Kicking off the summer season at Bonzai Progressive, we welcome Berlin based electronic music producer Eddi Baule with his superb debut slice titled, Diop EP. Known for his solid production style, Eddi brings a fresh vibe to the progressive house genre and we’re delighted to have him on board.

The title track, Diop, opens the release, luring us into an intriguing progressive vibe right from the off. Tight beats and flurries of rhythmic percussions lay the foundation as gritty basses combine with deeper, lush tones. Cosmic synths weave through the groove, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere which is the perfect fodder for the summer session. Up next, we have the vibrant, Tejre, which steers us in a more upbeat direction thanks to punchy beats and bouncy offset basses. Smooth chords line the groove, adding to the rhythmic elements beautifully. Spacious FX lace the track, opening up the sound brilliantly as deep voices lurk in the background. A solid mover with a subtle modesty that will definitely rock the floors. Tumbo rounds out the release with a slow-burning groover. Again, we witness a masterclass in drum arrangement, with chunky beats and crisp percussions letting loose. Stabby, buzzing synths add colour and texture to the groove while choppy low-end basses create depth and a drive that keeps you moving. Top-notch stuff.

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