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Another week, another Bonzai Basik Beats Radioshow with Wonji behind the decks this time.

Tracklisting – Episode 94 – mixed by Wonji:

1° Mastercris -Temper (Original Mix)
2° Madison – Cherry Blossom (Original Mix)
3° Sa.Du – Siente
4° BrightLight – Highscore Avenue
5° Mylan – Day & Night (Original Mix)
6° Ed Lee – Humanity
7° Planisphere vs Digital Angel – Trinidad Flashback (Original Mix)
8° Roderick Fox – Save As
9° Ittai Barkai – Brisk
10° Philthy Chit – 0.8 (Manu Riga Deep Progrezz Mix)
11° Submantra – Burrizza (Eyal Cohen Remix)
12° Guido Durante and Mattia Evo – Another World (Original Mix)
13° Wonji – Wrong Intentions



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Sounds R Us Recordings label manager Oz Romita is on this week’s Bonzai Basik Beats!

Tracklisting – Episode 93 – mixed by Oz Romita:

1° Pirupa – Party Non Stop (Vocal Mix)

2° Darkrow & Fernando Mesa – Muchachas Borrachas (Original Mix)

3° Andrew Wickes – Moby Dick (Jaceo Remix) 

4° Wally Lopez & Richard Dinsdale – Shamba Sideburn (Redondo Remix)

5° Nicole Moudaber – Tears Of Civet (Original Mix) 

6° Lissat & Voltaxx – Trying To Hold Me (DJ Smilk Remix) 

7° Hollen – Tisana (Original Mix) 

8° David Amo & Julio Navas – Squirt (Ron Costa Remix) 

9° Beckers & D-Nox – You Are feat MYGOD (Original Mix) 

10° David Herrero & Groove Pressure & Dubman F. (Mister K Remix) 

11° &ME – F.I.R. (Original Mix)



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Oz Romita, Sounds R Us Recordings and Del Horno are inviting you to the remix contest.

How to start:
– Use the stems provided in our Soundcloud page and create your own remix.



– We DON’T accept lounge, trance, dubstep, hard house, hard techno, R&B, reggaeton, soul, Motown, pop, rock or any kind of style EXCEPT TECH HOUSE and TECHNO!

– Add this in the title: Del Horno – GOD! (your name) Sounds R Us Remix Contest and use our dropbox.



– We only accept finished tracks with 320kbps quality.

– The winner will be released on Sounds R Us Recordings and also offered to release an EP on Sounds R Us Recordings.

– Once the submission period closes, the label and Del Horno will then listen to the remixes and select the best one.

– Submission deadline is June 30, 2012.


Oz Romita, Sounds R Us Recordings & Del Horno



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EPISODE 189: The Bunglers – South Bronx (Sounds R Us Recordings)

The Bunglers, a Dutch electronic producer collaboration between M.R.T.N and Robin have been inspired by house grooves over almost 20 years now. Starting off by buying records from Dutch artists such as Angelo, Steve Rachmad, and Estroe, they developed a style best described by an explosive mix of house, tech house, tribal and techno sounds. A lott of new releases are planned for 2012 so watch out!

EPISODE 190: Thomas Stiller – Mountain Hut (AU Records)

No one better than Thomas Stiller to inaugurate our new EP structure.

Instead of one original and three remixes, we’re delivering two great original tracks from the same artist, and Beauty is the first word that comes to my mind while listening to both these deep house tracks…

The starter track, “You Know”, came from a collaboration between Stiller and Lukas Reither, who added an amazing “live feeling”, introducing recordings from crowds and pushing their vocal skills even further.

Next comes “Mountain Hut” filled with good vibes, this track has a very nicely produced vocal bits which give it an amazing “alive motion”.

Both base their percussion in classic house samples which gives to “Mountain Hut” EP the perfect mix between old and new school sound!

EPISODE 191: Alex Agore – I Want 2 Know (Troia Recordings)

Want to go back in time? Alex Agore is the travel agency for that. Here’s your ticket!

