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    Warung aka DJ, producer duo Aaron Hopkins and Dillon Ames debut here at Bonzai Progressive with the excellent Matahari. While riding mopeds around busy Bali intersections one half of this duo was intrigued by an Indonesian concept of Warung meaning small family run business. It quickly became apparent how intrinsic Warungs were to the culture, they were self-made, the lifeline of the family, and an ever-lasting legacy to carry on. The concept of Warung became the perfect meaning for their sound and project. Aaron and Dillon decided to put aside their solo projects and together cultivate a rich sound, from the ground up, with the intention of starting an organic musical identity. The cultivation continues but with each groove constructed, they continue to push forward into a new space that warrants a mix of old and new. After several productions and collaborations this duo knows their way around the studio and continue to bring more dance floor ready grooves to a thriving scene. Great to have them on board.

    Matahari intros with a nice thumpy kick drum and shuffling hi hat sequence. A deep probing bassline comes through alongside a raspy, vocoded vocal that adds character to the track. A buoyant groove ensues with a dancey vibe made up of subtle melodies that contrast with the more edgy nature of the low end. The break descends into silence before the melodies fade up with the vocal in tow. The musical elements are mesmeric and come to a smooth climax into the main groove for the duration. A top-notch, light-hearted progressive effort that will not disappoint.

    Emosi carries a solid, deep progressive vibe right from the outset. Muted kicks are joined by delicate percussions patterns and a fading in arpeggiated synth line. The bassline delivers a warm groove that adds depth to the track as the arps create a spacious atmosphere. The main riff is eventful throughout, opening and closing the filters to keep us locked in as various instruments dish out their own nuanced melody, forming complex patterns with a meditative undertone. Excellent stuff once again that is not to be missed.

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    29 July 2019 FEATURED RELEASES , ,




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