Manu Riga continues to impress with his latest effort, Last Grain Of Sand. Since the dawn of Bonzai Progressive, he remains a stalwart for us and on the scene. He exudes quality as well as inspiration for others to evolve their own sound. A dedicated artist with an exhausting work ethic, committing himself to various projects with top collaborators alongside managing his own labels – Vesta Records and Vesta Lux. He also provides the tunes on Progressive Beats Radio, with his show, Escape.

The original mix intros with chunky beats, delivering a club vibe. The experienced, super tight percussion arrangement is a signature style for him, and this is employed here with devastating effect yet again. A warm bassline showers the groove as delicate notes cascade to the backdrop of nostalgic voices. The track builds nicely to the break where the voices send shivers down your spine, before heading to the main groove for the duration.

Enertia-Sound return to BP. DJ Twisty and Andron One are a production and DJ duo who started out as a psy trance act in 2007 making a name for themselves playing at underground raves. Since then they have grown their sound into a rich blend of several genres with a focus on progressive. Here, the remix imposes an extended intro onto the senses, casting dreamy pads and hypnotic arps into the spectrum before a warming voice leads us to the main event. Punchy beats and exotic percussions settle us into a smooth rhythmic flow as a groovy bassline commands the low end. Darker elements come through, creating a strong dynamic.

Tomic debuts on BP. Producing since 1992 and a DJ since 1995, this guy has been around for it all. When he started out, he was using classic equipment such as Korg M1 and the EMU Sampler to make his music. Since his first release in 1997, he hasn’t stopped churning out quality vibes. Here, he dishes out an epic progressive mover. A strong drum section keeps the rhythm flowing while mesmerizing arps follow. Captivating sounds add a richness to the track as a layered bassline with groovy elements gets the asses shaking. Sweeping voices ebb and flow alongside delicate melodies and contrasting, grittier sounds.

Jon Voorn aka John Vaughan, but more infamously known as the legendary Jon The Dentist, joins the ranks at BP with a solid remix. A stalwart of the harder trance sound throughout the 90’s, John is no stranger to Bonzai, having provided one of the most notable remixes (as The Dentist alongside Baby Doc) of The First Rebirth, which Franky Jones himself has heralded as his favourite remix. Jon takes the track on a tougher, edgier trajectory. Punchy kicks and shuffling percussions keep the rhythm active as a chugging bassline takes control. There is a subtle hint of psy in the bass, which compliments Jon’s history perfectly. On top of that driving bass, we find captivating voices and a streak of melancholic, chilling motifs that add to the darker edges of the groove.

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