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Our Creamminal Records boys will also be playing at this year Tomorrowland festival.

For over two decades, Tofke has put his print on the Belgian Techno & House scene. In the late nineties he held a weekly residency in Pacha Ibiza, followed by one in Space Ibiza. On top of that he had guest appearances in every club in Ibiza and was traveling around the world from Ministry Of Sound London to Zouk NYC or Pacha Marakech .

Back in Belgium he has been a resident in almost every club that was important in the history of house music. For almost 3 years Tofke and his partner Ugur Akkus are running Labyrinth Productions, which brings events such as Circoloco, Cocoon or Manifest to Holland and Belgium.

From 2010 Tofke has been in the studio collaborating with Ugur Yurt, his new partner in crime. The first year they released on on La Factoria & Creamminal Traxxx and soon on Labyrinth Production’s new label “Labyrinth Music”.

Both Tofke and Ugur Yurt are residents at the monthly Manifest parties in Café d’Anvers.

Tofke and Ugur Yurt will be opening the Ovum Recordings stage on Saturday 29th July, from 12:00 till 12:30.



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Bonzai All Stars is the only true Bonzai experience containing music from all the years of its ongoing label history, the live setup consist of label founder Fly and partner Marnik, bringing you a smashing mash up of the best Bonzai has brought to you over the past 20 years.

Bonzai All Stars will be closing the I Love The 90’s stage on Saturday 28th July, from 00:00 till 01:00.

If you weren’t lucky enough to have tickets as they are sold out for a long time now, you can always follow us at TomorrowlandTV.



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Dubai’s finest Dimitry Liss for our 99th Bonzai Basik Beats!

Tracklisting – Episode 99 – mixed by Dimitry Liss:

1° Saverio Celestri – Something For Your Soul (Original Mix)
2° Mic Newman – Not Enough Sleep (Original Mix)
3° Shades Of Gray – Back To The Future (Peter Horrevorts Remix)
4° Moonbeam & Illuminant For Fanc featuring Pryce Oliver – No Regrets (Shades Of Gray Remix)
5° Shades Of Gray – Concord Jazz (Ian Pooley Remix)
6° Shades Of Gray – Groove With It (Original Mix)
7° Hector Couto – Telefunk (Original Mix)
8° Lewie Day – Reflections (Mic Newman Remix)
9° Charles Ramirez – Con Sacarina (Mic Newman Remix)
10° Mic Newman – Based On A True Story (Original Mix)



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Here it is, the TV commercial for the new Bonzai All Stars CD, now available in all Belgian record stores! Get your copy and enjoy! The lucky ones can see us perform once again this weekend at Tomorrowland on the I Love The 90’s stage yet again as closing Dj of the evening.


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Richie Hawtin, A Day At The Park, Amsterdam 21st July 2012.

Techno pioneer Richie Hawtin plays Piek – Susurros (Efron Remix) from Piston Recordings at the A Day At The Park party in Amsterdam. With an impressive tracklist featuring many great tracks, Susurros fits in the mix beautifully with it’s minimal tech house vibe. Effron has provided a super remix along with other quality remixes on this release. Spanish producer Piek’s music is gaining huge support all over with Hawtin’s mix proving this point and from here things will only get bigger and better for Piek and for Piston Recordings.



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Paul Oakenfold Flouresence Mix on BBC Radio 1’s the Essential Mix 21st July 2012.

World renowned DJ Paul Oakenfold plays 06R – Air from our Green Martian imprint on the famous Radio 1’s Essential Mix. 06R aka Hisataka Ogura hails from Tokyo and his progressive melodic track Air has gained support all over, this has opened a lot of doors and now this awesome track has been showcased on one of the biggest stages of EDM with a worldwide following of millions. Oakenfold’s Flouresence mix was a masterclass and 06R was well placed to provide a brilliant build overall. Massive support for a fine artist and one that will continue to build an already impressive profile at Green Martian.



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This week we welcome Pedro Mercado to Bonzai Basik Beats!

Tracklisting – Episode 98 – mixed by Pedro Mercado:

1° Jonathan Cowan – African Cherry
2° Diavlo – All About The Music (B. Cliff Remix)
3° Paul C & Paolo Martini – Amore / New Vocal Mix
4° Sidney Charles – Sandbox Love
5° Tom Demac – Dirty Honey
6° Alex M – In Night
7° Slok – Roots
8° Mark Fanciulli – Sacrifice
9° Patlak – cph
10° Jay Hendez & Superlate – My Feelin (Matt Star Remix)



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Bonzai Basik Beats welcomes Ed Lee to this weeks radioshow.

