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This week we have Kevin Vega on the wheels of steel!

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Tracklisting – Episode 157 – mixed by Kevin Vega:

1º Darin Epsilon – Shine the light (Ryan Davis Reconstruct)
2º Traumer – Escape
3º Audio Noir – Abgeklart
4º Edu Imbernon & Triump – Veranoski (Henry Saiz remix)
5º Quivver – Here’s This
6º Nick Stoynoff – Berlin Dream (Guy Mantzur & Khen remix)
7º Rob Benninger – Evil Air (Oliver Lieb remix)
8º Guy Mantzur – Let it Rise
9º Marco Bailey & Filetrheadz – Fifth Avenue
10º Coyu – Long Time Awaited
11º Zolex feat Nikkie – Assault (Soren Aalberg Add lips remix)
12º Slam & Pan-Pot – Media




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Just before the new single release out this week on Bonzai Progressive we sat down with Chantola for a few words about him and his work.

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Hi Henrik, thanks a lot for talking with us, how are you today?

C: Fine thanks! very good! Enjoying the busy summer here in Finland with lots of gigs and hanging around with my friends.

What kind of things do you like to do when you’re not producing?

C: I have always spent my summers at our summer cottage when I was younger. I still love spending some time in the beautiful Finnish nature. Of course the music takes up most of my time but I love to go fishing every once in a while and hang around with my family and relatives also.

How did you first get into music production?

C: Really hard to say what drove me into producing, but the love for the electronic music comes from my years spent in Germany when I was younger. I used to live in Dusseldorf and that time the German MTV and other music channels where constantly playing stuff by ATB, Cosmic Gate, Blank & Jones etc. When I was first introduced to electronic music it was all about trance at the time, then I slowly discovered great techno acts like Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Ellen Allien etc. At the age of 14 I got my first synthesiser as a Christmas present, it was Yamaha RS-7000 groove box. I still have it and will never ever sell it. I love all things analog. I’ve always been interested in everything electronic, computers, gadgets and naturally instruments and synths. I think that’s the biggest reason I ever thought I wanted to do some sounds and loops by myself.

Who or what would be your biggest inspirations for making music and in life generally?

C: Of course there are lots of artists that I admire and follow but it is impossible to name every one of them. The biggest thing that really opened my eyes was my first visit to the legendary party Island of Ibiza back in 2003. I remember walking into Pacha as a 17 year old teenager and hearing that enormous sound system pumping out some quality house music. That was the moment I realised I want make some tracks and play records in places like this. The whole electronic music scene is full of things that inspire me. Everything from fashion, new technology, parties, tracks and live shows to the most underground clubs and places.

You have a very warm and lush vibe in your sound but how would you describe your sound?

C: I always try to add some soul and depth to my own productions. Sometimes it’s great to play banging danceable straight forward club music but I prefer containing as much emotion as I can in my own tracks and sets.

You’re currently working on your third studio album, can you tell us a little bit about that?

C: Yes! That is 100% true and its coming together really nicely. Not gonna reveal too much but It will be different. It will be a little bit slower that many may expect and it will contain more “organic” sounds like guitar, vocals, sax and even some trumpet action.

With a very impressive back catalogue, mainly through Bonzai, how did you get signed to Bonzai and what does it feel like being part of a close knit family of artists?

C: I’ve always enjoyed working with you guys. Only positive things to say and of course it feels good to be in the “family”. Let’s do great things together in the future!

Describe a typical day in the life of Chantola?

C: Ah. Depends so much but mainly I’m working on my other projects beside music. I’m a freelance graphic designer and have my own web shop that sells speakers, gadgets and everything electronic. I also run a label with my friend and that keeps my busy too. If I’m not working or hanging around with my friends you will find me in my studio working on my new tracks, remixing or doing mixtapes for radioshows or searching new music to play at my gigs.

Some of your tracks have been remixed by great producers, who would be your favourite remixer and on what track?

C: It has to be the Airwave remix of my track called “Another Day At The Dream Factory” released through Bonzai earlier this year. That guy is one of my favourite producers of all time and getting to release my own track with his remix is like a dream come true.

You’ve also collaborated with great producers, which project would be your favourite and why?

