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Celebrated Dutch DJ and producer Jaydee aka Edgar Robin Albers dusts off his 1996 cut Underground City, originally released on Zounds and Bonzai Trance Progressive Italy under his Chemistry guise, for a 2019 makeover. A long-established artist, Edgar played in clubs all over the The Netherlands and later went on to national radio. Five times he organized the annual Dutch Mixing Championship, and in the past years he hosted various music and sports programs on national TV. He has performed all over the world at countless festivals and parties. For three consecutive years his radio show For Those Who Like To Groove got voted Best Dutch Dance Show, a unique accomplishment for which in 1992 he received an industry award. Besides his musical activities as Jaydee, which gave us the iconic Plastic Dreams among others, Edgar also had several other successful aliases which dominated the 90’s. Great to have him back after all these years.

Atlantic Ocean, the Dutch electronic band who gave us the famous Waterfall back in 1993, debut on Bonzai Progressive with a solid remake of Underground City. This remake drips with nostalgia, bringing that Atlantic Ocean sound to life with a trance-like Balearic vibe in a progressive twist. A smooth mid-tempo groove eases into play with solid kick drums and a rhythmic percussion arrangement. A nice, fresh guitar riff is joined by a rolling bassline and the original, infectious melody, played out on airy pads for a rich, Summer vibe. Top-notch stuff.

The legendary Airwave is up on remix duties. He has spent the best part of 2019 celebrating his 20th year with a series of exclusive releases including a 4LP Boxset, 2CD and digital release as well as a raft of reworks of his most famous tracks. Here, he unleashes his production skills, creating a vibrant display with a wide, dynamic and cinematic construction. A strong drum section leads as sublime melodic pads and cascading arps combine. We become engrossed in the sound, the epic break is truly amazing and will definitely sit perfectly in any peak time set.

Edgar switches to his Chemistry guise as he transforms the original in a solid progressive mover complete with that infectious melody and a driving groove. A more intense cut, made up of deep, rich pads and floating melodies, the track builds nicely into a euphoric vibe, the perfect fodder for the Summer parties.

To complete this superb release, we have three more brand new versions from Edgar. Firstly, the Melodic Tech Remake dishes out a tidy dancefloor groove where the melodies shine in a striking display of synths to the backdrop of a smooth rolling groove. The Vocal Radio Version is a beautiful and infectious piece that will easily become the centre of attention at the party. Nice punchy beats and the infectious melody are joined by a cool vocal for a maximum Summer groove. The Warehouse Remake intros with cool breaks patterns and the iconic melody fading up. Deep droning basses come through as the beat gets its four to the floor pattern on and the synths intensify. Dreamy and blissful, this one will definitely get plenty of floorplay as the Summer approaches.

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