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Energy fuelled tech beats on Mint & Mustard from debut artist, Busy Beats.

Based in Manchester, UK, Busy Beats have crafted a huge club friendly two track release.
Kicking off with Pop Again, tight kicks and a great rolling bassline with a cool techno stab throughout, very catchy lead that filters in and out on the break, big club sound on this one.

Energy levels rise on Breakdown, starting off with thumping kicks and an offset bass, building up to a heavier bass and a cool melody, this tune goes into floorfiller mode, basic structure yet very very effective.

A fine addition to the M&M catalogue and certain to gain a lot of attention.

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Bonzai Worx – Volume 2 is now available for sale on

This exclusive limited release comes with some superb cuts from a collection of great producers and remixers.

All the artists featured have had some great support and that will continue to grow as vinyl re-enters the arena. Make some room in your boxes because these big club hitters will need the space!

Featuring original tracks and remixes by Fab Code, Metodi Hristov, Ecco, Mindgamers, Matan Caspi, Oz Romita and Del Horno.



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After a over 2 years hiatus, label manager Rogerio Martins is back with a new EP.

The Secrets Of The Trade EP comes with three new original tracks, I’ll Bring Ya Home, Diggin and Raindrop Tears.

Early support from: Alex Flatner, Laurent Garnier, Sasch BBC, Nic Fanciulli, Figueroa, Trevor Lamont, Mirco Violi, Olderic, Infestus, Piek, Mike Morales, Rompante, Fauvrelle, Ka§par, …

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Greek artist Sa.Du returns again to Bonzai Basiks with an awesome EP. Fresh from his brilliant tech house stomper Espana, Sa.Du turns the knobs once again to give us his 4 track Kube EP.

The title track is filled with tight beats and builds up to huge techno heights, on the break there is a hint of melody that hooks straight away and comes back in with a serious groove.

Next up we have Ami which delivers a more tribal vibe, again Sa.Du tight drum arrangement shines, minimal sounds with great effect, big tune for the floors here!

Techno with funk is how Je Feel does it’s thing, the track has a smooth groove with great instruments and a heavy FX’d vocal sample, lots going on here and is sure to be a hit for those late night parties.

So You Are Alive is a really fresh sound, crisp, sharp and well constructed rhythm, again the vocals are well used here and the sax is just awesome creating a bit of funk.

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Fresh from his last release on Eyepatch (Interstellar Frankie) Dubai resident Dimitry Liss delves back into the bowels of house for a round of deep fuelled goodness.

Captain Love is a perfect example of pure deep house production, heavy kicks, low end basses and that sweeping synth combined with a cool vocal really make for something special.

Can Get Witcha is a more minimal deep tech sounding vibe, crisper lighter feel to this tune with an almost tribal appeal, again vocals are very well added and tie the tune up nocely.
C’mon is a sublime tune that combines the deepness and the tech of the other tunes on this release, lots going on here all brought together beautifully in a hybrid groove, hypnotic stuff that will have many heads spinning.

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Talented Indonesian DJ/producer Chris M aka Chrisna Prabawa returns to Green Martian with a superb cut of pure progressive house brilliance.

With many releases under his belt during his time with Bonzai Music, Chris delivers yet again in his true professional style. The Story Goes Further is a 4 track EP filled with all the delights you’d expect from quality progressive sounds.

The title track kicks us off in a cool upbeat vibe, tight drum arrangement with a real grooving bassline and a bright synth sound on the break that builds for the rest of the track, then this tune really raises the tempersture with a sultry female vocal sample, this is one powerful tune that is sure to blow some minds!

Bergrenen is a more straight laced in your face prog house stomper, big kicks, deep basses and cool FX make for a hypnotic vibe, massive build up on this and kicks like a mule when the melodic sequence enters, big big tune!

Going deeper into the prog world with Ambiano, starting off with deep house kicks and bass this track does an awesome job building the layers to create a monster of a tune that will hypnotise any floor at any time.

Flying Angels continues to deliver on the professional sound Chris has produced, crisp, sharp, stabby prog house that would fit well in any box. An all round very well made EP that will get a lot of support for sure.

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Born in Barcelona Ricardo’s career in the music industry started in the 80´s.

