SEO (SL) aka Tharindu Wijesinghe and Dimel De Silva debut on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic, Melia. Tharindu started out in electronic music as a DJ. His dedication to electronic music made him explore much deeper into the genres. He developed an interest in production and has notched up several release across top labels. He is recognised as a most wanted upcoming artist and he has the talent to back it up. Great to have him here. Dimel also started out as a DJ, since 2004 he has been playing everywhere from house parties and beach parties to bigger events as well as hosting and promoting his own events. He found the production bug and has amassed an impressive release count on many top labels from around the world. Delighted to have him on board.

The Original Mix opens the release, dishing out a superbly deep and moody prog vibe. Chunky beats drive the groove as exotic percussions ramp up the rhythm. Subby basses converge beautifully as subtle melodic arpeggios cascade. Gritty pads create an intriguing atmosphere while softer, dreamy elements add contrast. Fresh off the back of his solid remix for Enchanted Kids’ Ritual, Ricardo Piedra returns to BP with a superb remix. A stalwart on the scene, Ricardo is responsible for a raft of quality releases and remixes on several top labels. He is a master of his art, constantly refining his sound and pushing the boundaries. Always a pleasure having him here. On the remix here, Ricardo wastes no time in getting down to business. His rolling bassline sets the tone for the epic 9-minute journey. Tight beats and beautifully crafted percussions settle us in as that bassline takes hold. Sporadic FX add character as the track builds to the break where we’re faced with a sublime display of melodic arps and mesmerizing atmospheric pads. A powerful slice that will not disappoint.

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