EPISODE 192: Bonzai Progressive Sampler – Volume 3 (Bonzai Progressive)

Third installment in the Bonzai Progressive Sampler series, this time with two remix works.

First we got Frank Le Fever – Deep Within with a unreleased Ewan Pearson remix, followed by Nu Guise – Love Will Never Die with a Velvet Girl vs Nancy Burrello remix.

EPISODE 193: Aiemo – Forgotten Sun (Bonzai Elemental)

The 28-year-old Danish/Italian artist is born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. Inspired by the pulsating, urban and unique atmosphere of Copenhagen, David Nicosia Longhi has produced and published under various pseudonyms such as “Mazenga” and “Aiemo”. Ranging from deep, minimal psytrance to chillout and melodic lounge music.

David himself describes the importance of inspiration gathered from the fast paced citylife: “I love living in the city — there are endless inspirational options, ranging all the way from high-end fashion, cocktailbars, nightlife in general and even the modern oasis areas in Copenhagen, filled with peace and calm energy.I also like the anonymous feeling found in a big city. You could be surrounded by 100s of people and still feel like no one is seeing you. I generally get inspired from beautiful people around me and the desire to make and do something that touches the heart and thought of a human in combination with the electronically produced music. I want to keep living my daydream and my music reflects this.”

Practical Inspiration has been gathered from both the trance/balearic scene throughout the 90’s all the way to the downtempo and chilled lounge scene in modern time.

EPISODE 194: Unnamed – In Love (Eyepatch Recordings)

Second release for Unnamed in Eyepatch Recordings. The release comes with two outstanding originals, In Love and If.

Eyepatch Recordings is supported by:
Colin Dale, Roger Sanchez, Luciano, LouLou Players, Graham Gold, Jamez, Laurent Garnier, Wyndell Long, Paul Oakenfold, Emmanuel Top, Davide Squillace, Sven Väth, Cari Lekebush, John Selway, Dr. Motte, Slam, J Kitikonti, Nick Warren


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This week we got Jimmy Galle with a guest mix for our Bonzai Basik Beats radioshow!

Tracklisting – Episode 92 – mixed by Jimmy Galle:

1. Jimmy Galle – What Women Want ( Dimitry Liss Remix ) – Eyepatch Recordings
2. Accatone – Future Us (Original Mix) – Piston Recordings
3. Dimitry Liss & Nasrawi – Lemon Zest – Eyepatch Recordings
4. Middle Rhythm – Thursday Funk (Original Mix) – Monog Records
5. Gion – Pink & Yellow (Original Mix) – AK Tek Records
6. Unnamed – It’s Alright – Eyepatch Recordings
7. Wonji featuring Henry M – Sticks and Fire ( Leaving L.A. Mix ) – Eyepatch Recordings
8. Ecco – The Future ( Mylan Remix ) – Kiss My Beat Records
9. Mass Digital – Plastic Fantastic ( Sander Bongertman Remix ) – Musashi
10. Tish – Square Mind ( Adrian C Remix ) – Piston Recordings
11. Luis Bravo – Today ( Original Mix ) – Monog Records
12. Push – Universal Nation ( Jimmy Galle Remix ) – ?
13. Jimmy Galle – Yoghurt ( Original Mix ) – Repressure Recordings
14. Davhelos – Parallel Lines (Ecco Remix) – Parallel Music
15. Orlando Voorn – No Fear (Alejandro Reworked) – Repressure Recordings
16. Forbes & Ilgner – Oracle ( Janzon Remix ) – Bonzai Basiks
17. Guido Durante and Mattia Evo – Deep In The Night ( Original Mix ) – AK Tek Records
18. Insider – Boots On The Run ( Original Mix ) – ?
19. Tony Awake and Free Mind – Fiji ( Original Mix ) – Bonzai Progressive
20. Oz Romita – Rolling ( Mr Warning vs Joshua Kardell Remix ) – Mint & Mustard Recordings
21. Kintar featuring Lu Chase – Guiding Light ( Dark Soul Project Remix ) – Sudam Recordings
22. Ed Lee – Omnia – Howz Choonz



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EPISODE 179: Blufeld – All My Life (Green Martian)

For Blufeld electronic music is the pulse of life. Evocative of all genres, yet guided by a set of dynamics and instrumentation very much of its own unique identity, it breathes a type of emotion to a degree that can only be reached via the imaginative use of synthesizer and drum.