As regards the compilations the 5 cd’s (50.000 copies sold) and the final two platinum (100.000 copies sold actually reaching sales in excess of 120.000).

Ricardo has traveled with his music throughout Spain and all over the world. He was one of the DJ’s at Café Ole in SPACE IBIZA.

At the moment his home base is LA TERRRAZZA. And now releasing on SRUR with his excellent track, GOD!. 7even, Alex Sandrino, Julio Posadas and the winner of GOD! Remix Contest producer Booya, made this pack a must have.

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Italian producer Davide Marchesiello gives us a 2 track tech house beauty.

Davide grew up following DJ’s such as Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez and Francois K. Today he is influenced by Ricardo Villalobos, Uner, Luciano and Ted Patterson.

Las Larvas is a tribal fuelled tech joint, very heavy on the percussion and some great FX that come sweeping by, deep bassline and a whispered vocal tie this track up beautifully.

Chill And Sex is a more funky affair with very subtle synths and swaying pads, this tune builds up to a mighty groove and stays there with little mini breaks to catch your breath and then straight back into it, great stuff.

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Henrik Kantola aka Chantola is a well versed Finnish producer and we see his new slice entitled Make It Happen backed up with a slew of awesome remixes.
Henrik has been a stalwart in progressive beats for a long time having been on labels like Spinnin Records, Blackhole, Baroque and more recently Bonzai Progressive.

He has appeared on many compilations and remixed lots of tunes under the Green Martian, Camouflage, Fourty 5, Nemesis, Subtraxx and Eyepatch labels. Today Chantola resides on Bonzai Progressive and has delivered a very nice piece of music.

First up we have the Balearic Mix which is full of island pleasures, cool, sophisticated and laid back prog grooves, tight production blends a host of awesome sounds, chunky kick, grooving bass, sultry vocals and swaying synth pads all make for an evening on the terraces.

Matan Caspi drops in to add a hint of tech into the prog house vibe while keeping the coolness and suave of the main sound, very well crafted remix, a little more synth work and some crisp guitar keeps the summer theme alive.

Popular remixing duo Manu Riga gives us their Come Back Remix which delivers a full on prog experience that would fit well on any floor or beach party, constant groove on the bass with those vocals lead up to a break that just exudes summer essence, very powerful remix.

Johny S returns with remix duty on a Chantola track and he delivers as usual, with the focus more on the house side we are treated to an amazing ride, funky bassline and jazzy sax/trumpets make for a big sound for big floors.

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UK based DJ/producer Malcolm Charles joins the rosta at Howz Choonz with a big house party release full of retro surprises.

Hailing from Manchester Malcolm was around at the heyday of the Hacienda and the burgeoning English club scene, Malcolm also held a 12 year residency at the famous Wigan Pier playing alongside the likes of Stu Allen, Pete Tong and many more. Having served at Miss Moneypennys in the UK and Ibiza he moved on to become a huge name in the Canadian dance scene. With many releases to his name we now get treated to a 2 track house banger.

Get Up is a pure driving house rhythm with a cool “get up” vocal throughtout, if “you can feel it” then you will recognise the retro sample used in this proper gritty awesome tune.

Carl Price is an established music producer with releases on the Mint & Mustard imprint, based in the UK Carl provides a superb remix for Get Up with the focus on that sublime lead synth we all know and love.

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Turkish born DJ/producer Oushanmete aka Oguzhan Mete debuts on Progrez with a hypnotic look into the deep side of prog house.

Having started to listen to electronica from an early age it wasn’t long before Oguzhan found DJing and producing.

With a slew of releases under his belt we are treated here to some tight skills.

Sun is a deep edged track with a hypnotic vocal throughout, lots of progressive elements and great percussion fx. This tune will be a complete mind trip for any listener.

My Mind goes deeper still taking on a more house orientated sound, lots of fresh sounds and nice arrangement on this, again we are treated to some very cool vocal work and a phatt bassline!

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New EP from Morpheus 7 vs Nale in Bonzai Elemental.

Timeline EP comes with five original tracks, Minutes Of The Soul (Vocal + Dub versions), The Rain, Shiva, The Beginning and Nebula.

29 August 2012 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more

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