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    Turkish DJ and electronic music producer Hakan Ozurun marks his Bonzai Progressive debut with the superb Leave It Be. He started his musical career as a progressive and trance DJ in 2010. After 3 years as a DJ, he found this was not enough for him and so he started making his own originals and remixes in 2013. He started producing and releasing his tracks professionally on Addictive Sounds in 2016. He has released music on BQ Recordings (Proton), Blue Soho Recordings and OHM Music. Some of his releases climbed many charts, including the Beatport top 100. We’re delighted to have him on board.

    Up first we have the Original Mix with its rich, lush groove filled with warming basses and a solid progressive vibe. A tight rhythmic core sets the track in motion as the energy levels intensify with each passing phase. Subtle melodies and mesmerizing pads join a chunky bass to deliver a proper dancefloor experience. An absolute must for the late-night session.

    The ever-popular Ewan Rill steps up for remix duties, delivering a fine slab of progressive house. Ewan is no stranger to BP having already secured several quality releases here including original works and remixes. His last effort was on the remix for Zalvador’s Chronology from a few months ago and was very well received indeed. As ever we witness the sheer talent this guy has to offer as he delivers the goods once more. Here, Ewan refines the edges of the original, delivering a smooth progressive groove that captivates. The bouncy bassline adds a melodic flavour while lush drums carve out a steady rhythmic flow. An air of tranquillity washes over the track thanks to beautifully constructed pads. On the break, we get a much more organic vibe before a filtered drum roll takes us back to full-on mode. Top notch as always, not to be missed.

    Hisham Sabbah returns on the remix after his superb Catalysis from a few months ago. DJ and producer Hisham is also known as Eltimass and he hails from the underground scene in Haifa City. Musically he started at an early age, and by the end of 2013 he won a remix contest at Electrowavez, making a progressive house remix for a Psy-trance track. In 2016 he opened his music bar in Haifa to promote culture and music in his hometown, he has hosted local, talented DJs and artist and made the scene even bigger in that area. Great to have him back with more progressive house goodness. Hisham takes the essence of the original mix and transforms it into a wonderful, melodic driven slice with an infectious bassline. Smooth and steady, the groove creeps up on you, locking you in. The main arp melody takes hold, evolving the groove, capturing the imagination. On the break, the arpeggiator opens up, revealing the main hook in all its glory. A super solid progressive mover that will not disappoint.

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