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Straight off the back of our last release by Berlin based Justin Massei and the label’s debut at the legendary Watergate club, Selador Recordings continues it’s Berlin love-in with an EP by another producer based in the city, Joal. The Portuguese DJ is no stranger to the label with a remix for Climbers and an original production on the last Showcase compilation already under his belt. But now the relationship is consummated with the EP you have in your hands. Featuring two brand new original productions in the shape of Uncover to Discover and Exercise plus two top flight remixes courtesy of Marc DePulse and Supernova, its yet another top drawer package from your favourite label.

#joal #selador #marcdepulse #supernova

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Airwave returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic, A touch Of Grace. He last appeared here on remix duty for Fatal Error’s Angel’s Arms which went down a treat among many. Previously, in 2014, he released a lot of tracks on BP alongside Phi Phi and others as well as a raft of cuts on Joof Recordings. Also, in the last few years, Laurent has upped his live appearances having played at gigs across the world from Canada to India and the UK to his homeland in Belgium. A truly prolific artist of this age and we are sure there will be plenty more from this guy.

First up we have the Original Mix of A Touch Of Grace which lives up to its name with a smooth, graceful intro filled with punchy kicks, building percussions and warm sweeping pads. A touch of eastern promise is added with subtle plucked strings leading the way. We are soon wrapped up and totally locked into the sound as a wonderfully rich vocal takes over and captivates while raising the hairs on the back of your neck. The music takes on a progressive trance persona as a driving, chugging bass keeps the energy levels up. Tough and gritty acid lines weave their way through contrasting melodic strings and gated synths. A truly complex structure that melds together beautifully resulting in a definite dance floor destroyer.

The Deep And Dark Mix of A Touch Of Grace is up next and takes us in a slightly different direction. Big and powerful kicks sit alongside a myriad of percussions and provide the intro which builds up with a crescendo into a deep, driving groove. A superb low end bassline holds the track up perfectly as gritty lines begin to form up all around. An Eastern flavour is evident with those beautiful melodic plucks and captivating raspy vocals. Intensity rises with every phrase and new sounds added that take us further into the groove before a short respite on the break that unleashes more of those sweet melodies. Another epic monster from Airwave that will set floors alight all over.

Reus Calling sets off with a cool drum led intro that sets out a solid rhythm complete with nice chunky kicks. In the background, very subtle, haunting voices can be heard which are soon overlayed by much richer pads and strings. A cool melodic synth comes through and sets the scene for an epic ride into an uplifting progressive journey. This is what Airwave is all about, huge intense sounds that feed off each other and forms into an engrossing soundscape that you do not want to end. Definitely a big floor stomper here, you need this in your box.

#airwave #bonzaiprogressive

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Belgian DJ and producer K-Fel returns to Bonzai Progressive with this superb two tracker entitled Papyrus. Back in May 2014 saw his debut, Pantheon, gain a lot of support due to the purity of his progressive grooves and we have no doubt that this one will follow suit. Papyrus intros with a deep droning bass note and cool FX as a rising synth takes us up to meet a tight drum arrangement filled with dirty beats and crispy hats. A deep bass twists and turns through the groove as winding synth stabs deliver that big room flavour. Lots of cool textures deliver a solid construction that takes an example from various styles, a big floor hitter for sure.

Necropole intros with a nice solid punchy kick and slicing hats combi. A rising FX takes us up to a strong offbeat bass that takes control of the groove as sweeping pads and cool melodies filter through providing a warm feeling that washes over you. An expertly crafted slice of progressive house that will be a welcome addition in any box.

#k-fel #bonzaiprogressive

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Debut appearance on Piston for Groove Apartment with the two tracker, Sound Of Soul. Sound Of Soul intros with a super smooth bass note that glides across a tight drum arrangement filled with crystallized hats and a nice chunky kick. Cool vocal one shots litter the groove as a lush deep house chord is introduced. Bright and cheerful melodies stand out in contrast to the deeper elements and provide a playful dance floor friendly vibe. A real nice and upbeat slice of deep house with some very cool 80’s samples running through.

All I Want Is You sets out with a monster kick that dominates with its powerful punch as super crispy hats and claps cut through. The bassline sits on the low end and probes with its groovy prowess as the track breaks to reveal a cool stabby synth. Cool vocal hits come through and deliver a proper groovy house vibe as those chord stabs intensify. On the break crowds cheer as the vocal echoes through before we get back to the main groove for the duration. Top notch stuff you will not want to miss.

