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Ruben makes a welcome return to Progrez with frighteningly titled 1428 Elm Street which will be a familiar location for fans of the 1984 cult movie classic with Freddy Krueger causing mayhem. On the music front though we’re delighted to have Ruben back to deliver yet another superb slice of deep tech house. His last outing was back in October 2015 with Mindtrap EP and then a feature on our Club Trax compilation Dark & Deep 3. Prepare yourselves for this one and remember, try not to dream because some guy with blades for fingers might just pop in to say…boo.

1428 Elm Street intros with a fantastic bass heavy kick drum alongside cool tribalistic congas and various other percussions that create a flowing rhythm right from the off. A truly hypnotic experience ensues with a little help for a fading in pad and those infectious drums. At the midway point the eerie sounds begin with a brilliant haunting melody that blends perfectly into the tech house vibe. Superb stuff that will keep the floors rocking no doubt.

La Ultima Tormenta sets off with a tough edgy vibe as chunky kicks are met with a very cool display of multiple percussions that blend perfectly into a solid arrangement that will move you onto the floors. We are lulled into the groove with hypnotic pads and a pulsating bassline that hooks you in and won’t let go for the duration. The pads become intense and really dig deep into your soul bringing an array of haunting sounds along for the ride. The abundance of sounds here are mind blowing and they create stunning textures that will keep you listening and finding nuances of sound in this expertly crafted slice of tech house music, top notch.

#rubenlosada #progrez

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We welcome back Joe Babylon & Ittai Barkai to the Eyepatch Recordings camp with this superb four tracker entitled Fly Sequence. Ittai returns after a bit of a hiatus, we last caught a glimpse of his sounds back in 2014 with a fantastic remix on Van Czar’s Jean Tonique. Previously he had wowed us with his own brand of deep house and tech grooves on the superb My Sugar Brother EP. Great to see him back once again and hopefully we will see more from him soon.

First up we have Fly Sequence which intros with a very subtle kick drum backed up with cool raspy percussions and a bright crisp hi hat. Warm chords fade through alongside a groovy sauntering bassline that lingers beautifully on the low end. Soulful vocals drift along in the background as the deep rooted groove takes hold. Awesome stuff that will definitely turn a few heads.

A Thought sets off with a nice and tight percussion pattern that is soon joined by a thumping kick drum that will force you to move towards the dancefloor if you’re not already there. Crispy sharp hi hats deliver a solid and steady rhythm as lush pads grab your attention. A deep sub bass shores up the low end creating a wonderful depth to the sound while distant voices linger. A real deep tech groover that will not disappoint.

As last we have the superb Jaffa Nights with its more mellowed tempo that results in a strong deep and groovy track. The tight arrangement consists of some very cool sounds including chunky kick drums and bright hats that blend perfectly with a lazy yet powerful bassline. The main feature here though are those wonderful mesmeric synths that relentlessly weave their way into every orifice of the arrangement. Top notch stuff you do not want to miss.

#joebabylon #ittaibarkai #eyepatchrecordings

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Bonzai Progressive continues its 500th release celebrations with 20 top notch tracks plucked from our Bonzai & Friends 500 compilation and given the remix treatment from top artists that have contributed so much to the label over the years. Airwave, Manu Riga, Gai Barone, Phi Phi, Audio Noir, Matt Holliday Rick Pier O’Neil, John 00 Fleming, Crocy, AudioStorm, Satinka and many more are on hand to take us on a journey deep into the progressive sound and beyond. We think you’ll agree that this is the perfect way to compliment, not only the artists but the label and add to the continuing legacy of Bonzai Progressive.