Blufeld has been captivated and completely mesmerized into a 3 dimensional world of sound, and endeavours to maximize all levels of the sonic and emotional spectrum so as to reach and tug at the heartstrings of people who love electronic music.

Blufeld is a craftsman with a deep sense of care and love for the output and quality of his productions; a producer who works solo to use sound and imagination to output everything thats inside his heart and mind to create some of the most complex and deepest emotive tracks in progressive trance music.

Blufeld is becoming ever increasingly recognised for his luscious progressive trance sounds, with key releases and remixes signed to labels such as ‘Bonzai’ & ‘Green Martian’ and also including his own label imprint ‘Actuate Recordings’.

With more tracks set for release during the course of 2011, the future will prove to be very exciting for Blufeld……

EPISODE 180: Project KF – Hold Me Up, I’m Burning (Bonzai Basiks)

From the young age he has been inspired by different musical cultures: the Middle Eastern, Western European and European. Being addicted to genres like: House, Techno, Breaks and Trance he decided to write his own music.

In 1998 he made his first track. Between the years 1998-2003 he is working under different aliases in different genres, mostly in Trance and PsyChill.

In 2004 he is starting to study Sound Engineering at Yoav Gera Sound School. After finishing of sound studies in 2006, he tries himself in the sound industry as: Boom Man, Post Production, PA and Junior Soundman.

After being enough in the music industry, he is starting to write Techno and Minimal Techno. The inspiration to Techno music came from underground movements in Tel Aviv city at those days. The genre switch provides him great exposure and his promo was charted in Top 10 side by side with promos by Anthony Papa, Umek, Davis & May…

In 2008, together with his friend Alex, he is establishing AK Tek Records, for Techno and Progressive House music. The label got a huge support after making various gigs and events. Being inspired by AK Tek Records music, he came back for roots and began to write Tech House music. For few years he was signed by different labels, but recently he is releasing music mostly on his own label and on Bonzai.

Today Konstantin is working with many different people on various projects, from Techno and Deep House to Chillout and Soulful House. After such way he has grew up to strong artist that proudly represents himself, his label and his artists family.

EPISODE 181: Luis Bravo – Today (Monog Records)

Today is the new EP from Luis Bravo to be out on Monog Records!

Deep, evolving and with a very hypnotic atmosphere are the guide lines to the original track.

Luis Bravo is an Azorean producer who have been developing a very unique and solid work on the past few years and now it’s time to show his talent at Monog Records!

The B side is the funky side, with an incredible and addictive remix from our well known Middle Rhythm.

EPISODE 182: Loquai – We Love The Night (Bonzai Progressive)

Carpenter by day and producer by night. The name will LoQuai remain on the lips of underground DJs and producers around the world.

Konstantin Alt was born on September 7th, 1981 in Bel’bulak, Kazakhstan. Since childhood Konstantin has had a growing interest in percussions and the accordion. His first contact with electronic music occurred while watching MTV finding himself fascinated by the sounds and the possibilities they proposed. At the age of eight he immigrated to Germany with his family and has lived in a village there ever since.

His early musical career started in 1998 when he purchased his first electronic instruments parallel to starting his apprenticeship as a carpenter. This was the beginning of a new era in his life. From here Konstantin began working intensively in music production, weaving in all styles of electronic music including psychedelic, ambient, trance, break beats, and drum & bass. The combination of these styles has made him a producer of progressive house.