Tracklisting – Episode 97 – mixed by Ed Lee:

1° Perseus – Seychelles
2° Hot Since 82 – Let It Ride (Original Mix)
3° Cubiq, Real Nice – Had Enough (Luke Pompey Remix)
4° Balcazar & Sordo – Obsession
5° jozif – InExcess (INXS Edit)
6° KINK – Yako (Original Mix)
7° C.R.S.T – Dirty Girl (Tony demo)
8° Jay Lumen – Hello May, Hello June
9° Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere (Psychemagik Edit)



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Bonzai Basik Beats welcomes Piston Recordings artist Piek for this week show!

Tracklisting – Episode 96 – mixed by Piek:

1° Oren Bi – Return To Mature (Sergio Santos Remix)
2° Oren Bi – Raw Cult
3° John Talabot Feat. Pional – So Will Be Now
4° Low & Hill – My Parrot (Carlos Sanchez Dub Vision Mix)
5° Grosstone – Krudy Street
6° Baum – My Mind (Piek Remix)
7° Alba Prada Feat. Ann Santos – Let Me Take You Home (Ezequiel Sanchez Remix)
8° Carlo – Blue Feelings
9° Dixie Yure – Music In Your Phone
10° El_Txef_A – Highway Love
11° Parov Stelar – Seven (Pablo Bolivar Remake)



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EPISODE 195: Aiemo – Sweet Peaches (Bonzai Progressive)

Second release for Unnamed in Eyepatch Recordings. The release comes with two outstanding originals, In Love and If.

The 28-year-old Danish/Italian artist is born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. Inspired by the pulsating, urban and unique atmosphere of Copenhagen, David Nicosia Longhi has produced and published under various pseudonyms such as Mazenga and Aiemo. Ranging from deep, minimal psytrance to chillout and melodic lounge music.
David himself describes the importance of inspiration gathered from the fast paced citylife: I love living in the city, there are endless inspirational options, ranging all the way from high-end fashion, cocktailbars, nightlife in general and even the modern oasis areas in Copenhagen, filled with peace and calm energy.I also like the anonymous feeling found in a big city. You could be surrounded by 100s of people and still feel like no one is seeing you. I generally get inspired from beautiful people around me and the desire to make and do something that touches the heart and thought of a human in combination with the electronically produced music. I want to keep living my daydream and my music reflects this.

Practical Inspiration has been gathered from both the trance/balearic scene throughout the 90s all the way to the downtempo and chilled lounge scene in modern time.

His first releases goes back to 2003 with Italian based label Inner-sound Records on the Perfect Evolution compilation and shortly thereafter another release follow with a Danish label. After several years of devoting his artistic abilities in literature he again turned his attention towards electronic music and the perpetual style of modern lounge.
The style from David Nicosia Longhi is now mainly focused on top quality lounge music, with his own deep devotion into a timeless and atmospheric production.

EPISODE 196: Alexander Dancaless feat. Tatiana Maltseva – All The Time (Bonzai Elemental)

Alexander was born in the city of Tyumen, Russia, where he started to study music at a very early age. His strong musical formation had him writing his first productions before graduating from school. His natural sense of music and evolution drove him to work and experiment with electronic and digital productions. Alexander Dancaless developed a unique style that we can consider as the new wave of electronic music. Sound design, sticky rhythms and killer beats are the product of this new talent that will rock electronic fans around the globe. The basic styles: Tech-house, Deep-House, IDM, Downtempo.
Alexanders love of freedom defines his music as an independent and sincere one.

Tatiana Maltseva was born on the 21st of December 1989 in Tyumen (Russia), where she graduated Musical School. Tatiana was singing in the choir and was playing the piano. Also she sang in pop group and as student played in a blues band and then organized a rock band. Tatiana studies philosophy and religion.
In 2010 she began recording with Alexander Dancaless.

EPISODE 197: Patrik Prelovsky – Second Mate (Mint & Mustard Recordings)

Born in Czech Republic in 1983.
I started to play vinyls in 2001 age 17.