#bonzaiprogressive #eastcafe #gaibarone #matancaspi #satinka #audionoir #nicoparisi #rickpiero’neil #airwave #mattholliday #yuriyfromrussia #alfonsomuchacho #crocy #audiostorm #dharmalogy #alexvidal #manuriga #stevesai #narel #mimierotique #kevinvega #phiphi #eastcafe #alexeylisin #alexandrapride #john00fleming #thorin #stevesai #riseandfall #matancaspi #loquai #alfonsomuchacho #platunoff

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Portugal’s most innovative and steadfast record label delivers its next instalment of top quality cuts. Piston Recordings proudly presents The Secrets Of The Trade 6 which features a raft of outstanding tracks from the worlds of House, Deep House, Tech House and a sprinkling of Techno that adds to the diversity on offer from a plethora of artists. We’ve selected the finest grooves for your listening pleasure with tracks and remixes from the likes of Label boss Rogerio Martins, Demarkus Lewis, JR From Dallas, Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax and Nouskynousk to name just a few. Replenish your tools with this stunning compilation to give your crowd the quality music they deserve.

#pistonrecordings #rogeriomartins #danielray #lightselectronika #darbinyan #correlate #jrfromdallas #bartricardo #demarkuslewis #an-beat #tuneon #jazzmanwax #ibanmontoro #mend #p.a.m.o. #nouskynousk #nyvs #furniturecrew #jaderag #hatelate #mike #northerngrooves

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Over the last number of years we’ve been privileged to have released many cuts from Nico Parisi. His steadfast dedication and attention to the detail is his sound is truly admirable. His latest slice – Children Of Africa is no exception as once again we are treated to a showcase of his talent in true progressive style. We’ve drafted in some top notch artists Michael Berklin, Surveyor Mode and A.R.E.S. who all delivered superb remixes for this one while staying true to the original.

The Original Mix settles into deep rhythmic progressive vibe right from the outset. Clanging synths break through the sub level bass creating a beautiful contrast in the sound. The bassline pumps out its solid low end groove for the duration keeping a grip on your soul. An intense feeling comes off the sound that both captivates and mystifies. On the break the bass fades out leaving a warping synth and some surreal recording of happy adults and children that adds a wonderful character to the sound. The bass fades back in and the beats take over once more and we find ourselves immersed in the groove to the end. A simply fantastic slice of deep progressive that is not to be missed.

Cyprus based Michael Berklin is doing the rounds on our labels, since his debut back in 2013 on Eyepatch with S.O.P.A. EP and then a stint over at Green Martian with Citizens Of The Earth Vol.1 in the Summer of 2015. Now he has made the leap to our flagship Bonzai Progressive with his fantastic remix which intros with a pumping kick drum and low end bass pulse combi. Subtle percussions begin to fade up and an air of intensity comes through. Gated vocals drift in and out of the sound as the layers build creating a big and powerful progressive groove. Laughing children and adults are scattered throughout the track keeping the character of the original intact. Distant synths play out a hypnotic melody but it’s the intense basses that rule the groove here. Superb stuff and a must have track no doubt.

Italian DJ’s and producers Matteo Tonioli and Marco Nascetti aka Surveyor Mode return to Bonzai Progressive with another tasty remix treat for our listening pleasure. The guys last appearance was back at the start of 2016 with their VV EP and we’ve no doubt that they’ll rock floors once more with this one. The remix intros with a powerful kick drum that is laced with sub level bass creating huge punch that will deliver feet to the floors for sure. Stabbing synths are also at work and sit alongside looping vocals that carry the character of the original mix beautifully. Shuffling hat sequences and tight percussions provide a steady flowing rhythm as this dark progressive vibe builds. The break throws up a surreal synth sequence that mesmerizes before we slam right back into full on mode. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

Ariel Parra aka A.R.E.S steps up to the remix desk with a superb slice that will definitely get the floors moving. We first got a glimpse of this talented artist back in March 2015 on our Club Traxx Progressive House 14 compilation before he showed up with his debut on Progrez with Belisha Beacon in August 2015. We know we’re in for one hell of a ride when this guy gets his progressive groove on so buckle up and enjoy. The remix sets off with a massive punchy kick drum that is joined by a monster bassline that dominates the sound brilliantly. Percussive elements and shuffling hats layer up to deliver a strong rhythm while the bass rules the low end. Deep droning synths create a haunting atmosphere that blends perfectly with the deeper groove that weaves throughout the sound. The track boasts a solid progressive vibe but it’s laced with techno giving it a powerful edge that will appeal to many for sure.