C: I have produced music with my good friend and mentor Jussi Vuorivirta for almost a decade now. The most memorable thing has to be our “Shanghai Story” track that was released through Black Hole Recordings in 2009. Mr. Sam contacted me personally and wanted a track similar to our “Passion” track that had been our first release ever. The deadline was very very strict because the track was gonna be released on Mr. Sam’s Opus compilation and at that time Jussi was located in Shanghai. Jussi made some chord variations and sent them over. I recorded some guitars and stuff and when Jussi came back to Finland a couple of days before the deadline we went to the studio, spent hours there and came out with a track called “Shanghai Story” and it was signed straight away. They liked it so much that they even wanted another track from us also and we delivered.

Apart from the studio album what other things do you have planned for the future?

C: I’m working on new singles and remixes also but I’m hoping and really looking forward to playing outside Finland in the near future. That would be another dream come true.

Finally if you could be anywhere else in the world right now, where would it be and why?

C: It’s such a cliché but I think I would like to be in Ibiza, enjoying everything the Island has to offer.

Well Henrik, thanks so much for chatting with us, it’s been a pleasure, take care.

C: Thank you so much! It’s been a pleasure indeed. Till next time.


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Chantola & J-Junior – Don’t You Know, out this week on Bonzai Progressive, is featured by Beaport in the Progressive House genre page!




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Gai Barone is back to Bonzai Basik Beats this week!

[soundcloud id=’107807968′]


Tracklisting – Episode 156 – mixed by Gai Barone:

1º Nora En Pure – Come With Me
2º Dexter – Why So Serious (Uner Remix)
3º Solomun – YesNoMaybe (Dub Mix)
4º MUUI – Confetti In Her Hair (Luis Junior Remix)
5º Nick Stoynoff – Leif Blojer (Andre Sobota Remix)
6º Airwave & Dj Fire – Kabalash (Van Bellen Remix)
7º Soulwerk – Convergence (Lank 503 Remix)
8º Mobilize – Dn’t Stp Nw (Gai Barone Cream N Shout Remix)
9º Gai Barone – Mr.Slade (Gai In A Fazenda Remix)



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Audio Noir – Revelation, out this week on Bonzai Progressive, is featured by Beatport on their Progressive House genre page, plus Gai Barone Vox On Wax Remix is included in this week 10 Must Hear Progressive House Tracks chart!





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Joal, A&R and Managing Director for Monog Records recorded last month a videocast for Geisha in Aveiro, Portugal.

Have a listen!


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Electric Bastards make their debut mix for Bonzai Basik Beats! Enjoy!

[soundcloud id=’106636869′]


Tracklisting – Episode 155 – mixed by Electric Bastards:

1º David Herrero – Together (Hollen Remix)
2º Adoo, Unique (CRO) – Tonight (Original Club Mix)
3º Hollen, Gonzalez, Gonzalo – System Overload (Original Mix)
4º Joris Voorn – Spank The Maid (Original Mix)
5º Klelight – Dont Stop (Jaceo Remix)
6º Electric Bastards – Addicted (Prinz of Darkness Remix)
7º Joris Voorn & Moby – After the After (Moby vs. Joris Voor)
8º Doctor Dru – The Voice of Dru
9º Mike Vale, Stella Mercury – Don’t Give A Damn (Original Mix)
10º Sebastien Leger – C4N Y0U R34D 7H15 (Original Mix)
11º Electric Bastards – Get High
12º Siwell – Tech This Out (Original Club Mix)
13º Booka Shade – In White Rooms (Original Mix)




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Anthony Yarranton – Cotton Candy EP, out this week on Bonzai Progressive, is featured by Beatport in the Progressive House genre page!




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This week we see Jimmy Galle returning to Bonzai Basik Beats with a exclusive 60 minutes mix

[soundcloud id=’105514799′]


Tracklisting – Episode 154 – mixed by Jimmy Galle:

1º Valentin Stip – Wit ( Z )
2º Isherwood’s – Wurlitzer & Celeste
3º Pépé Bradock – Path Of Most Resistance
4º Portable – Deeper Love
5º Vincent Rohr – Come And Go (Iorie Remix)
6º Miyagi – Goodbye Girl (Fairmont Remix)
7º Vondelpark – California Analog Dream (Robag´s Habay Latoff Nb)
8º Tale Of Us – Another Earth
9º Federico Locchi & Frankie Watch – Floor Up (Leon Remix)
10º Marvin Zeyss – Whatever
11º Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner Ft. Dan Caster – The Weekend
12º Soul Button – The Keepers
13º Rone – Parade
14º Kaap De Goede Hoop – Mi Fella (Ramon Tapia Remix)
15º Bart Skils – La Bouche
16º Arjuna Schiks – De Lege Naturae




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With a new release in Bonzai Progressive this week, we took the chance to have a chat with Matan Caspi on his career and future plans!