#grooveapartment #pistonrecordings

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Dutch based artistic group Vechigen return to Elemental with the wonderfully chilled three tracker, The V-Files. It’s safe to say that this collective are the face of Bonzai Elemental with multiple releases over the last few years. Their last outing, back at the end of 2014 with The Guest House, struck a chord with many in the world of downtempo and laidback grooves. Great to see them back once again.

Alien Believer intros with a wonderful display of FX and rich strings that deliver a truly cosmic vibe. Thunderous sounds converge onto the track while single drum hits break up the ambience, and melodies begin to filter through in the form of high pitched plucks and sweeping pads. An expertly crafted arrangement that will definitely liven up your imagination.

The Visitors sets of with a superb bass pluck that is soon joined by melodic strings that cascade upwards alongside a rising arp. A super laidback drum arrangement is introduced and the dynamic of the track transforms beautifully. Various instruments are introduced and a myriad of melodic sequences ensues resulting in a very poignant, contemplative and uplifting composition, beautiful stuff.

Why Can’t We Be Friends intros with a calming and reflective aura as smooth and warm strings play against the sound of a gentle tide as it ebbs and flows. Deeper, more prominent strings are brought in and a somewhat melancholic vibe follows which is resolved by some beautiful melodies. The perfect music for a meditative evening.

#vechigen #bonzaielemental

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Our Piston journey continues with another slice of wax filled with deep and groovy sounds your turntables are gonna love. Label head honcho Rogerio Martins gets the cutting treatment with his Otherwise Unknown EP which features a remix from the fantastic Kris Wadsworth. Otherwise Unknown dishes out its solid beats, probing basses and warm tones that will set the floors alight while We Like To Party brings its upbeat vibes filled with bright, crispy percussions and cool vocals.

After we get a taste of the remix from the world renowned DJ and producer Kris Wadsworth and his No Bible Remix that will definitely keep floors rocking with tech infused vibes and enthralling deep grooves.

To finish up the release we get a trip back in time on the retro themed 1994 that is bursting with dance inducing rhythms and a superb deep house groove you will not want to miss out on.

#rogeriomartins #pistonrecordings #kriswadsworth

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Bonzai Progressive stalwart Matan Caspi returns with the impressive Check The Windows. Fresh from his last outing, Serenity, Matan relishes in unleashing his smooth progressive sounds on our senses. This new cut comes complete with two top class remixes from Manu Riga & Matt Holliday and East Cafe.

The Original Mix sets off with a progressive flavour as pounding kicks are joined by sharp, slicing hats and a rich voice that glides through. A deep, driving bass takes over and becomes the backbone of the groove throughout. Cool stabs litter the sound taking the track deeper into the progressive world. The break throws up a sublime sequence filled with beautiful melodic undertones while a riser takes us to a fantastic climax and then right back into the main groove. A monster tune that you will not want to miss.

The formidable duo, Manu Riga and Matt Holliday are back on remix duty with their TribeHard Remix and yet again they outdo themselves with their blend of progressive styles. As ever Manu remains a constant presence here at Bonzai Progressive, he is fresh from his latest production, along with Fe Malefiz and their track Forgotten as well as a remix over at Green Martian on SeamLess Beat & Franz Lehmann’s Toward Peace. He recently took the decks after a short hiatus and performed sets for TM Radio (Deep House) and Ethnoscience (with Matt) on Progressive Beats. Matt Holliday also remains a constant deliverer of only the finest grooves in both producing and DJing. His last outing with Manu, Submerged Needs, is still a go to track for many top jocks including Solarstone as well as his remix on Facade’s Dystopia on JOOF Recordings. Currently the guys are back in the studio working on more material which we are already excited about, stay tuned for more. As the title of the remix suggests we are in for an epic ride filled with tight beats and solid grooves. The intro boasts a nice punchy kick as sharp stabby synths come through, while the tribal elements of the track start to build. A deep, probing bassline soon commands the track as we settle in for the duration. On the break we get treated to a masterful display of layered pads and strings alongside a strong voice before getting right back into the main groove. Definitely a must have track that will keep the floors jammin.

East Cafe aka Gabor Kaszas returns to Bonzai with his superb remix. We last saw Gabor on remix duty for Audio Noir’s Midnight Til Morning, which was a part of the Almost Famous Reworked Volume 2 collection. Since then he has released on various labels and continues to deliver his intelligent progressive style. Here he cuts no corners on the quality front as he takes us deep into the progressive world. Right from the off we get locked on with an array of solid beats and wonderfully arranged synths that just seem to flow effortlessly through the sound. The bassline bubbles along and really drives the track beautifully. The break throws up rich, sweeping strings that give way to that brilliant bassline that just mesmerizes throughout. A top notch effort that will not disappoint.