#nicoparisi #bonzaiprogressive #michaelberklin #surveyormode #a.r.e.s

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Dutch DJ and producer Jesper Mauerhoff is back at Bonzai Progressive with another of his delectable cuts – the two tracker Chasing Flash – to get the progressive juices flowing on the floors. Last time out was back in November 2015 when we were treated to the superb Trip To Strip which gained great support across the board.

Chasing Flash delivers a solid progressive vibe that draws out a retro kinda feeling that can be found in the structure of the track and amongst the various expertly crafted sounds. The bassline carries the progressive groove in style with its warming tones and solid construction while the tight knit beats provide a fine flowing rhythm. A hypnotic synth arp prevails throughout the track drawing you in deeper while sublime pads create a wonderfully textured groove. A definite must have track.

Elephant intros with a big chunky kick drum and deep throbbing bassline creating a massive progressive vibe with a fantastic retro them that runs through it in the form of a wonderful acid line. Tight beats are at play also and keep the rhythm on point as the lower frequencies go to work. At the higher end a superb synth riff blasts into the track and teases us with its hands in the air capabilities only to fade away leaving us wanting more. This track is huge, this track is not to be missed, the crowds are gonna love this one. The perfect mid set monster.

#jespermauerhoff #bonzaiprogressive

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Russian DJ and producer Tuneon aka Mikh Solvis returns to Piston with the fantastic two tracker entitled Compressed Summer. This one comes after his highly acclaimed debut – Chante back in April 2016. You can be sure that this one will grab a lot of attention and become a go to track for many jocks on the Summer terraces.

Compressed Summer intros with a nice and chunky kick drum with a bright crispy hat on the offset. A deep and lush chord fills the space with a delicious warmth that eases the mind while a superb deep bassline gravitates towards your soul to hook you in. A smooth steady rhythm made up of solid beats prevails and will make your dancing feet find the floor in no time. A simplistic and highly effective slice of smooth deep house that is not to be missed.

Sometimes delivers a top notch deep house groove with a perfectly balanced mixture of sounds that complement each other beautifully. Punchy kick drums and sharp crispy hi hats provide a steady rhythmic flow while a superb probing bassline moves with the beats to bring a solid dancey groove to the floors. Cool vocal one shots litter the sound while a cool piano brings in a bit of retro flavour. Definitely a must have track for the bouncier floors out there.

#tuneon #pistonrecordings

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Oleg Historus aka Historus debuts on Green Martian with the wonderful two tracker Glass Rose. Oleg brings his expertly crafted brand of deep house and progressive grooves to the GM camp. A DJ, producer and musician he started his career as a rhythm guitarist in a hard rock band. For several years, he was looking for new sounds and he was inspired by the deep sound of techno music. Sometime later, he switched to a deeper-sounding music, such as Tech House and Deep House. He has released quality tracks on various labels including Baroque, Hydrogen, Bavaria Recordings and System Recordings to name just a few. In 2008 he had started his own label – Historus, which gave an opportunity for little-known musicians to exercise their creativity. For a few years he was a resident in several clubs and internet radio podcasts. Currently, his company is engaged in dance projects, producing and organization. We welcome Oleg to GM where we’ve no doubt his sound will shine.

Glass Rose is a masterclass in deep house with a subtle sprinkling of progressive flavour over the sound. Tight beats and crisp, clear percussions deliver a fine flowing rhythm as cool FX and swirling pads create a wonderful atmosphere. The bassline chugs along with an easy groove that becomes infectious to the soul and will force you to move to the floor. With cool melodies that contrast beautifully with the deep vibes we’ve no doubt that this one will turn a few heads.

