Spanish DJ and producer Toni Gonzalez aka Experimental Feelings returns to Bonzai Progressive with Platonic Love which features the stunning vocals of Connie Di Maria. Toni’s productions regularly feature in many sets from DJ’s around the world and it’s no surprise given his extensive back catalogue that spans many labels. Italian born residing in London, Connie Di Maria enjoys writing her own songs and is currently working alongside talented producers on her first album, definitely an artist to watch for the future.

The Original Mix delivers an ethereal groove filled with magical pads and a strong chunky bassline. Tight beats give us reason to move with the rhythmic flow as the intensity rises in the background. A striking vocal from Connie cuts through the murk to captivate and is complimented by a surreal melody. The break offers little respite from the powerfully dark nature of the groove. A superb slice filled with contrasting sound that melt together beautifully.

Returning to the remix roster we have the hugely talented Audio Noir with his Rekonstruction which aims to take us on a journey deep into the progressive abyss. Here he gets the remix started with a unique breaks style drum arrangement which transforms into a full on four to the floor beat and joined by a shuffling hat sequence. The strong vocal slices through the chunky basses raising the hairs on the back of your neck. Haunting synths blend with the vocal as the subtle melodies creep into the groove. The track reaches epic levels thanks to that infectious bassline and the introduction of a squelchy 303 style lead making this a definite must have.

England based DJ and producer Zed White returns to BP with the first of 2 solid remixes. Following up from his debut last year, this guy certainly knows how to work a groove. Zed’s first remix intros with a nice chunky kick drum and a pulsing bass note while a distant melodic synth fades in. A mesmerizing pad lurks in the background as the vocal starts to creep in alongside a deep and dark bassline. The break throws up a sublime sequence full of rich pads and strong basses which are joined by the captivating vocal leading us to the climax and back to full on mode. Superbly dark and chunky. Zed’s second remix offers a Dub version with the vocal largely stripped out which leaves a deep, murky world for us to get lost in.

Fresh off the back of his latest slice – As Clear As Dream, Köschk returns to BP on remix duties with another sublime offering. As ever we are given a special dosing of his brand of progressive house. Right from the off we get locked on thanks to a fading in bass pad and subtle melodic sequence. The vocal hits out early drawing us in deeper into the groove as the beats get beefed up to deliver a nice thumping kick and rhythmic percussion. The big hitter here though are those relentless synths that ebb and flow with extreme filtering and envelope action. The track contrasts between the harsh synths and the softer melodies which create a surreal blend. Another fine example from this guy that will not disappoint.

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