slice entitled Underworld. These last few years have been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride for Matt, on top of moving to a new country, he found himself in great demand after a plethora of quality releases and taking the helm at JOOF Aura. 2016 has been a huge year after what has been described by many as a ‘killer set’ at the Luminosity Trance Gathering in Amsterdam, and the release of his long awaited studio album on Phase Of Life. It’s always great to see this guys work drop into the mailbox and we’ve no doubt we’ll be seeing lots more in the future. In the meantime check out this latest offering and don’t forget to tune in to Matt’s radioshow Ethnoscience alongside Manu Riga, the first Saturday of each month on Progressive Beats Radio.

Underworld could be considered as some of Matt’s deepest, darkest works. Right from the start we are drawn into a murky and moody sound that is steeped in glorious low end basses and sublime pads and FX. A fantastic ethnically charged vocal runs through the track delivering a chilling narrative given the tone of the voice. Quite a minimal piece with a lot of character and raw grooves that will definitely keep those late night sessions moving.

Belfast’s Louis Irvine is up on remix duties and this one also marks his Bonzai Progressive debut. Louis normally resides over on our Progrez offshoot where he dishes out quality techno grooves, the latest of which – Alpas EP – is performing very well indeed. As this is Louis’ first remix he set out to deliver a bad ass mutha, and we think he’s done just that. After a bit of trial and error he found the path he wanted to take and decided to throw in the vocal which definitely takes things up a notch or two. He was thinking big on this one and he has certainly captured that big festival vibe which is sure to please many. The remix intros with thunderous kick drum that would be right at home at any festival and its massive sound system. Bright crispy hats cut through the low frequencies as hypnotic percussions start to fade up. The techno fuelled groove settles into its mesmeric state while some very cool vocals come through. An absolute stomper no doubt that will tear up any floor.

#mattholliday #bonzaiprogressive #louisirvine

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DJ and producer Christopher Hermann aka Kristof Hermann returns for his third stint on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Sands Of Marrakech. Kristof has established himself as a top artist on the scene with releases on various labels and appearances on several compilations. It’s nice to see him back at BP and we’ve no doubt we’ll be seeing much more in the future.

Sands Of Marrakech intros with a warm kick drum and subtle percussion arrangement that draws you in to its shuffling rhythmic sequence. A deep probing bassline comes through to take the reins as we are led deep into the progressive world. Cosmic synths play out surreal melodies creating an almost dreamlike state that you will find yourself completely hooked on. A complex sound design offers up a mystical take on the ancient city of Marrakech making this a definite must have track.

Athens Lights takes us on a sublime journey filled with wonderfully crafted deep basses and cascading arps that fill the spectrum beautifully. The intro delivers a solid progressive vibe right from the off as a tame kick drum sits behind a superb bassline and those mesmerizing arps. The track gives off an almost utopian vibe as those synths combine. A cool percussion section generates smooth rhythms that marry up perfectly with the majestic sounds of Greece. Deeply hypnotic and Ethnically charged, a superb slice of prog that is not to be missed.

#christopherhermann #bonzaiprogressive

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Turin based DJ and producer duo Seb Ba and Denny IlSan make up DYS (Italy) and here they mark their Piston Recordings debut with the superb two tracker My Girl. Together these guys are responsible for some awesome party nights around Italy. They notched up their first release on Klaphouse Records with Is Not Necessary EP in May 2016 which propelled them into the producer world. We’re delighted to have the guys on board and we sure hope to see and hear a lot more from them in the years ahead.

My Girl intros with a probing bass against a shuffling percussion pattern that is soon joined by some very nice chunky kick drums that lead the charge. The bassline continues to probe deeper and is joined by ultra cool pads laden with FX. Those pads create a super rich sound filled with wonderful textures and dancefloor friendly vibes. Scattered vocal snippets add a subtle club vibe which will most definitely appeal to many, a must have.

I Love It sets off with a bass heavy intro that will give the bassbins some work to do alongside a solid pumping kick drum. Cool percussive elements build up into a fine flowing rhythm as that bass thickens, digging deeper into your soul. Sparse vocal shots add character to the sound but the focus remains on that bass. A definite late night stomper that is not to be missed.