Get Me Out Of Silence offers up a deliciously smooth deep house groove that captivates from beginning to end. Nice big chunky kick drums come into play alongside bright crispy hi hats tight percussion patterns. A thick, warm bassline drives the track and provides a solid deep groove that attracts many layers. Ethereal pads mesmerize and are the perfect accompaniment for the smooth arps and melodies. Top notch stuff and a must have track for sure.

#historus #greenmartian

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Experimental Feelings aka Spanish DJ and producer Toni Gonzalez returns to BP with a superb four tracker entitled Beautiful Eyes. Last time out we saw Toni on his own slice Between The Stars on Green Martian and on remix duties for Audio Noir’s Your Love, both coming out around the start of 2016. He’s been busy with various other things since then and we’re delighted to see him back and dishing out the progressive vibes on his full Bonzai Progressive debut.

We set off with the title track, Beautiful Eyes which takes us on a sublime progressive journey filled with tight beats and enthralling synths and pads. Bright open hats create wonderfully rich textures and cut through the superb low end frequencies with ease. The bassline rattles along delivering a great warmth to the sound as the layers build and the notes change. Lots to keep the ears trained on this one, not to be missed.

As the title might suggest, Deep Tingling takes us deeper into the prog sound with a gathering of warm lush tones to help us along the way. A tight drum arrangement keeps the track on its course as the lower sounds come together to create a hotbed of lush tones. Mysterious vocals ease into the groove and blend perfectly with the low basses and FM synths. Definitely one for the late night sessions here.

Broken Dreams is a solid, driving progger that will give any set that extra push deep into the rabbit-hole where you become one with the sound. Tight drum arrangements lead the way as swirling pads and dreamy melodies cascade all over. A deep probing bassline provides a strong platform for the sound to grow and mesmerizes the mind. Hair raising vocal chants are introduced that put you firmly in the tracks grasp for the duration. Top notch stuff and a must have track that does not disappoint.

Mistica delves deep into the progressive psyche with a hypnotic vibe and a floor filling groove that will most certainly appeal to the core of the progressive world. We treated to some expertly crafted drums and percussions that deliver shuffling rhythms to get the feet dancing. A raw, organic bassline dishes out a gritty low end as ethereal pads swirl overhead. Stunning ethnic style vocals are scattered throughout giving the track great character and creating wonderful textures within the sound. Another fine slice of prog that is a must have track for those peak time sets.

#experimentalfeelings #bonzaiprogressive

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K.Oshkin aka Konstantin Oshkin marks his Bonzai Progressive debut with the superb Assol which comes packed with four fantastic remixes. Since 2014 this guy has racked up an impressive discography that focuses in on quality progressive sounds. His work has been released on various labels including Incepto, Sleepless Nights Recordings, Inmost Records, Aeriform Records and Balkan Connection to name just a few. On top of that he has worked with a raft of top producers, Ewan Rill, Following Light, Matt Holliday and Jonnas B are just some of the artists who have picked up on Konstantin’s sound and provided their own top class remix. Great to have this guy on board and hopefully we’ll see much more in the future.

The Original Orchestral Mix is up first and this one offers up a surreal progressive groove that captivates and mesmerizes. The intro boasts a cacophony of dreamy melodies that blend effortlessly into intricate patterns. Super rich strings come through and are the perfect accompaniment to the melodies as you find yourself totally hooked. A tight drum and percussions section keeps the rhythm flowing while the harmonies and melodies join together. A beautifully composed feel-good slice of prog that will not disappoint.

Hungarian DJ and producer Reis Robert aka Robert R. Hardy is up first on remix duties. We last got a glimpse of this guys skills back in February 2016 on Christopher Hermann’s Emerald Queen as well as appearances on a couple of Bonzai compilations. Good to see him back once more for another stomping progressive remix we know we’re going to love. The remix intros with a cool hi hat and subtle percussion pattern before nice and chunky kick drums take over and lead the way. Already we find ourselves drifting along with the sound as soft melodies come through accompanied by a warm bassline and dreamy pads. The track settles into a solid groove for the duration as we become locked onto its infectious sound. Top notch stuff that you do not want to miss.

