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Noosphere aka Niels Paschen, Eberhard Wolfgang Schulz and sometimes with Marcus C Maichel, mark their debut here on Bonzai progressive with the beautifully crafted Talk To The Wind. The project was conceived by Niels and Eberhard with Marcus driving the production end. A hugely talented trio, they made a big splash in 1999 when they released an album on Twisted Records that became an instant classic in the psychedelic world. Here they are turning their hands at progressive house with a couple of quality remixes from Kay-D and Janno Kekkonen. Delighted to have them on board.

On the Original Mix we are treated to a celestial intro which combines layers of soothing pads against a subtle percussion pattern. Nice chunky kick drum come through as soft melodies begin to rise. A strong, probing bassline takes control of the groove as we’re drawn deeper into the track. Infectious and captivating, the main track is relentless while wave after wave of groovy elements rise up in the form of scattered keys and funky guitar licks. A superb slice that is a definite must have.

Experienced Hungarian artist Kay-D also known as Krisztian Kajdi debuts here with a solid remix. He was exposed to synths from an early age and his interest in electronic music began in the early 90’s around the rave scene in Europe. Collabs with his nephew, Karanyi, led him to become more involved in producing and he saw releases on several top labels in the years that followed. With more than 300 releases and remixes, you can catch his sounds on Frisky Radio and Pure FM. Here Kay-D takes us on a pure progressive journey that will etch into your mind. A real thick and chunky slice filled with solid beats and a slow-moving bassline that just dominates the groove. Distant melodies come and go as sweeping pads enrich the sound. Deep, lush and tantalizing, not to be missed.

Estonian artist Janno Kekkonen joins us at Bonzai Progressive with his Windy Remix, marking a very impressive debut, we hope to see more from him in the future. Janno delivers a top-notch remix here which intros with punchy kick drums and a deep probing bass alongside airy pads and a shuffling percussion arrangement. The track is layered beautifully with just the right amount of tonal tension to deliver its highly infectious groove. The break reveals a deep vocal which blends perfectly into the sound before we’re back in the main track for the duration. Brilliantly constructed, this one will not disappoint.

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