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This time AU Black brings us an Ultra-Deep Single from Joao Martins.

The original mix is a melodic and technoish track with a lot of acid and detroit influences. The drums are from TR909 as usual from most of our crew.

The other mix is a completely different path, Fragoso brough the original concept into an empty space and re-build it since the beginning. It’s a pure detroitish dub techno track with a lot of space and ambience. The original is more peak time track. Fragoso’s one is for sure an after-hour track.

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New installment in the Pure Chillz series comes with original tracks and remixes from Magitman, Placid Larry, Michele Cecchi, Twins In Mind, Alexander Dancaless, Suburban Dreams, Aiemo, Miika Kuisma, Jane Maximova, Fushe, Ed Lee, Corrado Bucci, Parafernalia, LaboRoss, Eddie M, Manu Riga, Suburban Dream, Red Avenue, Graphite and Morpheus 7 vs Nale.

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Available from Friday 26th of October 2012 in Belgium, Holland, France and Luxemburg + online!!!

– 4 CD’s
– 45 tracks
– full length originals, no edits
– remastered for the digital age

A must have for every retro DJ and fan!!!

CD 1:

1° Thunderball – Bonzai Channel One (Original Remastered Mix)
2° Yves Deruyter – The Rebel (Original Remastered Mix)
3° Dream Your Dream – Soushkin (Original Remastered Mix)
4° M.I.K.E. – Sunrise At Palamos (Original Remastered Mix)
5° Belgica Wave Party – The Wave (Original Remastered Mix)
6° Cherrymoon Trax – Let There Be House (Original Remastered Mix)
7° Final Analyzis – El Punto Final (Power Remastered Mix)
8° Joyrider – The Deadline (N.Y. Remastered Mix)
9° DJ Looney Tune – Workstation (M.I.K.E.’s Remastered Energized Remix)
10° Groove Park – Hit The Bang (Original Remastered Mix)
11° Push – The Legacy (Remastered Club Mix)
12° Thunderball – It’s Your DJ (Original Remastered Mix)

CD 2:

1° Da Hool – Meet Her At The Love Parade (Nalin & Kane Remix)
2° Push – Strange World (2000 Remastered Remake)
3° Quadran – Eternally (Remastered Dance Mix)
4° DJ Tiësto – The Tube (Original Remastered Mix)
5° Trancescape – Producelast (Original Remastered Mix)
6° Dream Your Dream – Belgium Rave (Original Remastered Mix)
7° Yves Deruyter – … Animals (Remastered Remix)
8° Blue Alphabet – Cybertrance (Original Remastered Mix)
9° Bountyhunter – Woops (Original Remastered Mix)
10° Dreamland – Mind Penetration (Original Remastered Mix)
11° Insider – Boots On The Run (Original Remastered Mix)
12° The Green Martian – Industry (Original Remastered Mix)

CD 3:

1° Push – Universal Nation (The Original “Real Anthem” Remastered Mix)
2° Energy 52 – Café Del Mar (Three ‘N’ One Remix)
3° Marco Bailey – Scorpia (Original Remastered Mix)
4° Repulsive 2 – Recactussed (Original Remastered Mix)
5° Airwave – Another Dimension (Original Remastered Mix)
6° Aqua Contact – La Sirena (Original Remastered Mix)
7° Bountyhunter – Demilitarized Zone (Remastered Extended Mix)
8° Dave Davis – Transfiguration (Original Remastered Mix)
9° DJ Looney Tune – Jumpin’ & Pumpin’ (Original Remastered Mix)
10° Extreme Trax – Final Fantasy (Original Remastered Mix)
11° Phrenetic System – Reality (Original Remastered Mix)

CD 4:

1° Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth (Original Remastered Mix)
2° Yves Deruyter – Calling Earth (Original Remastered Mix)
3° Cherrymoon Trax – The House Of House (Original Remastered Mix)
4° Fire & Ice – Lost Emotions (Original Remastered Mix)
5° Honey C – Stop (The Disease ’97 Remastered Mix)
6° Hitch-Hiker & Dumont – A New Dimension (Original Remastered Mix)
7° Body-Shock – Full Moon (Original Remastered Mix)
8° Plastic Boy – Twixt (Original Remastered Mix)
9° V-One – Dead Cities (Original Remastered Mix)
10° Airwave – Above The Sky (Original Remastered Mix)


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Aiemo aka David Nicosia Longhi takes a detour from his usual chilled out, ambient grooves to deliver a stunning piece of deep tech house. David’s talents shine through with his ability to jump from one genre to the next and he always puts out top notch quality. His latest effort on Eyepatch “Too Many Bubbles” comes with a superb remix from Accatone.

The original mix is a cool laid back affair with lots of deep house and a bit of tech thrown in, nice subtle synth intros the tune with the drums and a thick chunky bass following suit. The delayed piano stands out in this track and adds that deep flavour, some amazing percussions keeps the groove in check.

Portuguese remixer Accatone reworks the original in majestic fashion, retaining the deep vibe while adding in the funk, well crafted instruments slip and slide around this track and keeps up a constant groove, cool FX on the sounds also. Subtle break with a high pitched string and then back into that solid groove, perfect!

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A welcome return to Bonzai Elemental for Fushe with his new pure chilled 2 tracker “Amnesia”. After his well received last release “Saxophoria” we are treated to another trip into the world of blissed out sounds.

Krygystan born composer Fushe is turning heads in the chillout world with his cool downtempo lounge vibes. With a couple of releases on Bonzai Elemental and featuring on the “Pure Chillz” compilation we continue to get locked in to these smooth grooves.

