Bonzai Progressive

February 9th, 2011


DJ/Producer Erdem Aktas is recognized as one of the most talented DJ of the tech house and progressive genre. He produces mostly house music but popular music like electronic music as well. “I just want to connect people through touching their emotion,” says Erdem “That’s my approach to music.” He first discovered trance music when he was at high school and fell in love with its melody. Then he started to mix and produce. When he started, he just used PC and free software’s. “I save up enough money from pocket money to buy synthesizer, drum machines and what else.” he laughs.

In 2004, he started to study at KOC University in Turkey. While he was working his performance in his small home studio. He went to Russia frequently and was effected by the talented DJ’s of Russia. He played in most popular club of Russia and Ukraine. In 2007, his first production was a remix. His favorite genres become a progressive and electronic music. In 2010, He started to work with many different labels from different countries and Erdem Aktas’s first EP was released from Germany so with a slew of remixes and killer productions to his name grows bigger every week

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