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    ALEX NEMECMIRABILIS / FRESHIN / NAT UR VIVA / MUM / T RONIC / FLOW / RESPEKTAlex Nemec comes from the small country called Slovenia, the same little country that brought Umek, Laibach and few other biggies to the world!Starting to play out in clubs in 1998, he is an experienced dj and most surely best know as being one half of Alex & Filip. The duo has been working together since 2005 till late 2012 and their list of originals and remixes is quite sure impressive.In the time being they had remixed artists like Dave Seaman, Inkfish, Trafik, Kassey Voorn, Jeff Bennet, Tim Andresen, Autophase, Fiord, Subfractal, Ran Shani, Sonic Union & Bastards of Funk and Soulwerk to name a few. Their originals and remixes appeared on highly respected independent labels like Tronic, Respekt, Rekluse, Baroque, Freshin, Flow Vinyl, Lowbit, MUM, Tulipa, Inkfish, Stripped and many more!Together they have received the support and respect from well established DJ’s from all over the dance music scene including tastemakers like John Digweed, Spektre, Fergie, Dave Seaman, Joseph Capriati, Marco Bailey, Tom Hades, Tiesto, Mark Knight, Miniminds, Nick Warren, Loco & Jam, Jim Rivers, Mr. Henry Von, Eddie Halliwell, Dubfire and Tomy DeClerque to name but a few!Due to different musical views the duo split up in late 2012 just after completing their latest remix for the greek based Movement label.In the recent years Alex has performed in all the major clubs across Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Bulgaria and shared the decks with some of the world’s finest spinners such as; Umek, Valentino Kanzyani, Adam Beyer, Scarlett Etienne, Paul Woolford, The Beginerz, Steve Porter, Cristian Varella, Technasia beside others.Alex is also the head honcho of Mirabilis Records!The label was born in 2009 and has created a worldwide buzz in the underground scene since its very first release. Support within the industry has been well received from artists such as; hernan Cattaneo, Sasha, Nick Warren, Henry Saiz, King Unique, Fergie, James Talk, Jody Wisternoff, Paolo Mojo, Oliver Moldan, Mark Knight, Funkagenda and Dave Seaman.Mirabilis Records was truly catapulted to the stars when Sasha and Digweed dropped Ran Shani’s “Classics” on the boat party at the World Music Conference!So far the Mirabilis family includes Paolo Mojo, Ran Shani, Oliver Moldan, Miniminds, Jet Project, Tom Budden, Ian O’Donovan, Cid Inc, Fiord, Dibby Dougherty & David YoungSteve Haines, Ignas, Facundo Mohrr, Liz Cirelli & Minski, Stu Hirst, Kastis Torrau & Donatello, Sebastian Davidson, Andrea Fissore, Weepee, Cristior, Robot Needs Oil and many more talented producers from all over the globe!This label is definitely the one to watch!Alex decided to stay on the techno and prog route which was the sound that they pushed as Alex & Filip and best fits to his mind and musical apeal.He is now focusing solo on studio work and with originals, various collaborations and remixes coming soon on Freshin records, Natura Viva and MUM beside others there is definitely no stopping him!




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