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    Bulgarian born and now residing in Turkey, DJ and producer Askin Dedeoglu shows up on our Progrez imprint with the excellent four tracker entitled Dark Traces EP which is the follow up to his debut – White – over on Green Martian back in 2016. Askin became interested in electronic music around 1990 and in 1994 he started to DJ securing gigs at various night clubs. In 2005 he started to look into producing while working in the IT industry. His first release came in 2014 and was representative of the sounds he was creating between 2005 and 2008. Tracks he made between 2008 and 2012 were part of his second album Route 34 and all tracks after that make up his hugely impressive back catalogue. A super talented artist with a diverse sound, always exciting to get his new material in the mailbox.

    Dark Traces is the epitome of the sound we love here at Progrez, deep and dark progressive house music with a twist. This one ticks all of the above with its solid driving bassline that dominates the lower frequencies. A tight drum section keeps the body moving while dark sounds fill out the spectrum. Wonderfully hypnotic percussion keep us locked on for the duration. Top notch stuff that will most definitely not disappoint.

    That’s How We Do sets off with a nice solid kick drum with a crispy hi hat on the offbeat. Strange, eerie FX go off in the background before a deep probing bassline takes over alongside bubbling undertones. Distant voices add mystery to the sound as we settle into this outstanding progressive groove. The break unleashes a sublime sequence before we kick back into the main groove with super cool synth line in tow. Fantastic sounds that are sure to keep the floors busy.

    In The Darkness delivers a punchy, raucous club fuelled progressive vibe that will definitely make its way into many playlists. A pacey drum section dishes out a flowing rhythm as double time hats create a rushing effect. Cool snare drums take us through each section where we’re met with some very nice retro style chords. On the low end a deep bassline lurks providing a warm layer to the sound. Superb stuff not to be missed.

    Over intros with a pounding kick drum alongside eerie, haunting background FX and a sinister voice. You’re drawn into the minimal sounds becoming mesmerized before a monster bassline is unleashed that will give the bass bins some work to do. The track goes deeper and deeper with a gritty synth pushing us into the depths while the haunting nature of the groove continues. One for the late night sessions for sure.

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