With the revolution of the Internet, Konstantin had the opportunity to start his professional career on the UPTRAX website, where his music began to continuously hit the Top 20 list. At this time he also began playing live gigs at Sunshine, Germany. Konstantin returned part time to school, but this time to the SAE School in Frankfurt to study audio production. He graduated in 6 months gaining certification as an EMP (Electronic Music Producer). From here his career skyrocketed with many offers coming in from labels such as Ultimate House Records where in 2005 he released his first official single under the name LoQuai. During these years he worked on many remixes for a variety of labels, which really helped propel his musical career. In 2006, Mystique Music Records, a new label in underground music, approached him and there he finally found a label where he could grow fundamentally as a producer. From 2009-2010 Konstantin was featured on radio through his successful show Unison. In the last year he worked on many remixes and original tracks for many major labels including Mystique Music Records, Jetlag Digital, Baroque Rec., Indigo Rec. and many more.

EPISODE 183: Jimmy Galle – Illusion (Eyepatch Recordings)

Jimmy is born on August 17th in Luik aka Liege in Belgium. As his parents were boatmen he had to attend boarding school from the age of 6 onwards. To overcome the loneliness of boarding school his parents bought him a walkman. That event literally plugged him in in music!
He listened a lot to music via tapes and the radio and developed a health preference house music.
After a long period of nagging and begging his parents he finally got the best birthday present ever on his 15th birthday: a music mixer and double deck cd player. Every free second of his time went into his devotion to music.
2 years later Jimmy got the chance to prove himself at a cool club in Antwerp: Het Eilandje.
Success was immediate: he got his first residency!

Not long before he got interested in making his own music. With his savings Jimmy bought his first PC with a sound card and a Korg keyboard. After a few years he discovered his own sound and at the beginning of 2004 he released his first record: Jim-Y – Digital Trumpets. In the meantime he was working on a project with his best friend Ruly. Jimmy had finished a new demo for which he had the perfect voice in mind and boldly he sent it over under the project name R & Y to his favorite vocalist and singer. And guess what! Only 2 weeks later he got contacted by Jan Johnston. Jan had already written the lyrics and called for a date to do the recordings for this song, that is how R&Y Meets Jan Johnston – Its Cold Outside was born.
This single was released in 2007 with remixes from Filterheadz and Sied van Riel.
In 2008 Morning On The Terrace got released on the label Bonzai Fiesta.
At the end of 2008, Ruly decided to stop with the project, and that was when Jim-Y changed into Jimmy Galle. Jimmys sound was different as a solo dj/producer. After this period different productions and remixes appeared on different labels.

Jimmy has plaid and is still playing in many known Clubs and on many events such as: Noxx, La Rocca, Cafe D’ Anvers, Industria, Chakra Party, The Factory, Lazurra, Petrol, De Rodenburg (NL), TranccSession, Playboy Deluxe, De Cinema, Space, Wicked, BBC, De Kaai, Red & Blue, Turbulance….

Eyepatch Recordings is supported by:

Colin Dale, Roger Sanchez, Luciano, LouLou Players, Graham Gold, Jamez, Laurent Garnier, Wyndell Long, Paul Oakenfold, Emmanuel Top, Davide Squillace, Sven Väth, Cari Lekebush, John Selway, Dr. Motte, Slam, J Kitikonti, Nick Warren

EPISODE 184: Daniel Ray – Touch (Eyepatch Recordings)

Daniel Ray van Zyl aka Placid Larry has been DJing since 1999. Beginning his career in his native South Africa, Daniel has held residencies in Jo’Burg — better known as Johannesburg — and in Tshwane — better known as Pretoria — before setting his sights on the UK club scene, where he held residencies in London, Brixton and Southampton.

After a brief stint home, he moved to Bahrain where he has held a residency in premier restaurant and lounge “Zoe” for the past two and a half years.

For the past five years, Daniel has been honing his skills as a producer. His unique chilled house and down tempo electronica and chill out sound has seen his tracks being released on the renowned Lemon Grass Music label. Daniel continues to produce deep melodic soundscapes filled with thought and emotion, stemming straight from his heart.

