Greek artist Stergios Sigma debuts for us at Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Theros EP. Influenced by groove and psychedelia, he finds balance between different genres, learning the sweet spot and then making his own unique signature sound. He is on the DJ roster of Movement Recordings and is the man behind the Lemnos based event, Reborn Festival. During these events, and other gigs, he has shared the decks with a raft of top jocks from around the world. As a producer, Stergios has released his music on various labels such as Movement Recordings, Uxoa Dutxa Elite and USM Recordings. Always busy in the studio, he has much more planned for 2020. We’re delighted to have him on board.

First up, Stergios delivers the mystical, Theros. A name with multiple meanings, this translates to the track beautifully. Built upon a solid bed of pumping beats, shuffling percussions and a driving bassline, the main focus is on those infectious synths and accompanying arps. With a distinct, trance-like sound, the synths mesmerize, taking the mind into different realms. Layered arps create a beefy groove that does not let up for the duration. A must have, no doubt.

Vigna takes a much deeper approach, levelling out with a firm hold in the lower frequencies. A muscular bassline takes control as plucky synths are joined by rave stabs, building tension in the groove. The break fades out to almost silence, with a lone voice before we’re slammed back to full on mode. Superb stuff that will not disappoint.

Lathyrus Ochrus finishes up this fine EP with a powerful groove. Big, chunky beats and crispy hats combine, while a plucky, 303 style note hypnotizes. A deep, droning bass adds depth, accompanying the trippy sounds perfectly. Sweeping FX and building percussions fill out the groove while the break reveals a classic style arpeggio. Minimal in nature, with a nod to the old school sounds, this one is a stomper for sure.

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