At that time I was focusing mainly on techno following guys like Carola, Liebing, Kanzyani, Umek.
Every beginning is hard but with patience and a lot of hard work I am now in the position of playing around the brightest clubs and venues in the Czech Republic

I was actively involved in a tour sponsored by Sony Ericsson that promoting a DJ school this way I was able to play on the most famous festivals happening in the Czech Republic (Hard House, Summer Of Love, Rock For People, Hip Hop Camp)

Ever since software solutions have made their entrance into every DJs Studio I also thought of making my own music seen the situation of the market where the demand for classic DJs is decreasing.

After some trial and error I finally landed the right track which got picked up by Eyepatch Recordings in 2011.

EPISODE 198: Rishi K. – White Krane (Green Martian)

For the last 13 years, Rishi has been extremely passionate about electronic music in one form or another. Since moving to San Francisco 2 years ago he has DJ’d at several venues such as Supperclub, Apartment 24, and Project One as well as hosted his own event brining some of the hottest Bay Area trance DJs together.

Although still relatively new to the electronic music scene, Rishi has put in hundreds of hours behind the decks already, recording his weekly mixes in multiple genres which can be accessed at
Rishi is a versatile and stylish DJ, and plays many different genres including tribal, house, progressive house and trance. His love for each of these genres is equal.

He has recently begun producing music and has been working feverishly over the last few months on many different styles. July 2011 saw the release of his first EP on Colombian Records and release on Aenaria Tribal. Since then he has released on prestigeous labels such as System Recordings, TheSounds, Spring Tube Recordings, Green Martian and others. He continues to release quality tracks so expect to hear much more from him in the coming months.

His passion for productions range from deep and classy sounds, to tribal, to tech house, and more.

EPISODE 199: DJk – Neutrality (Green Martian)

New Green Martian release with DJk. The release comes with two original tracks, Neutrality and Resinator.

EPISODE 200: Progrez EP – Volume 7 (Progrez)

Seventh installment in the Progrez EP series this time with original tracks by James Harcourt, Sasha, Sol & Grimm and Steve Lawler.

EPISODE 201: Eric Kanzler – Red Wire (Bonzai Basiks)

Erik Kanzler has significantly gained importance as producer and DJ over the past few years.

In 1999 he made is first experiences as a DJ, a producer and a party-organizer and worked hard on his carrier in each of these aspects. But it was not until 2010 that Digital Records published unexpectedly his very first release Starcake. It was followed by two more releases. In Spring 2011 he released the About Be EP under his alter ego Kanzler and Wischnewski on the label Keymono Music which was at the same time his first Vinyl release. Soon after that release after release followed on labels such as Karateklub Records who published his Flatrunner EP, Ostfunk Records from Berlin and Etiketa Records from Croatia.

His alter ego, which is actually a merger, Kanzler and Wischnewski was founded in 2010. In his music he combines layers of dry and well-structured sounds together with house grooves and dubby bass, jazz trumpets and oriental sounds and adds a touch of minimalistic to take the crowd beyond the main-floor experience.
People from the press described his sound as Fresh and an Exploration Of The Abstract and Minimal New Chicago Sound.

Eric Kanzlers live act are extravagant and not for the average audience. A look hat the upcoming booking dates shows that with his gigs he reaches much further than Berlin and he is said to be the most interesting newcomer act around.

EPISODE 202: metrONomes – The Call (Progrez)

metrONomes had been created from Djs and Producers JoN ManimaL & MagroS…The purpose…to travel your souls and emotions through dance music as we imagine and feel it…
They had performed with Sander Kleinenberg, Guy J, D-Nox, Phil Thompson aka Moonface, Antony Pappa, Son Kite, Tycon, D-Nox, Armin Van Buuren, Antix aka Fiord,Symphonix,Glen Morison, John Digweed, G Pal and many more presenting the *metrONomeS Live Project* which is a combination of sound and visuals.

metrONomes are releasing from various labels up until today such as:

Movement Recordings – Harmonia Records – Stellarphonic Recordings – OLD SQL Recordings Deepsessions Recordings – Micro Digital Records – Santos Recordings – Focus Records – Polytechnics Recordings.

From 2012 metrONomes are proudly members of the legendary Bonzai Progressive Label.

Live it – Luv it – Dance it!