Eyepatch Recordings is supported by:

Colin Dale, Roger Sanchez, Luciano, LouLou Players, Graham Gold, Jamez, Laurent Garnier, Wyndell Long, Paul Oakenfold, Emmanuel Top, Davide Squillace, Sven Väth, Cari Lekebush, John Selway, Dr. Motte, Slam, J Kitikonti, Nick Warren, etc…

EPISODE 185: Accatone – Your Smile (Piston Recordings)

Accatone, long time label collaborator and exclusive artist, presents us a single with tracks taken from his debut artist album – Steady Pace – out on Piston Recordings.On top of that we invited Alex Flatner (Poker Flat, Get Physical, Circle Music) and Ramboiage (Sccucci Manucci) for two top notch remixes.

Quality Deep House release!

EPISODE 186: Fushe – Saxphoria (Bonzai Elemental)

New Bonzai Elemental release from Fushe. The release comes with two original tracks, Saxphoria and Pheromone.

EPISODE 187: Manu Riga – No Matter What (Bonzai Progressive)

Manu riga was formed in 2004 by Adriaan Baussens and Sven van Hove.Soon they released their first vinyl on Okina Music.Good feeling and a remix by Drkucho was hitting the belgium dance charts on the 22th spot in 2005. Sadly distribution wasn’t catching up with the demand.After this dissapointment Manu Riga didn’t really felt home. Creativity had no freedom.

After a break of two years, Sven & Adriaan gave Manu Riga a second chance but this time they promised they only would follow their heart and do what they like to do.

After sending the 2005 track Tai chi girl to Bonzai Musicthey found that home.Bonzai appreciated and loved the different approach of Manu Riga.Manu Riga signed an artist deal with Bonzai Music in 2010 a remix for Quadran and George V followed soon.

Time in Between is the first which is typical for their style. Progressive with a touch of Tribal and emotional synth.
Bonzai progressive means coming home for Manu Riga.

EPISODE 188: Ignacio Demaria & Steve Prior – Homegrown (Mint & Mustard Recordings)

Unfolding his double side of both DJ and producer, Ignacio Demarias path draws along the electronic music map a rising line that goes beyond its limits to burst into the international circle. His career, based on talent and hard work, led him both to share the decks with figures of the importance of Christopher Lawrence, Donald Glaude, Eric Morillo, Axwell and Sandra Collins to name a few. Precisely, one of the reasons why his name stands out in the vernacular scene is the combining with equal success his work in the booth and in the studio.

Since his beginnings as a professional DJ, Ignacio covered the big club circuit of Los Angeles creating an interesting sound exploration. Taking characters of the rank of Sebastian Ingrosso or Steve Angello as referents, he evolved artistically through the years at the pace of the musical trends and new styles coming from the UK, adapting and incorporating them.


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Fly is back for another Bonzai Basik Beats radioshow!

Tracklisting – Episode 91 – mixed by Fly:

1° Wonji – Sticks & Fire (Leaving LA Mix)
2° Baltj_More – Una Pregunta
3° Mastercris – Temper
4° Accatone – Your Smile
5° Middle Rhythm – Thursday Funk
6° Villa Gombao – El Dafunke (Piek Remix)
7° Oz Romita – Pumping (Dennis Hercules Latin Remix)
8° Hilal Tekschneider – The Groove is Coming
9° Fab Code – Midnight Shuffle (Dennis Franchi Remix)
10° Guido Durante & Matteo Evo – Another World
11° Crocy – Natura



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Eyepatched – Volume 2 is now available for pre-sale on

After the warm welcome on the first Eyepatched sampler we prepared another excellent pack including original tracks and remixes from Accatone, Dimitry Liss, Jimmy Galle and Victor Maximiliano.



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And this week we got Project KF with a full on DJ Set for our Bonzai Basik Beats radioshow!