Ewan Rill returns to Bonzai Progressive with his superb remix. The last time we saw this talented artist was alongside fellow producer Casper and their Vacuum EP in February 2016. Since then he has been busy releasing quality cuts on various labels. It’s always a pleasure to have this guy on the roster and we hope to see much more in the future. Here on the remix Ewan gets down to business taking us on a superb deep progressive journey. The intro boasts a solid punchy kick drum and a shuffling rhythmic percussion arrangement that layers up brilliantly. A deep probing bassline comes through and dominates the sound as we are forced to move with the hypnotic gaze it delivers. Cool FX are perfectly placed to deliver maximum impact while strings and synths ease their way into the sound. A real progressive pounder that will be a welcome addition in any late night set.

Andrea Shu debuts on Bonzai with a fantastic remix to get the progressive juices flowing. Already making waves on the scene with releases on Balkan Connection and Genesis Music, this hugely talented producer has also worked with many top artists including Ewan Rill, Michael A, Dmitry Molosh and Kaan Koray. The remix intros with a chunky kick drum and a rising synth before subtle melodies begin to emerge. The subtle synths fall through the track like drops of rain and soften the sound beautifully as the layers build. A deep rooted bassline shores up the low end and drives the groove brilliantly. The synths evolve into intricate melodic arps creating a kaleidoscope of sound that keeps you hooked for the duration. Excellent stuff, a must have for sure.

Kirill Guk aka Following Light returns once more with another sublime progressive remix. After several remixes on various Bonzai labels, Kirill got his debut back in 2015 with Dell on Green Martian and since then he went on to offer up remixes for J’Dan and Nico Parisi. Always an exciting time to listen to this guys work and we’ve no doubt that this one will turn a few heads. Here the remix delivers a solid prog workout filled with a cacophony of very cool FX that create a wonderfully textured layer in the sound. Punchy kicks and crispy hats deliver a strong flowing rhythm throughout accompanied by a multitude of percussive elements. A deep droning bassline adds a beautiful warmth to the sound as mesmerizing pads and twinkling melodies form up. A perfectly executed slice of progressive house that will become a firm favourite with many no doubt.

#k.oshkin #bonzaiprogressive #robertr.hardy #ewanrill #andreshu #followinglight

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A man that needs no introduction, but is getting one anyway, Orlando Voorn debuts on Piston with the fantastic two tracker Lost In Heaven. Considered a legend among his peers, Orlando pioneered his unique blend of Amsterdam and Detroit sounds creating a fusion that would set the world of techno into a head spin. Down the years his style has varied but the essence remained, good quality music that stood out. He recently showed up over at Bonzai Basiks where his classic sounds got a run out including several remixes by top artists. Titled – Classics, it also got a pressing onto vinyl to the delight of many. It’s a pleasure to welcome this guy into the Piston family and we hope to see more in the future.

Lost In Heaven is a surreal slice of deep house with a multi layered myriad of sounds that combine beautifully to take us on a trip deep into the sound of house music. Chunky kick drums and cool crispy hi hats provide a steady rhythm for the vast array of sounds to latch on to. Everything from watery synth chords to soft vocal one shots and trumpets are thrown into the mix here creating this authentic sounding groove. The perfect fodder for a late night session that will allow your mind to drift while swaying to the groove.

Driven offers up a raw depiction of deep house with a mixture of organic sounds and beautifully crafted melodies. The groove lends itself to the urban culture, a drive through a city where sights and sounds converge to paint a layered, textured picture full of imagination. The contrasting sounds are blended perfectly here, the deep rawness of the bass with the sweetness of the piano against harsher tones. Hap-hazard yet structured and smooth, this one will be a welcome addition on the terraces this summer for sure.

