Bonzai Progressive

August 8th, 2012



Leading tech house label Bonzai Basiks gives us an awesome release full of cracking remixes.

Arcadia focuses more on the minimal side of this genre and it does it well. The original shows us where the inspiration came from for the remixers, a wonderful driving rhythm with minimal sounds yet bouncy, one to watch here!

Miguel Bastida Remix kicks us off with that minimal tech sound with some great FX on the percussions and a hypnotic synth.

Andres Fernandez aka Knario Remix strips back to bare essentials with a lesson in arrangement, some very nifty work in there and a great kick.

D.Kowalski adds an extra punch on remix duties, tight production and stunning percs with a sublime sounding pad, big club sound for this one.

Samuel Segamara gets tribal with his remix, amazing sounds here with a big heavy bass for effect.

An all together well rounded pack here which will be lighting up floors for a while!

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