Tracklisting – Episode 90 – mixed by Project KF:

1° Sean Miller & Daniel Dubb – Dinnerman (Original Mix)
2° Rene Amesz & Jasper Clash – Tabimo (Original Mix)
3° Tom Middleton – Jungle Drums (Original Mix)
4° Zas Sanze presents Mindgamers – Hold You (Original Mix)
5° Davide Vario – I Want (Dynamik Dave Remix)
6° David Penn & Oscar De Rivera & Rober Gaez – Sambarah (Original Mix)
7° Festa Bros & DJ PP – Punto Com (Original Mix)
8° Stefano Noferini – Bad Davis (Original Mix)
9° Sebastien Leger & Uto Karem – Danceflood (Original Mix)
10° Federico Epis – Rafaela (Original Mix)
11° Hristian Stojanowski – Submarines (Original Mix)
12° Astronivo – Mondelcarma (Original Mix)
13° Pier Bucci – Hay Consuelo (Samim Remix)
14° Fatboy Slim – Star 69 (Original Mix)
15° Yves Deruyter – Back To Earth (Rave Mix)
16° Ramon Tapia – Say What (Original Mix)
17° Raul Mezcolanza – Want You Bad (Original Mix)
18° Manuel Turobin – Bummeltaxi (Lars Wickinger Remix)



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EPISODE 175: Ultimate Breakers – Chika_go (Mint & Mustard Recordings)

Ultimate Breakers was born thanks to Seb Sanchez and Oris D at the terrace of a Parisian cafe.
Playing in different universes of electronic music, both of the DJs decided to put their experiences together through a common project: ULTIMATE BREAKERS.
It was in the South of France, by playing in Pyramids nights of Juan Les Pins and in the first Rave Party organized on la Côte d’Azur that Seb Sanchez plays his first Electro set in front of a conquered audience.

DJ with an efficient and personal style, both accessible and specialized, his range goes from the Deep, the House and the Tech-House, and appears in French and European nightclubs (le Warhol, Bar 25, Factory Club, le Wax Club, H2O) also in various private parties (L’Oreal, Privaty).

In 2005, he arrived at Paris and very quickly, make his style known in most of important nightclubs of the capital (la Loco, le Duplex, le Metropolis, les Coulisses, le BatoFar). He appeared in the Gay Pride 2010 and was the honored guest of the Beirut In The Mix float for the Technoparade 2010 and got a permanent place on MixFeever Radio.

Also, Seb Sanchez became a journalist in the famous magazine Only for DJs.

Every month, an exclusive podcast Fly With Me To Tech-House Music is available on Itunes.

Oris D is considered as a rising star of the house electro scene.

Famous thanks to his productions and remix played by numerous DJs in Europe, and also by the radio rotations in France (FG, Vitamin) and in Belgium (Funradio BE), he has been for 8 years carrying on with many students parties and french but also european clubs (Spain, England, Germany, Belgium).

Every week, the mixed selection entitled Radioshow by Oris D is podcast on dozens of FM radios, on the web, and also on podcast version on itunes.

The Ultimate Breakers concept opens a new road on the international electronic scene. Other than Djs, the group offers a real concert in which the tech-house tracks are played in live. This performance is relevant by its visual aspect and its program which already conquered lots of festivals and clubs all over the world.

Ultimate Breakers creates a new path into the Tech-electro House style, a mix between the tech-house minimalist underground and the electro-house. Their unique live in each appearance lead the audience into a travel in which several electronic sounds are gathered, producing a contagious energy of partying.

EPISODE 176: Diego Alvez & Solunamanalia – Rocbouquet (Bonzai Progressive)

The Portuguese producer Diego Alvez has a solid musical base that he started to build up already back in 1998 by playing the piano. He started to produce music himself in 2010 and has already quite a carreer to look back at as he has already remixed Unik (Portugal), Solunamanalia (Japan), Eco Do Ego (Portugal) and many others yet unreleased. His producing style has been influenced by names as Jared Leto (30 Seconds To Mars), Trentemoller, Fernando Fragoso and many more.