#orlandovoorn #pistonrecordings

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Monotronik debuts on Piston with a fine example of tech house sounds in Divergence. Monotronik are Portuguese DJ and producer duo Freddy Lourenzo and D’Joseph Alves. The pair DJ regularly all over the place and are known for their tight, groovy sets. They’ve put out several top quality cuts recently on Underground Source Records and Sync Forward, moving between tech house and deep house. Delighted to have the guys on board and no doubt we’ll be seeing more of this talented duo.

Divergence intros with a warm synth chord pattern that is soon joined by a pumping kick drum and shuffling hi hats. Wailing vocals add a touch of diva to the sound before distant mumblings take over and rise up adding a cool textured layer. A deep and powerful bassline rules the low end delivering a solid tech house workout. Proper tech vibes for the floors, this one is sure to get any party rocking.

Atlas sets off with a punchy kick and sharp offset percussion which is accompanied by crispy hi hats creating a steady rhythmic flow. Cool synth chords come through and are paired with equally cool FX that add a little spice to the groove. On the low end a rumbling bassline is in full control, dominating the groove and getting those booty’s shakin’. Plenty of layered sounds fill up the spectrum resulting in a solid tech groove that will be a welcome addition in any set.

#monotronik #pistonrecordings

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Prolific Belgian artist Manu Riga aka Adriaan Baussens delivers his stunning new debut album Surrounded, and after a while in the making we can say that this has been well worth the wait. 12 beautifully rich and deeply intimate tracks will lift you up and carry you along on a rollercoaster of emotions, as the title suggests you’ll be surrounded by a mixture of dark and beautiful moments, leaving you with plenty to think about. From First Steps through to Immortal Sins and Urge To Live, to the wonderfully chilled Forgotten, all the bases are covered in this one. On top of that, and exclusive to the album, Adriaan has created a deft transitional mix of tracks which includes special edits of tracks from the album that will both inspire and move. We spoke to Adriaan briefly regarding the album and we got the impression of just how much of himself he has put in. The last year was a tough one to say the least, but he battled through and produced the goods as he always does, and he also managed to churn out multiple remixes along the way. It’s with great pleasure that we present this album to you and we have no doubt you will find it to be an expertly crafted and emotionally charged piece of work.

The album intros with the exquisite First Steps which takes us on a surreal journey through a deeper curve in the Manu Riga sound. Swirling pads swell up against a backdrop of soft percussions as a strong voice comes through. A wonderfully deep droning bass fills the low end while an array of melodies float overhead. You get a sense of taking your first steps in life as the groove envelops your soul taking you deeper. A track that flourishes with expectations invoking deep thoughts, top notch.

Moments Of Sobriety is up next and tells the story of being on autopilot in life, having a sudden awareness, a realisation making you think of life around you and the important things. The track opens with a cool punchy kick and is surrounded by layering percussions that form into a solid rhythmic sequence. A wonderful sequence follows as a Turkish Oud plays out its rich melodic sound to the backdrop of some cool sweeps and FX. A fantastic bassline sits perched on the low end and moves effortlessly through this sea of melodies, driving the track forward. The break is a beautifully constructed kaleidoscope of sound which is joined by some stunning hair raising vocals that deliver a haunting groove.

Migrations represents a cycle of change in the Manu Riga journey as he took the huge step in moving countries which in itself can be quite a daunting experience. It also highlights milestones in his life which remain personal to him. The track opens with a nice punchy kick drum as various percussions start to creep in. A deep and probing bassline rears its head and creates a nice warm groove for the track to build on. Darker elements begin to show as the layers build and we soon find ourselves totally hooked on the sound. Wonderfully lush pads contrast brilliantly against sharper pads that mesmerize throughout. On the break we get drawn into a beautiful melodic sequence that would seem to have come straight out of a movie score complete with a stunning poem recited in sultry tones before we’re blasted right back into full on mode. Simply outstanding.

