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London, UK based artist Okubo debuts on Bonzai Elemental with the tripped out vibes of the four track cut Kofuku. This hugely talented producer is known for creating blissful vibes that generate deep thought provoking moments. His sound is defined by raw organic flavours and with this EP you will most definitely be drawn into his world.

First up we have Shyriu which is the perfect intro into this world of hypnotic downtempo grooves. A deep rolling bassline dominates as subtle Ethnically powered melodies weave a delicate pattern. Soft beats draw you in while bright percussions add contrast to the deep nature of the track. Next up we have the beautifully organic Lemu which carries a wonderfully natural groove filled with raw sounds that find their way into your soul. The track is laden with soft melodies and driven by a superb break beat pattern that is so very laid back. In the background we find contrasting percussions that make the track sound much faster, a superb effect. Eyetun is up next and takes us back in time with some beautifully crafted Far Eastern sounds. These sounds work perfectly with the contemporary layout of the drums and the deep probing bass. Again we find that stuttering percussion pattern in the background that gives the sound a dynamic feel. A wonderful creation that will keep those late night sessions grooving. Rounding up this fine release we have Ph with its deep melodic raw grooves. A smooth, steady drum arrangement keeps the track firmly in the realms of trippy downtempo while cool hi hats let the rhythm flow. Soft melodies are front and centre while the deep bass dominates the low end. In the background is where we find the more hypnotic elements in the form of mysterious vocal snippets and haunting pads. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

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18 September 2017 FEATURED RELEASES , ,




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