Bob The Groove returns to Bonzai Progressive after a bit of a break with the superb two tracker titled Filling The Void. His last outing, My First Day Beyond The Sky, gained support from all quarters and we’ve no doubt this latest offering will follow suit. The Frenchman knows how to produce the goods and this one marks his fifth cut for us. A mysterious character, Bob The Groove lets his music do the talking. He has seen releases on several labels over the years like AH Digital, Abstract Space Records, 238w, D&R Digital, Aeriform, Hydrogen and 3xA Music. As always, it’s a pleasure to have him on board.

The intro on Filling The Void boasts a thumpy kick drum and a powerful subby bass. Bright hats and cool percussions get the track moving as a groovy, disco-style riff takes hold which is laced with a rolling 303 influence. The track builds nicely, delivering a solid dancefloor vibe that will not go unnoticed. Top notch stuff, a definite must have.

The Road To Yeha intros with a think rolling bassline and chunky kick combo. Crispy, shuffling hats and percussions slice through the lower frequencies with ease, creating a dynamic vibe. Hypnotic arpeggios fade in, heralding cascading melodies which add a narrative to the groove. The break opens up, revealing a captivating interlude with warm note changes, climaxing with a rush back to the main groove for the duration. Superb.

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