Indigenous Rights is up next and is a depiction of the destruction of a culture and a celebration of cultural aspects that remain strong through dedication and determination. The track intros with a nice chunky kicks and rhythmic hat alongside a fading in bass pulse. We get a glimpse of some beautiful melody from the superb vocal snippets and swirling pads and strings that mesmerize throughout. The pulsing bass is soon joined by a much grittier but very subtle wub wub bass that works perfectly within the track. The track takes a short break to prepare for one of the stars of the show, those stunning vocals which carry Vietnamese origins. As the title suggests we get treated to some of the most beautiful chants that takes us up to the main break where a powerful poetic vocal rings out and sends shivers down your spine.

The title track is up next and represents all that the album and its creator stands for, the feeling of being Surrounded in a world of unknowns, enveloped by darkness with the walls closing in and the impending anxiety that follows. The track is a dark affair with a morbid undertone that comes through brilliantly in the sound. Chunky kick drums and sparse percussions make way for the bass to rule the show here with its probing tentacles weaving into every crevice of the groove. Throughout the track a superb vocal from Mimi rings out as she narrates the story of the darkness. On the break though is where the track goes deeper with those stunning strings and pads telling their own story. Another superb cut from Manu Riga that will appeal to many no doubt.

Immortal Sins is up next and was written by Adriaan to reference the past and the sins against the tribes of the world. This track is a way of trying to repair the sins of our ancestors and with such an epic feeling to it we’re sure that this one will create the space in your mind to consider all that has gone before us and how we can make things better. The intro boasts a solid kick drum that is soon joined by shuffling hats and a teasing arps that lie in wait ready to pounce. Beautifully crafted pads and strings float overhead creating a mesmerizing sequence while a deep probing bassline works its way into the groove. On the break the tribal elements come through with stunning chants against a backdrop of tight drums and ethnic instruments. Excellent stuff once more, not to be missed.

Cry To Oblivion is a cry for help, it’s a crying out in pain, a scream. Feeling powerless and helpless Adriaan sat down and brought together his old Manu Riga style against the new Manu Riga style with a hope to create something new. The track has a dark flowing progressive groove made up of tight beats and ethnically charged instruments topped off with distant voices and bright piano keys. The break blends all these elements beautifully taking us deeper into the sound. The short vocal was provided by Irish DJ and Bonzai’s music reviewer and copy writer Brian Doran. After a long friendship Adriaan wanted him to be a part of his album and so he asked for the vocal. This vocal depicts the change in style for Manu Riga, a new dawn which is evident throughout the track. Another must have cut for the late night progressive sessions.

Urge To Live was written when Adriaan became sick, portraying fear and uncertainty. The intro is filled with a sense of dark, of hopelessness. Chunky kicks are backed with a raw hypnotic sound that is joined soon after by a deep punchy bassline that dominates the low end. Melancholic piano chords come through and takes us deeper while beautiful strings fleet across the sound. As the track evolves we see a light at the end of the tunnel. On the break we see sweeter melodies introduced along with a captivating vocal bringing a sense of hope, an urge to live that culminates in an epic fight for survival style composition. A simply wonderful piece of music that will give listeners a chance to reflect and get lost in the essence of the sound.

Next up we have I Don’t Need You which is a superb slice of progressive house that will sit perfectly in any set. It’s a track about realising one day that you don’t need someone after years of believing that they’re all you had, something personal to Adriaan once again in which he was able to translate into music. The track is solid, it carries a strong groove that will make you move and open your eyes at the same time. The intro is made up of a probing bass and scattered percussions that come together to form a tight rhythm alongside a nice punchy kick drum. Cool melodies rise up in an intricate arp form and are consistent throughout the track. The main break is dominated by that superb bass as it pulsates and transforms before melting away and then coming back with a bang as the track goes back into full on mode. Top notch stuff you will not want to miss.

Get Me Down is the new Manu style, he is reconnecting to his roots in house music to bring a more clubby vibe to his sound. The track is big and brash and will definitely compete on the floors with its solid groove and superb vocals. Big punchy kick drums are at the forefront with crispy hats on the offset alongside a tight drum arrangement. The bass warps brilliantly and is the perfect accompaniment for that vocal. The break reveals some expert LFO manipulation on the synths creating a harsh, raw sounding element in the groove. One to watch out for here, this one will not disappoint.

