Bonzai Progressive

December 14th, 2011



Monog Records proudly presents “Children of Ecstasy”, the debut EP of Fabinii!
His love for music and several years of work as dj, was the key to earn the respect of prestigious professionals in the sector, who have agreed to define him as one of the promises on the Portuguese scene.

Three different perspectives and flavours of three different mind’s composes our 15th EP! The original track from Fabinii is a real trip, with a dense, envolving atmosphere and a “acid” feeling provided by the bass line.

But if groove is what your looking for, Element is the name you should keep in mind! This guy is a serious bomb maker and we are sure that those bombs will explode soon on any dance floors, starting with this remix!

And at last but not least, eri2 is back! After the great “Uh Ah” EP, he brings us his incredible production skills on a energetic and powerful interpretation of Children of Ecstasy that will delight the most exquisite tastes.

Enjoy and don’t forget, we are together till dance tear us apart!

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