His personal taste ranges from Classical Music to Electronic Music including Minimal, Tech-House Dark and Dark-Tech but also Ambient Music.
The music Diego Alvez brings us is highlighted by sentimental melodies, intimate pianos and glitches.

EPISODE 177: Active Line Six – Silent Dream (Eyepatch Recordings)

Active Line Six first showed interest for rhythm and music in 1994. As a 17 year old he became resident at “KULUSIC”, a popular club in Zagreb, Croatia. Afterwards, he was also a resident dj at club “88” (diva futura night), which made him the youngest electronic music DJ at the time.

During the next five years he was a guest at all major clubs and parties around Croatia.

In the beginning, Active Line Six played trance and progressive music. A testament to that was the VIVID – BONZAI LABEL PARTY (Fly, Franky Cherrymoon, Kiki, Frajman, Active, Umek, Mary) he organized held at Dom Sportova on 21.01.1995.

In 1998 he became resident in club “EX” in Varazdin, where he stayed till 2000. Around that time, a new club opened in Zagreb – the “NO1″ club, where he held residence for a full 8 years with his friend DJ Nikkola. In parallel, he also did work on the “Bodywork” programme in “OTV” club Zagreb.

Soon afther that, with a team of 5 fellow DJs, he founded “Body&Soul” – a cult house programme in the famous zagreb club “THE BEST”, where many famous names of the global electronic scene came to play, such as: David Morales, Shapeshifters, Barbara Tucker, Miguel Migs, Phats&Small, Claude Monnet, Silicone Soul etc. There he stayed till 2005.

Now, 15 years later, Active Line Six does producing and arranging.

EPISODE 178: Corrado Bucci – Trip To Forest (Bonzai Elemental)

Corrado Bucci (04/08/1988) one of the duo called The Chocolates, is a young Italian musician, producer and DJ.

His music is a mixture of different elements ranging from classical piano to multiethnic instruments with some chill & trip hop and downtempo influences.

Corrados first release was a remix he did in January 2012 of the song Boys & Girls published on Melodica Records.


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Bonzai Basik Beats Radioshow is now also broadcasting on every Saturday from 22:00 to 23:00 CET.

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One more week, one more show, and with Fly on the decks!

Tracklisting – Episode 89 – mixed by Fly:

1° Efron – Guitar Warriors
2° Rodrigo Soria – Amarelo Verde (Efron Remix)
3° Louie Cut – Personal Jungle
4° Lucio Grandi – El Fat
5° Joal – No Regrets (Rogerio Martins Remix)
6° Fab Code – Monkeys (Bananas in the Mix)
7° Oz Romita – Levelized
8° Sa.Du – Lost in Deep (Ecco Remix)
9° Romano Rapeza – Bodysing
10° Rogerio Martins – Dissociacao (Unik Remix)



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Bonzai All Stars are playing at Tomorrowland 2012 on the 28th of July.

Bonzai All Stars is the only true Bonzai experience containing music from all the years of its ongoing label history, the live setup consist of label founder Fly and partner Marnik, bringing you a smashing mash up of the best Bonzai has brought to you over the past 20 years.



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Once more with Fly on the wheels of steel!

Tracklisting – Episode 88 – mixed by Fly:

1° Oz Romita – Sputnik (Jamez Remix)
2° Planisphere vs Digital Angel – Trinidad Flasback (James Harcourt Remix)
3° Fab Code – Never Give Up
4° Mindgamers – Hold You (Stefano Noferini Remix)
5° TFC – Jersey Nights (Groove Mix)
6° Mark Prades – Manderlay
7° Matt Silver & Brisboys – Vox Trot (Fab Code Remix)
8° Markus Ilgner – Time Bandits (Hilal Tekschneider Remix)
9° Roderick Fox – Save As
10° Sa.Du – Hug Me



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