First up is the title track “Amnesia”, beautiful sweeping pads and sweet melodic plucked notes open up this track, tight kicks and crisp hats come in and settle down into an awesome chilled out ride. When the melody takes over your mind is transported far away in thoughts, brilliant.

“Chillses” has a very spacey feel to it with its high pitched notes and almost machine like sounds, a beautiful vox pad sits nicely in the background and ties up the melodies very well.

Yet another fine chilled out release for the very popular Bonzai Elemental imprint.

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4th installment of the Pure Tech series from Bonzai Basiks.

Includes original mixes and remixes from Filth & Splendour, Kalva, Umek, Tim Taylor, Ortin Cam, Oliver Moldan, Analog Effect, Simone Girau, Steve Lawler, Ryuji Takeuchi, Lucio Grandi, James Harcourt, The Electric Press, Orlando Voorn, A.Paul, Oz Romita, Neurodriver, Dyno, Eric Kanzler, DJ One Finger, Jamez & Soulboy, Samuel L Session, Andy Chatterly and Clinton Brown, Markus Ilgner, Radio Source, Wehbba, Yanysh and Poison Pro, Magitman, Carlos Rios and Paul Farrell.

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“Yang” is the name of our newest EP from our family member Luis Bravo. After the sucess of “Today” EP, Luis is back with two ground breaking original tracks. The Original Mix of “Yang” is a great representation of what he do best: Deep and hypnotic atmosphere, a powerfull groove some small touch of funk here and there and simplicity at his most perfect state! On the other hand we have “Urban Sailor”, a deep tech house track that will delight the most exquisit dancefloors! A Strong groove, delicated rhode chords and a “loopy” vocal that will be around your head for the next few hours. And at last but not least, we are proud to have with us Mike Kings again! The last time he released at Monog, his remix of Joal “Tones and Stuff” was reviewed on Dance TV Show and received a lot of very good feedbacks around the world! Just listen and see for your self what I’m talking about.

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Dutch producer and remix wizard returns to Bonzai Basiks with a superb three track EP filled to the brim with awesome tech vibes.

First up we have the title track “Noah”, kicking off in a kind of funky vibe with a cool synth stab, the tech influences build up and stomp hard by the time the tune breaks, gritty synth and sharp hats prevail and kicks back in with a vengeance bringing with it a huge hard edged sound, massive tune that will get the floors pumping!

“New Rank” is a more minimal approach to the tech sound, big focus on the drum arrangement and percussions, lots of FX sweep by and on the break we get a glimpse of a really cool synth line with a heavy filtered vocal talking about house, big build up kicks in to a serious tight groove, massive sound!

Finally we have “Love, Honor And Dance’ (12 O’Clock Mix)”, again quite minimal with some awesome percussion work and a nice chunky kick, the track moves along at a cool steady pace and then some brilliant sound manipulation occurs, amazing production skills.

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With LCD Selections, LCD Recordings is proud to present you its personal Selections of the Finest in Progressive (and psychedelic) Trance and House, featuring legendary artists alongside with very promising talents emerging recently. A good mix of Past and Present. One thing matters here: Quality.

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Returning to Green Martian after his last release “White Krane” is Rishi K with another inside look at his amazing progressive house sounds on his “One Step Ahead EP”.

The title track “One Step Ahead” is a melodically fuelled prog house groover, kicking off in a true house vibe with nice tremeloed sounds the tune takes a turn towards prog with a superb bassline, we are treated to some voice samples from a space mission (moon landing) which works very well with the sounds. Very well constructed solid slice of music.

“Skybound” continues this fine run of quality sounds with another super grooving progressive house slab. Again we are teased with lots of house vibes but with those prog undertones that keep the tune rocking, on the break a sweet piano melody is at the forefront and kicks back with that deep bassline. More samples this time from nature really do give a sense of being in the “sky”.

“The Space Between” goes all out house, cool bouncy feel to the percs and bass with an almost retro sound that will have all of us guessing, vocal samples are used that work so well with the music, dreamy melodies tie up this track nicely and prove that Rishi K. delivers quality everytime.

Delighted to see the very hard working Rishi back with Green Martian.

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Producer and remixer Peker returns to Creamminal with a three track techno ride. Peker has seen his artist album entitled “Everyday Music” enjoy a nice success when released on Creamminal back in 2011, since then he has had other releases on the same label and has appeared on a few compilations on the Bonzai Progressive imprint.

First up is “Time Has Come Back”, techno fuelled vibe with an energetic rhythm, very well arranged sounds with some real quality FX work on the synths. Tight arrangement on the percussion and very sharp hats, on the break a vocal sample fits is well and then back into the groove, very nice track!

“A-Ci” takes a more minimal approach, cool thumping kicks and a deep bass lead up to a well crafted techno vibe, lots of different percy sounds and FX are the focus and these prevail to an almost hypnotic rhythm.

“Revolving Door” gets all techno bouncy up in here, from the off the groove is bouncing with the bassline giving that effect, plenty of layers are added to create a wall of well structured sounds, very retro feel to this which will see a lot of playing time for sure.

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The last Calbos (Christian Boshell & Neil McCall) single was about 4 years ago and was remixed by Manuel De La Mare. Calbos are signed as solo artists to various labels including Omnis, Proton, Repressure, Teleskopik, Particles and various others.

One of their solo efforts has also been signed to a Renaissance Masters CD by Satoshi Tomiie & numerous other compilations. And now stopping by Sounds R Us Recordings with a massive pack! Wacht out for Jamez, Sylar and The Bunglers remix versions.

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