EPISODE 203: Frank Storm – My Little Koal (Monog Records)

nd we reached the release number 20! To celebrate this mark, we proudly present “Our Little Koal”, the debut EP from Frank storm on Monog Records. Frank Storm aka Francesco maffei was born in Pisa and from a young age was attracted by electronic music and dance.

Over the years, despite being very young he joined the “mad house music” taking big hits from 2008 to present and playing in the best Italian clubs with his co-workers from mad house. This EP is composed by two original tracks (My Little Koal and So and So) and two remixes of My little Koal.

The remixers are Luis Bravo and Joal which is back after almost one year way from Monog! Stay with us in our profound monogamic relation!

EPISODE 204: Pablo Gael – Libelula (Bonzai Progressive)

Pablo Gael’s classic Libelula get’s a updated remix treatment from Paduraru and Dimitry Liss & Costas Papa.

EPISODE 205: Rob McCarthy – Escape to Panama EP (Eyepatch Recordings)

New Eyepatch Recordings release, this time from Rob McCarthy. The release comes with three original tracks, Escape To Panama, Circa No Ante and The Fall.

Eyepatch Recordings is supported by:
Colin Dale, Roger Sanchez, Luciano, LouLou Players, Graham Gold, Jamez, Laurent Garnier, Wyndell Long, Paul Oakenfold, Emmanuel Top, Davide Squillace, Sven Väth, Cari Lekebush, John Selway, Dr. Motte, Slam, J Kitikonti, Nick Warren

EPISODE 206: Solartoff – Airflush (Eyepatch Recordings)

Solartoffs life is all about music. He is foremost a DJ and spinning the decks is what he is living for and this is what he has been doing the past 10 years.

Solartoff is definitely a man that truly has a style of his own. His passion is to combine different styles of music with his formidable mixing skills thriving to present the perfect set full of personality. Growing up in the mid-90s, the strongest musical influence on his life was Marek Bilinski a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Poland. Listening to the vibes of the electronic music scene Solartoff soon became part of it. Today Solartoff is read to sweep the dancefloor and surprise the people with his gorgeous sets without musical boundary.

He is always searching for the striking impulses in club music to turn the hours on the dancefloor into special and lasting moments. He loves to play long DJ-sets benefiting from ability to mix whatever music he pleases selecting with good taste and feel from a range of music.

Hi loves to switch styles from Deep House, to Tech House or else Funky House. And as long as the people keep moving on the dancefloor: Who cares? Solartoff does not because to him its about making people move. And whenever the crowd thinks he got his style he is already up for something else.

EPISODE 207: Victor Maximiliano – Deep In Tha Groove (Eyepatch Recordings)

Victor Maximiliano is a deep-tech house producer and remixer from the Netherlands. His musical interest began in the early days of the legendary Roxy in Amsterdam. Soon he bought his first analog gear and did a lot of experimenting with electronic sounds on Korg MS10 (which he still owns) and the Roland TR 808. In the 90s he worked as a radio DJ for some popular local FM radio stations. Victor worked together with DJ Promo as the Vinyl Maniacs and they had a short successful period in the Amsterdam underground scene in the mid 90s.

EPISODE 208: Lucio Grandi – Reelooper EP (Bonzai Basiks)

Lucio Grandi was born in Cali, Colombia on August 5, 1984, with Colombian, French and Italian roots.
His first contact with electronic music happens a the sweet age of 6 when Dance and House music hit the local radios. Intense happiness filled him listening to these tunes. Not long before he starts experimenting with recording tunes and making his own mixtapes.

Ten years later after learning how to mix properly on turn-tables he starts his carrier as a professional DJ playing Techno and listening to DJs like Marco Carola, Ben Sims, Cristian Varela, Jeff Mills, Samuel L Session. He filled his DJ-bag with the dark sounds of strong Techno.

But only 2 years later he finds himself tired of that sound and starts the search of his very own musical identity. DJs like Danny Tenaglia, Vibe, Victor Calderone, Carlos Manaca, Richie Santana convince him that Tribal is his call.

Still not satisfied he ends up to adapt House and Alternative Music into his sets and this turns out to be his true self. Influenced by names like Silicone Soul, Peace Division, Little Louie Vega, Armand Van Helden, Harry Romero, Alton Miller , Afrika Bambaataa gave him the needed diversification and shades in tones that this genre contains.

