The hugely talented duo Jon ManimaL & Magros, who make up metrONomes are back with another outstanding slice of deep techno in the form of their (+) EP. If you like your techno dirty and right up in your face then you’ve come to the right place.

SinPlin is up first and right away you will find yourself totally immersed in its hypnotically charming groove that would be fit for any mega festival crowd. Strong, charging beats are matched perfectly with a solid, deep and probing bassline that simply rocks the whole groove. Cool FX cascade through the sound adding textures but it’s that bassline that will get all the attention. This one is gonna blow the roof off any joint, play loud and give your bassbins some work to do.

DayZ intros with a sinister sounding vibe thanks to deep bassy tones and an eerie ambience, much like a scene from the cult game of the same name. Tough edged tight beats soon follow through and we find ourselves locked in to the chilling techno groove. A darkness falls over the track as haunting voices poke through. If a zombie apocalypse was techno, then this is how it would sound, top notch stuff.

Aside from its intriguing title (we’ll let the boys answer any questions on that), Planetarium is a monster tune of epic techno proportions. A deep, driving groove ensues complete with big punchy kicks and mesmerizing percussions. The track goes way deep into the lower echelons and to get us there we have the company of a raucous bass that intimidates with its powerful presence. Sinister voices will cause goosebumps while cool FX flow through the groove. Definitely one for the late night sessions here.

#metronomes #bonzaibasiks