Manu Kenton joins the Bonzai Progressive roster with the fantastic, For My Darling. Manu started with his own weekly show on radio Galaxy in 1993. In 2002 he got offered a residency in one of the greatest techno clubs in Belgium, LAGOA, smashing the dance floor every single Saturday with passion and determination. This led to securing gigs at all the top spots including festivals and mega parties. In 2005, still focused on his proper hard techno style with high quality productions, Manu got to the top and became the founder of Frenchtek. He signed multiple tracks to top labels and climbed the charts on major portals. He is now a master in the art of mixing and producing and resident in the major Liberty White parties where he gets his own events called THE MANU KENTON REUNION.

The Original Mix delivers a contrasting groove as warm melodic parts mingle with harsher, more gritty sounds backed up with some cool spoken vocal on the break. A tight drum section drives the track alongside a punchy bassline. Swirling pads and clever FX create a tangible atmosphere giving that dynamic feel. An intriguing track that is not to be missed.

Fresh off the back of his last effort for us with In The Twilight featuring Hidden Tigress, Yuriy From Russia is returns and is first up on the remix. Yuriy has been a constant force at BP for the last number of years. As well as his own material he has contributed a raft of remixes for a plethora of top artists with critical acclaim coming in from all angles. His current discography is extensive and he shows no signs of letting up anytime soon. Here, Yuriy offers up a masterclass in remixing. Succulent and groovy, the track oozes class and dancefloor appeal. Exotic drums lead the way as deep, pulsating basses rise from the depths. The vocals are used sparingly and to great effect, giving the track a unique flavour. Dreamy and mesmerizing in parts with that pure underground prog vibe intact. A must have.

Jerry May and Armix 303 join forces to deliver their Acid Dream Remix. Both guys are debuting here, bringing their unique style to the label. Armandino Raffaelli is a proper 303 Acid guru, he loves nothing more than twiddling the pots to get the squelchiest, gnarliest acid sounds destined to fry your brain. His studio partner on this one, Jerry May, is a true electronic music lover. His first experience was in 1989, listening to Acid, New Beat, House, Techno, Rave and visiting clubs all over Belgium and Holland. He took to DJing and ultimately producing before starting his label Pron Records. Great to have both guys on board. On the remix here, the guys take track to a tougher place with a thumping kick and metallic percussions leading the way. The 303 action soon enters the fray, weaving out its infectious groove. The vocals come in, haunting the sound as heavier, classic style 303 lines join in. Get ready for a proper acid journey, this one will not disappoint.

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