AudioStorm aka Ognjen Vukovic returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Underground Culture and brings along three top notch remixes from Nico Parisi, Owersound and Experimental Feelings for the ride. We last saw AudiStorm back towards the end of 2015 with his debut album First Step which gained a great deal of support from many quarters. Since then he has appeared on various compilations including the mega Bonzai & Friends 500 Remixes.

The Original Mix takes us on a sublime journey, deep into the melodic side of progressive house complete with a deep lush groove that just wraps itself around you. On the low end we’re treated to a wonderfully robust bassline that meanders through the sound effortlessly while on the mid range we’re faced with some beautiful melodic sequences in the form of rich strings and cascading arps. Keeping the track bound together we have tight beats that offer up a solid flowing rhythm creating that brilliant lush groove. Awesome stuff once more from this guy, a definite must have.

Nico Parisi is up first on the remix and once more he holds nothing back on the quality front. Nico’s last outing was in June 2016 with the superb Children Of Africa which definitely turned a few heads with a lot of attention, a feature on Beatport among others. Also in June Nico played at one of the best Summer festivals Europe, namely Legacy Festival. He made his third appearance there this year and is a testament to his dedication to playing out in front of crowds. On the remix here Nico employs his own special brand of progressive house, one that encompasses all manners of feelings and styles. The track intros with a solid thumping kick drum alongside a crispy hi hat giving off a classic vibe. A deep droning bassline joins in and becomes the star of the show as it draws us into its powerful grip. Cool melodies float through the sound and are delivered by organic synth arps adding fantastic colourful textures. This one is a beast of a tune that will rock any floor, anywhere.

One of Europe’s freshest and newest producers on the block, Arthur Minnahmetov aka Owersound debuts on Bonzai Progressive with a divine remix that will most definitely rock your progressive world and more. This exciting Russian DJ and producer is already making his mark on the scene with releases on various labels and gigs at top venues. DJing was his priority until he discovered a knack for writing his own music, and in 2007 he started to learn everything he could about this and he focused on deep house, tech house and techno. Nowadays he is into progressive house and this remix will tell you all you need to know about that. The track intros with a brash pumping kick drum and crispy hat combo alongside cool percussions and snappy snare rolls. The drum section delivers a fine flowing rhythm for the track to build on. Swirling pads stand out as strange voices come through creating a surreal atmosphere with a sharp bite. The bassline comes in to warm things up a bit and delivers a solid deep groove. In the background we get some very cool arp melodies that capture the imagination. Those melodies are further enhanced by the note changes on the bassline generating a wonderful contrast. Top notch sounds that are destined for many sets no doubt.

Spanish DJ and producer Toni Gonzalez aka Experimental Feelings is back and fresh from his last cut – Beautiful Eyes, in June 2016. As ever we are treated to a fine display of production from this guy. His originals stand out from the crowd for having a surreal atmospheric edge as well as tight arrangements. He is also well respected as remixer and he has turned around many tracks with his unique brand of progressive. On the remix here he does the original much justice by staying true to the original cut. A wonderfully melodic intro greets us as mesmeric swelling pads are joined by sweet high pitched notes that feed right into your soul. A nice well rounded kick drum comes through with just the right amount of punch and is soon joined by expertly crafted percussions. A deep and powerful bassline swells up from the depths creating a superb deep progressive groove. As the layers build the track goes deeper as that bass dominates, staying the course and only fading on the break to allow the pads and melodies to shine once more. A truly outstanding slice of prog that you do not want to miss.

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