#dys(italy) #pistonrecordings

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Gusher aka Caracas, Venezuela based DJ and producer Gustavo Herrera debuts on Piston Recordings with the deep house grooves of Circadian Rhythm. Gustavo first got into dance music at age 14 when he bought Daft Punk’s Homework. Four years later he became a DJ after absorbing all the delights of electronic music. His early influences are the likes of Jon Cutler, Marques Wyatt, Mark Farina, Groove Armada, Carl Craig, Roman Flugel and more. In 2009 he seriously got involved in making music and started working with Carloscres on a few tracks like Sleepscience released on Society 3.0 and One life to live released on Cosmic Disco Records before signing with Argentinean house label Di One Music to release his first EP titled Someday. He was then picked up by Irish record label Swink Music Ltd releasing the Freedom EP with Carloscres and two other producers (Matthew Collins and Love Bites). Great to have him on board and we know you’re gonna love this guy’s sound.

Circadian Rhythm intros with a nice and warm punchy kick drum with some cool FX floating in the background. A superb, funky ass bassline shows up and is joined by some superb chords that bring rich textures to the sound. Deep house vibes ooze out of this one and the percussion section generates a solid rhythmic flow with a snappy snare cutting through those lower frequencies. A beautiful slice of deep grooves that is not to be missed.

Light Fluctuations sets out with a shuffling hat sequence combined with an array of percussions that entices you in before a nice and chunky kick drum takes centre stage. A throbbing bassline is introduced and the groove is ramped up to a deep house frenzy which is enhanced by fading in keys. This one delivers a truly epic, mesmeric and hypnotic groove as those house fuelled chords do their thing. A welcome addition in any late night session.

#gusher #pistonrecordings

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For the last number of years we have seen nothing but the very best sounds from Matan Caspi, and today is no exception. Here he delivers his latest offering, Distant Muse which comes backed up with remixes from Manu Riga and Persya. Apart from giving us super fine cuts Matan is running the label Outta Limits together with his good friend and production partner Stan Kolev. He is also busy with touring and concentrating on his future productions, where you will find original, raw and innovative material. His last outing for Bonzai Progressive – Brain-Storm was well received and this was followed up by a double appearance on the ADE 2016 Compilation from Bonzai. All of the above doesn’t leave a doubt that Matan’s music will be heard on the most popular dance floors around the world.

The Original Mix is a sublime trek deep into the progressive sound, full of wonderful subtleties and nuanced elements that combine beautifully to bring that rich sound evident in Matan’s work. Chunky kick drums lead the way as crispy hi hats and shuffling percussions form up alongside a deep and lush bassline. A myriad of FX and one shot synth hits are perfectly placed for maximum effect enhancing the stabby, more prominent layers. On the break we are treated to some excellent key work that bring in rich melodies before the synths are slowed down and then sped up to a brilliant climax and the back into full on mode for the duration. Top notch stuff indeed.

Manu Riga is up first with his Progrezz Remix and in true Manu Riga fashion, he knocks it outta the park. An extremely busy and in demand artist, this guy remains consistent in his delivery of top quality sounds. His last outing – Unstoppable proved to be popular on the floors and various charts and we’ve no doubt this remix will follow suit. The remix definitely goes straight to the floors with a nice rhythmic drum arrangement along with cool FX and a subtle underlying melody. The track builds nicely with the bassline shoring up the dancey groove and the tougher edged synths keeping things moving. The break is where the magic happens here as a beautifully serene vocal captivates the mind and draws you in deeper before those chunky kicks take us back into full on mode. A must have no doubt.

Bologna based producer Persya returns to BP with a wonderfully constructed progressive house remix. His last outing – Heide EP – was back in June 2016 and made a very good impact on the scene. The intro allows us to dive head first into the deep groove on offer as a fantastic atmospheric sound is generated. Hypnotic melodies draws us in even more as chunky kick drums lead the charge. A deep droning bassline dominates the low end as the intensity increases. The solid groove becomes so immersive you are lost in its ethereal grasp and on the break this is more true. A stunning slice that will not disappoint.

#matancaspi #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga #persya

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Dublin based Irish DJ and producer Cerillo returns to Piston with All Dem Hoes which marks his fourth outing for us and follows the impressive Ill Behaviour from April 2016. He’s also appeared on several compilations over the last couple of years which is a testament to the high quality sounds he dishes out. His tracks are consistently championed by many top jocks including B.Traits BBC Radio 1, David Moreno Ibiza Global Radio, wAFF, Marco Carola, Ibiza Voice, Robert Owens, Solomun, Steve Lawler, Defected Residents, Loco Dice, DJ Sneak, Chus, Dave Seaman, Sam Divine and more. On the DJ front he spins regularly at many events unleashing his superbly crafted sets to the floors and the radio waves.

