We welcome back Abity to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Pimpollal EP. Argentina natives Jóse Duque and Bruno Signorelli are the minds behind Abity and this one comes after their debut Verwendung back towards the end of 2017. These two close friends both got into music from a young age and they have been working together for many years with great results on the floors and behind the decks. In 2009 the duo released their first EP on the label Buena Musica Recordings which quickly rose the charts on Beatport before peaking at number 16 in the sales charts. In 2010 releases on the prestigious Baroque Records and Remedy Records before securing a major release on Armada Records. They have played alongside many top jocks including Paul Oakenfold, Arty, Sander Kleinenberg, Marco V, Tocadisco, John Acquaviva, King Unique, Andy Moor, Anthony Pappa, D-Nox and many more. In Buenos Aires they have graced the decks at clubs like Pacha, Big One, Privilege, Club One, Caix, Sunset, and so on.

Pimpollal intros with a nice chunky kick drum as warming chords fade up providing a lush vibe. Shuffling hats bring the rhythm to life while a beautifully rich deep bassline powers the groove into a smooth progressive mover. The bassline really takes control here as a cacophony of keys develop throughout the track. A striking melodic arpeggio comes in delivering a bright spark amongst the deeper elements making this a serious contender for the peak time sets.

Two Polo takes us on a surreal journey deep into progressive with a nice funky twist. Tight beats get us moving as rhythmic drums weave intricate patterns. On the low end we find a solid bassline, dishing out a serious groove with a sprinkling of funk in the notes. Hypnotic dubby arpeggios fill out the background before coming up front as the main hook of the track. Cosmic FX mix with cool melodic sounds to create a diverse sound and one that will definitely keep the floors moving.

Langostura delivers a rich myriad of sounds that blend beautifully into a mesmeric slice, perfect for the late night sets. A solid drum section keeps the rhythm moving while a superb probing bassline dominates the low end. A series of arps and sharp notes create a stunning display of sound that captivates the mind. Top notch stuff that will not disappoint.

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