[soundcloud id=’104376215′]


Hi Matan, thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us, how are you today?

M: I’m fine thanks.

How did you first get into music production?

M: I started experimenting with music since I was little kid playing the guitar and the keyboard, mostly thanks to my father who pushed me into that direction. Later I played in some rock bands but it was not always easy to gather everybody to play at the same time as you relied on other people. With Electronic music I fell in love somewhere in late 99’ after hearing a few tracks which really made me think that by producing it you are not dependant on other players and can compose the entire track by yourself, and so, with time passing and constant practice on some music production programs I understood that this is what I want to do, so I started producing my first tracks Just for fun over my free time on the weekends. Once I realized that the tracks actually had potential I started to take things more seriously and in 2002 went to study professional sound engineering. After studying I had a long period of time where I produced trance music and only 4 years ago made a switch to progressive house, tech house and deep house.

How would you describe the EDM scene in the Ukraine today?

M: I’ve been living here for almost 6 year now and I think that the scene here is constantly evolving and stays updated like in rest of the world. Thereare varietiesof great clubs and styles and you can see good names getting booked in the big cities, most Ukrainian clubbers understand good music and would not compromise on lack of quality and they are always a great and supporting crowd to play too.

Who or what would be your biggest inspirations for making music and in life generally?

M: I get my inspiration mostly from the state of mind that I’m at and the things I experience in my life or in a certain period of my life, also I would say my inspiration comes from a lot of different kinds of music that I like to listen too, not necessarily electronic music. I like many styles of music and many times in my productions I try to combine a fusion of styles to create a unique sound, I think that what differs me from many producers is the fact that i don’t stick to one style of music, this way I am always on the hunt after bringing something innovative and fresh in every new track I write.

How would you describe your sound?

M: I would say a fusion of melodic groovy progressive house combined with tech house & tribal, where sometime I pool it to the edge of the deep house & house and sometimes to the techno and prog-techno basically depends on my mood.

You seem to be a very busy person, running your label Outta Limits, producing and DJing. How do you manage your time to take care of all these things?

M: Always stressful, as there are always things to do and every day something else is coming up that you need to take care of but at the same time I think it’s very challenging. The Label I run with my buddy Stan Kolev, we both push the label and we split the work between us, so we help each other keep everything in flow. We also really love what we do, with the music and the label and we believe it can grow nicely and give an appropriate answer to the quality underground music producers and listeners, now we are both working on our albums which we will release this summer and we are almost done so there is always something to look forward to.

Which would you prefer if you had to choose and why, DJ or producer?

M: If you ask me what I would prefer mostly to do if I didn’t have a choice, only to produce or only to play? I believe it would be a very hard question to answer, hard for me to imagine one thing without the other. In my sets, I mostly play my music and the labels music as I would never get the same satisfaction by playing tunes which are not mine or the labels. I think that every electronic music producer which aims to perform his music worldwide should have the appropriate DJ skills.

How did you get hooked up with Bonzai?

M: Fly contacted me last spring with a remix request and I agreed, since then we signed another two remixes and one original track which is supposed to come out this summer!

You’ve remixed two great tracks for Bonzai Progressive, Chantola’s “Make It Happen” and Mindgamers’ fantastic “Chasing The Sun”, which of those is your favourite and why?

M: I love them both, I think they both came out pretty good though I think I played “Chasing The Sun” the most. If I would had the chance I would change a few things on my “Make It Happen’ remix but I’m totally not objective as I’m very critical about my work.

Describe a typical day in the life of Matan Caspi?

M: My typical working day would be – Coffee, Morning studio session as I find the mornings best to produce when the ears are fresh and nothing on your mind, all energy in the place, later on label work & mastering work till the evening.

What do you have planned for the future?

M: I’m not planning so far ahead, I mostly concentrate on the near future, I believe like all the other producers and artists worldwide to spread the music & talent as much possible, get more people to like your stuff and book you, to grow and evolve in the scene…

Finally if you could be anywhere else in the world right now, where would it be and why?

M: mm.. There are many places I would choose… and so many places I still haven’t been and hope to get the chance to go but I think I will always see the centre of my life in my homeland – Israel.

Well, thanks so much for chatting with us, it’s been a pleasure, take care.

M: Thank you!


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