The Original Mix intros with a nice deep probing bassline and chunky kick drum combi which is soon joined by a crispy hi hat and layering percussions that get the rhythm moving effortlessly. The hypnotic bassline remains a constant throughout and locks you into its grasp for the duration with little respite. A cool vocal comes in giving the track a whole new demeanour and floor appeal. A very subtle acid line starts to creep in on one of the filtered breaks which leads to a wonderful, energetically charged climax before slamming right back into full on mode. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

A Piston firm favourite and all round hugely talented artist Leandro Di is up first on remix duties and once again we are blown away by the sheer quality this guy brings to the table. His last outing for us was back in July 2016 with Spiral Space which was a top pick among many as well as various appearances on several compilations. Always an exciting time to get this guys work through the inbox and no doubt we’ll be seeing much more in the future. The remix intros with a nice punchy kick drum that sets the tone perfectly for a trip into deeper territory. Bright crispy hats come through as warm chord stabs fade in which are in turn joined by a superb low end bassline. Cool vocal snippets litter the sound adding character while beautifully lush pads create some excellent textures in the groove. Perfect deep fodder for the floors.

UK based DJ and producer Alex Bradbury returns to Piston, this time he steps up to the remix plate offering a wonderful take on the original with a more pacey approach. His last outing here was his debut back in the Summer of 2016 with his Spektrum EP which certainly proved popular among many and then in September he appeared on My House Is Your House 13. We can’t wait to hear more from this guy. The remix intros with a cool mixture of percussions and a muted kick that is soon beefed up to a full on pumping bass drum. The percussions really get the rhythm flowing here and lead us up to a superb deep rooted bassline that dominates so much of the track. Cool FX start to appear and we find ourselves locked on to the groove. Subtle synths add some excellent textures to the sound but it’s that bass and winding down FX that carry the most weight here.

#cerillo #pistonrecordings #leandrodi #alexbradbury

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Bjerk Peterson returns to Piston and joins up with debutant Citrus on the funky fresh Funkadelika. Tijuana born and now residing in Barcelona, Bjerk’s last outing here was back in May 2016 with his Diggin’ Deep EP which proved popular among many. Since then he’s been racking up quality cuts for various outfits as well as appearing at top parties around Barcelona and beyond.

The original mix of Funkadelika is up first and right away we are thrust into full on swinging slab of deep house grooves with a very cool garage sound. Everything is tight, from the drums to the beautifully crafted keys, club driven vocals and that rumbling low end sub level bass. A definite dancefloor slice here that will not disappoint. Funkadelika gets a makeover with the Jazzy Booty Mix which delivers a much funkier vibe that its original counterpart. We get the same tight arrangement and that blend of cool keys and vocals but with a much deeper groove that befits the jazzy style. Silky smooth vibes for the late night escapades.

Wanna Know is up next and the original mix gets straight down to a floor friendly vibe right from the off. Chunky kick drums are joined by rhythmic percussions and an array over very cool keys and a high pitch tone. The vocals add a lot of character to the sound in an almost playful fashion while the guts of the track delivers a superb deep house groove complete with warping basses inside a sophisticated arrangement. Next up is the Wobble Mix of Wanna Know which takes a deeper path than the original. The drums offer much more depth here as the vocals ring out alongside funky keys and the infectious rhythmic groove. The bass weaves in and out creating a hypnotically charged effect. Another fine slice of deep house that is a definite must have.

#bjerkpeterson #citrus #pistonrecordings

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Giuliano A.L. is back at Bonzai Basiks with the superb two track EP entitled The Eleventh Hour. This is his second outing here and judging by the quality of his debut – Winter EP – we’ve no doubt that you’ll be blown away once more with this guy’s eclectic techno sound.

Right from the get go we find ourselves locked on to the hypnotic groove of The Eleventh Hour. A pounding kick drum sits over a fantastic construction of percussions that offer a rhythmic flow to the track that will definitely get asses on the floors shaking. A deep rumbling bassline dominates the low end and is accompanied by the subtlest of acid lines that teases. Up top we are mesmerized by that hypnotic four note repeating synth that becomes the main focus on the track. In the background you will find an array of quality FX and modified percussions doing their thing. An absolute stomper of a track that is most definitely not to be missed.

Drive intros with a display of bright percussive patterns alongside a deep , probing bassline. Chunky kick drums come through and settles the track into a beautifully driven techno slice. Cool FX make for interesting layers as various synths come through. A mesmeric and melodic arp begins its rise taking us higher before being joined by some fantastic stabbing keys. Distant voices provide intrigue as the track takes us on a sublime journey. A definite must have that will keep any floor rocking.