The penultimate track, When The Day Is Gone, was a painful track for Adriaan to get through. He was going through different emotions, a sense of when the day is gone it’s gone and to try and enjoy everything while you can. The track does a great job of getting right into emotions, not least with the outstanding vocal and the heavy piano chords. The drum arrangement makes for a smooth rhythmic flow while the vocal and the piano create wonderful textures and colours. The break is a melancholic affair with a sweet melody against the harsher vocal before crashing back into the main track for the duration. A definite must have track, not to be missed.

To round off this simply outstanding album we have Forgotten featuring Fe Malefiz. This one is special, not only a special mix – Last Day On Earth Mix – but a special message from Manu Riga to the world. You are invited to listen, listen to the poem for yourself and take your message from within. The track is a beautiful cinematic chillout piece that creates magical colours and allows you to lose yourself in the beauty of the music. Just listen, because nobody wants to be forgotten.

#manuriga #bonzaiprogressive #femalefiz #mimi

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DJ and producer Kush debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the wonderful two tracker entitled Substance Abuse. Kush was interested and passionate about music since his early childhood. He started to learn the basics of music using a keyboard at the age of 5. Growing up, he discovered the possibility of making music using computers and grabbed the opportunity to develop his skills and talents to produce electronic music. He was also part of a local rock band as a keyboardist. He is into many different genres of music, Techno, Tech-House, Minimal, Deep House, Jazz, Rock and Metal, to name a few. His electronic music inspirations and selections are rooted from groovy beats, heavy bass lines, emotive chords, dark synths, percussive, melodic and old school soundscapes. The perfect recipe for some tasty tracks no doubt, great to have him on board at Bonzai Progressive.

Substance Abuse intros with a superb punchy kick drum that pounds out a solid beat and is joined soon after by a deep reverberating bassline that delivers a deep warm groove. Various pads swirl overhead as one synths create a patchwork of colours that blend together beautifully. The main synth reveals a cool melody that mesmerizes all the throughout the track as we get lost in its hypnotic groove. A proper slice of progressive house that will definitely get any crowd moving.

Drive sets off with a wonderful punchy kick drum and crispy hat combi as tech house fuelled sounds fade up from the depths. A playful bassline enters the fray and brings a powerfully deep groove that digs deep into your soul. Percussive layers build up and we are soon locked in a superb rhythmic groove that will force you to move. A collection of synths and FX create a beautifully textured sound complete with vocals that are scattered throughout. You get a hint of progressive in the sound that adds great depth and tones making this a pretty cool hybrid track that will slot in nicely in any set.

#kush #bonzaiprogressive

13 June 2016 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Based in Bucharest, Alex Bogdan aka Amon debuts on Piston Recordings with a very nice two tracker entitles Red Lights. Self styled as someone who just wants to play good music, we think he’s a hugely talented artist and we’re delighted to have him on board.

Red Lights intros with a smooth groovy vibe that will surely get booty’s shakin on the floors. A collection of cool synths and keys come through and pave the way for trip deep into house music. The bassline delivers a warm and fuzzy feeling on the low end and is met with a sprinkling of cool stabs to generate a solid, dancey groove complete with quirky vocals that give the track character. Top notch stuff and a definite must have track no doubt.

Everyday sets off with a muted kick drum alongside shuffling hats and sharp claps. The kick soon get filled up with a punch that gets the track moving nicely. Tight drums form up which are headed up with some nifty conga work creating a cool flowing rhythmic vibe. A deep probing bassline sets off a smooth groove throughout the track as cool vocals pop up all around. Nice and bright stabs deliver a slice of upbeat house music while the track remains firmly in the deeper domain. One for the serious groovers here.

#amon #pistonrecordings

13 June 2016 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more

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