#matancaspi #bonzaiprogressive #manuriga #mattholiday #eastcafe

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Club Traxx kicks back into gear with another dance inducing round of cuts in the shape of Progressive House 15. We’ve carefully selected 20 of the very best, brand new tracks to whet your appetite and ensure you have no shortage of quality in your sets. Tracks and remixes come from the likes of Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic, Rick Pier O’Neil, Matan Caspi, Stan Kolev, Stanisha, Kaan Koray, Ewan Rill, Manu Riga, Matt Holliday, JF, Subconscious Tales, Nico Parisi, Rise and Fall, Phi Phi, Roddy Reynaert, Audio Noir, Yuriy from Russia, Experimental Feelings, Dousk, Philthy Chit, Dark Soul Project, Mathov, Fe Malefiz, Mikko Lahti, Blufeld, Horizons, Moshic and MSZ. Give your collection the boost it deserves with this all round fantastic package, you know you want to.

#bonzaiprogressive #michael&levan #stivenrivic #rickpieroneil #matancaspi #stankolev #stanisha #kaankoray #ewanrill #manuriga #mattholliday #jf #subconscioustales #nicoparisi #riseandfall #phiphi #roddyreynaert #audionoir #yuriyfromrussia #experimentalfeelings #dousk #philthychit #darksoulproject #mathov #femalefiz #mikkolahti #blufeld #horizons #moshic #msz

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Phi Phi is back at Bonzai Progressive, and this time around he is going solo with the impressive Alone. Featuring remixes from Audio Noir we know that this one will definitely turn a few heads. Phi Phi’s last outing, with studio partner Roddy Reynaert, Atlan performed very well indeed having gained spots on many playlists and DJ charts. Always an exciting time when this guys stuff lands on the desk.

The Original Mix of Alone is a wonderfully constructed slice of driving progressive house. Nice and big chunky kicks stand out as a solid chugging bassline works effortlessly on the groove alongside a tight drum arrangement. In the background sweeping pads create cool melodies that captivate throughout. As we head into the break we find ourselves totally immersed in the sound as a deep droning bass note fades out and reveals a heart beat sound before we are slammed back into the main sound for the duration. A definite must have track in your arsenal and perfect fodder for those building sets.

Australian producer Audio Noir is up to his tricks again as he delivers his Rekonstruction and Instrumental mixes. It was only a short time ago when we last saw this guy with his own Progressive Tales, as well as a few remixes for other artists. Currently he is working on some exciting brand new material which will hopefully be revealed very soon, in the meantime sit back and take in these sublime sounds. Right from the off we find ourselves in the middle of a surreal sounscape filled with wonderful FX that pop up all over. Subtle percussions fade in and out as electrified sounds rattle through and lead us up to a huge breaks sequence. A real deep and throbbing bass joins in the fun as those break beats gather pace in an almost Drum n Bass tempo. The breakdown offers a respite complete with soft pads that soon fade out and leave us with a screaming vocal, which is left out of the Instrumental, and grinding synths. The drum arrangement is top notch as intricate patterns combine in a solid rhythmic state that keep us locked in for the duration. Excellent stuff yet again from down under you will not want to miss.

#phiphi #bonzaiprogressive #audionoir

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Podgorica, Montenegro based producer AudioStorm aka Ognjen Vukovic†debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Oblivion EP. Since early childhood Ognjen was fascinated by music and listened to many different bands including Pink Floyd, Joy Division, Depeche Mode and The Cure. During the 90’s he turned his attention to electronic dance music and began listening to a lot of progressive sounds from the likes of Deep Dish, Darren Emerson, John Digweed and Sasha to name just a few. Having built up his knowledge he started to produce his own tracks which led to releases on Balkan Connection, Baroque, Mystique Music, Polytechnic as well as a host of others. Delighted to have this guy on board and hope to see more soon.

Oblivion intros with a subtle rising melody and smooth percussion arrangement that builds slowly into a cool progressive house groove. The groove is helped along by a superb bassline that rattles along with its pulsating prowess. All the while those super sweet pads create a wonderful atmospheric vibe alongside cascading arps and sharp synths. On the break we are treated to a beautifully rich choir voice that captivates before we are thrust back into the main sound for the duration. A real nice slice here that you will not want to miss.

Get High sets off with soft beats and a cool panning bass which is soon joined by a top notch punchy kick that packs a nice punch. Cool percussion elements come through in the form of short closed hats and sweeping FX. As the layers build we get a closer look at this solid grooving stomper which is completed by a probing plucky bassline. On the break we get lost in a surreal world filled with a myriad of pad sounds that mesmerize before leading back into the main sound. Top notch stuff that will do well in any set.

#audiostorm #bonzaiprogressive

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