#giulianoal #bonzaibasiks

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Fille V & Mathi debut on Green Martian with Il Est Saucisse which comes in original and Hypnotised & PatriZe remix flavours. This DJ and producer duo from Belgium focus on creating deep, progressive mystical sounds. Fille V started playing music (guitars and drums) and composing music in 2005, he comes up with fresh melodies and is the tech-guy in the group. His obsession for all genres in music and love for deep music makes his sound unrestricted, unconfined but deep and catchy. Mathi partners on many of Fille V ‘s projects keeps an eye on the overall sound and catchiness of the tracks. He has good ears, to detect anomalies in songs and to make sure Fille V doesn’t overkill with complicated compositions. They have released on many labels including AH Digital, Absurd State, Aeriform, Lincor, Incepto, Clinique and now Green Martian.

The Original Mix intros with a subtle kick drum that lulls you in as swirling pads and FX create a mysterious atmosphere. The kicks get an added thump and drives the track beautifully on its progressive course. Sweet melodies float through the sound as a mesmerizing vocal fades in. Deep, lush basses take over locking you into its infectious groove. The track builds beautifully with a welcoming, warm embrace that will allow you to lose yourself and dream away. Top notch stuff that is not to be missed.

Hypnotised & PatriZe also debut on Green Martian with a superb remix. This Belgian DJ and producer duo have been making some serious noise over the last number of years. Their catalogue of works consistently appears high in many charts and their sound is championed by top jocks all over the world. It’s awesome to see home-grown talent grace our labels and hopefully we’ll see much more from these guys in the future. On the remix here the guys ramp up the pressure with an excellent driving progressive vibe that picks up right from the off. A wonderfully warm bassline is the main force behind the groove and is joined by stunning pads, bright melodic arps and a hypnotic synth line that keeps you hooked on for the duration. A fantastic slice of prog that is a must have track for any late night or early morning session.

#fillev #mathi #greenmartian #hypnotised #patrize

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French DJ and producer Bob The Groove returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Some Seeds Of Love which comes backed up with the equally fantastic My Little Tree Of Paradise. BTG’s debut on Bonzai was back in May 2016 with Eddy’s Theme which proved popular among many and we’ve no doubt that this latest cut will follow suit.

Some Seed Of Love is a wonderfully lush and deep progressive groove that captures the imagination wonderfully. Nice and chunky kick drums lead the way deep rooted basses pulsate through the track. Tight drums and bright crispy hats deliver a solid rhythmic groove that will keep the floors moving for sure. A teasing acid line lurks around gliding effortlessly through the track as melodic pads sweep across. Top notch stuff that you do not want to miss.

My Little Tree Of Paradise intros with a punchy kick drum that is joined by shuffling hats and a rising mesmeric arp. A musical bassline glides up and down the scale with fantastic note changes that add an extra dynamic to the sound. Cool percussions keep the rhythm moving becoming prominent on the break where we are treated to a fine display of melodic sounds before the beats kick back in for the duration. A definite must have no doubt.

#bobthegroove #bonzaiprogressive

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Italian DJ and producer Andrea Rivi debuts on Piston Recordings with the superb tech house flavoured two tracker My Weapon. Growing up in Florence Andrea developed a passion for music by listening to punk, rock and playing the drums. His teenage years were spent attending clubs, making his love of music stronger leading him to his true calling, DJing. After many gigs playing alongside top jocks he landed a residency at Club 999 in Prato as well as performing at Freaky Deaky parties. In 2011 he began to produce his own sounds and in 2012 he got his first release on Generation Records. No doubt this talented artist has lots to offer and hopefully we’ll be seeing more in the future, for now though enjoy this superb slice of proper tech house party sounds.

My Weapon is a straight up dancefloor gem with pulsing bases and a super tight rhythmic beat complete with thumping kick drums, crispy hi hats and shuffling percussions. Cool vocals litter the sound while fantastic synths lace the groove tying the track together beautifully. A definite must have that will not disappoint.

Old Man Raw is deeper tech offering that carries a solid groove throughout. Expertly crafted drum arrangements keep the rhythm flowing as superb ethnically charged vocals come through. The beat goes tribal with excellent percussions dishing out hypnotic rhythms making this one for the floors. On the low end a deep probing bassline runs through the track keeping us locked on for the duration. Top notch stuff indeed, not to be missed.

#andrearivi #pistonrecordings

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Bonzai regular Jakhira steps over to Piston Recordings for his debut EP entitled Americana. Multi-talented Belgium based producer Jakhira certainly knows how to churn out quality vibes. At BP he relishes in dishing out quality prog while keeping his finger on the deep house pulse that runs through his veins. He has also graced various other labels with his sounds and we’re delighted to see him at Piston where we hope to see much more in the future.

Los Feliz is a beautifully constructed slice of deep house, with pumping kick drums and shuffling hats that deliver a smooth rhythmic flow, to the playful deep bass that gives the track so much depth and lushness. Cool vocal snippets run through the track as ultra cool keys play out with a pure deep house vibe alongside a super smooth and groovy trumpet. A solid offering that will be a welcome addition in any set.

