Cordoba, Argentina based artist Mattias Herrera debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb, Arctica. Mattias is a DJ and producer, focussing his efforts on Progressive and Deep House grooves. He is a student of Ezequiel Arias and is one half of the Mydriasis duo alongside Lucas Caddeo. Going solo, Mattias has shared the DJ booth with world renowned jocks. He has also released a raft of quality cuts on labels like Massive Harmony, INU Music, BC2 and Soundgarden, with support from the likes of Nick Warren. Great to have him on board and we hope to hear more from him soon.

Arctica is up first, carrying a solid progressive groove on bed of chunky kick drums, tight rhythmic core and lush bass tones. The track reveals a cosmic trait, thanks to swirling pads, spiralling notes and delicate arpeggios. The groove intensifies into a cacophony of sound, culminating in emotive chord changes and sublime break which takes us to the final act and more that solid, proggy goodness.

Up next is, Wayna, delivering a much dreamier, soft sound. Powered by a strong bassline and organic drum arrangement, striking a wonderfully balance construction. It’s the melodies that draw the attention here though, wispy pads, detuned notes and delicate pianos create a surreal atmosphere which is characterised by a gentle voice. Totally mesmerizing and immersive, not to be missed.

Gedicht rounds up this release, taking us on a hypnotic trek into the more euphoric side of progressive house. Smooth and groovy, the sound is vibrant and rich, driven by solid beats and rhythmic percussions. The bassline is highly infectious, creating a strong foundation for the atmospheric melodies to shine, complimenting each other beautifully. Wonderful stuff that will not disappoint.

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