Actually, it is that variation, that diversification that House Music offers that marks his identity as a DJ because he can choose between one side or the other, achieving a more intense atmosphere in his sets.

He has played along with DJs like Franco de Mulero, Jose Viscaya, Malambo, Lexx, Chile, Chloe Harris of London and with David Guetta in 2009 after winning the first DJ contest of his hometown.

He has played in Mission Club, Cooseres, La Cantera, Joan of Arc, Central Valley Pacific events, private parties, etc.

Today he finds himself as a DJ and producer to be part of the infamous Bonzai label group. Convinced of their professionalism and way of working he finds his tracks released on Bonzai Basiks.
This is for Lucio the fulfillment of a dream as he always had wanted to be part of this label.

EPISODE 209: Eyepatched – Volume 2 (Eyepatch Recordings)

Are you Deep In Tha Groove? Amazing bouncing and groovin 4 tracker. After the successful Volume 1 Eyepatch is back with an ass shacking and rhythm hunting vinyl.


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Fly is back for another Bonzai Basik Beats radioshow!

Tracklisting – Episode 95 – mixed by Fly:

1° Wonji – Sticks & Fire (Leaving LA Mix)
2° Mastercris – Temper
3° Accatone – Your Smile
4° Daniel Ray – Touch
5° David Kassi – Regret
6° Piek & Mukti – Nasty
7° Middle Rhythm – Thursday Funk
8° Ultimate Breakers – Chika_go
9° Ecco – El Carnaval
10° Fab Code – Soulfood (Metodi HristovRemix)
11° Loquai – We Love The Night (Diego Alvez Remix)



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Another week, another Bonzai Basik Beats Radioshow with Wonji behind the decks this time.

Tracklisting – Episode 94 – mixed by Wonji:

1° Mastercris -Temper (Original Mix)
2° Madison – Cherry Blossom (Original Mix)
3° Sa.Du – Siente
4° BrightLight – Highscore Avenue
5° Mylan – Day & Night (Original Mix)
6° Ed Lee – Humanity
7° Planisphere vs Digital Angel – Trinidad Flashback (Original Mix)
8° Roderick Fox – Save As
9° Ittai Barkai – Brisk
10° Philthy Chit – 0.8 (Manu Riga Deep Progrezz Mix)
11° Submantra – Burrizza (Eyal Cohen Remix)
12° Guido Durante and Mattia Evo – Another World (Original Mix)
13° Wonji – Wrong Intentions



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Sounds R Us Recordings label manager Oz Romita is on this week’s Bonzai Basik Beats!

Tracklisting – Episode 93 – mixed by Oz Romita:

1° Pirupa – Party Non Stop (Vocal Mix)

2° Darkrow & Fernando Mesa – Muchachas Borrachas (Original Mix)

3° Andrew Wickes – Moby Dick (Jaceo Remix) 

4° Wally Lopez & Richard Dinsdale – Shamba Sideburn (Redondo Remix)

5° Nicole Moudaber – Tears Of Civet (Original Mix) 

6° Lissat & Voltaxx – Trying To Hold Me (DJ Smilk Remix) 

7° Hollen – Tisana (Original Mix) 

8° David Amo & Julio Navas – Squirt (Ron Costa Remix) 

9° Beckers & D-Nox – You Are feat MYGOD (Original Mix) 

10° David Herrero & Groove Pressure & Dubman F. (Mister K Remix) 

11° &ME – F.I.R. (Original Mix)



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Oz Romita, Sounds R Us Recordings and Del Horno are inviting you to the remix contest.

How to start:
– Use the stems provided in our Soundcloud page and create your own remix.



– We DON’T accept lounge, trance, dubstep, hard house, hard techno, R&B, reggaeton, soul, Motown, pop, rock or any kind of style EXCEPT TECH HOUSE and TECHNO!

– Add this in the title: Del Horno – GOD! (your name) Sounds R Us Remix Contest and use our dropbox.



– We only accept finished tracks with 320kbps quality.

– The winner will be released on Sounds R Us Recordings and also offered to release an EP on Sounds R Us Recordings.

– Once the submission period closes, the label and Del Horno will then listen to the remixes and select the best one.

– Submission deadline is June 30, 2012.


Oz Romita, Sounds R Us Recordings & Del Horno



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