Gowanus intros with a nice and chunky kick drum and crispy hi hat in classic style. As the percussion start to build bringing a fine flowing rhythm, a super lush organ is introduced and right away you feel hooked on the groove. We are taken deeper into the groove with a wonderful probing bassline and a mesmerizing trumpet riff. An absolute must have track that will not disappoint.

#jakhira #pistonrecordings

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Belfast based techno maestro Louis Irvine is back with his third offering on Progrez. The two track Alpas EP raises the bar in the pumping techno world. Louis is quickly establishing himself as top player in his field, his last two outings Malfunction and In My Mind proved popular among many featuring in various sets and compilations, definitely one to watch here.

Right from the get go we are drawn into the raw techno nature of Alpas. Solid kick drums are offset by hypnotic percussions and slicing hi hats that deliver a very cool contrasting texture. A deep sinister bassline lurks on the low end making the subs work hard. The percussions continue to build delivering a tight rhythmic flow as haunting vocal snippets peek through. If you like your techno raw to the core than this is a must have track for you, top notch stuff.

Rubatosis gets off to a menacing start with a monstrous kick drum that will rattle the foundations of any venue. Ramped up to the max with bassy tones and accompanied by hypnotic, rhythmic percussions you will find yourself completely hooked within seconds. As the tough edged drum arrangement gathers pace a rising synth draws you in even more locking you into the groove for the duration. An absolute stomper of a track that is not to be missed.

#louisirvine #progrez

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Russian producer Alexander Eryomin aka A.Eryomin returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb You’ll Never Know Why which comes with a plethora of top notch remixes from top producers within the Bonzai sphere. Alexander’s debut came back in the Summer of 2015 with Lonely Nights which quickly gained a great deal of support. Since then he has been churning out quality vibes on various labels as well as featuring on many compilations. Great to see him back with this stomper which we’ve no doubt will grab a lot of attention.

You’ll Never Know Why has many strands that combine beautifully into a solid slice of progressive house. A distinct retro theme runs through the sound that will definitely grab a lot attention in today’s scene. Nice and chunky kick drums are joined by crispy hats and a superbly crafted percussion arrangement giving off a cool rhythmic flow. The probing bassline comes at us from different angles for maximum effect while a cacophony of synths stack up creating a driving groove. Soft vocals add a real character to the sound while an array of FX give the track cool textures. A definite must have right here.

Accompanying the original we have a host of top remix artists to whet the progressive appetite. First up we have the impeccable Manu Riga with his Deep Tech Mix which takes us deep into the progressive abyss with a wonderful tech edge. ConcreteWaves makes a debut appearance on Bonzai with a much more upfront remix that is sure to fill the floors while regular Bonzai contributor Dennis Franchi dishes out some of his fine deep and pleasing grooves with his remix. Negrol also makes a remix debut with a super deep slice of prog filled with fantastic probing basses and expertly crafted synths while another debutant DJ BF turns up with a wonderful hypnotic slice that takes us on a mesmerizing journey. Rounding up this impressive remix roster we have Angelo Dobric who has made the jump over from Piston Recordings to deliver a superb, driving and highly infectious piece of music that will definitely make the grade in any set.

An impressive pack that covers a lot of ground with plenty to choose from, who will be your favourite?

#a.eryomin #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga #concretewaves #dennisfranchi #negrol #angelodobric

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Spanish DJ and producer Jon Costas debuts on Piston Recordings with the upbeat groovy vibes of Don’t Touch Me which is a cool play on words and cleverly split into two tracks. Jon began his music career at just 16 years old, dabbling in different styles until he found his true calling, house music. At first he was learning all about producing music before he started to DJ and in the last few years he has been focusing more on that while still learning all he can about making beats. Great to have him on board and we hope to see more soon.

Don’t sets off with a nice bouncy tech vibe that will get feet to the floors no doubt. Pumping kick drums and crispy hi hats lead the way as a superb bouncing bassline takes the groove up a notch. Sultry, swirling pads offer a warm fuzzy glow to the track as the more edgy drums section gathers pace. A top notch slice of tech that will not disappoint.

Touch Me intros with a fantastic sharp synth that glides across the sound to the backdrop of a building percussion section and cool vocal hits. Punchy beats soon follow and are joined by slicing hi hats and a beautifully round deep sub bass. The track picks up the pace thanks to the infectious synth hook that dominates the groove. A fantastic pure tech house cut that is a definite must have.

#joncostas #pistonrecordings

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