Swedish DJ and producer Zoe Song debuts on Progrez with the sublime Be Quiet EP. Zoe’s music career started 2012 and has since had several releases on various record labels. She has played at several major nightclubs in Stockholm and in 2014 she was one of five country finalists in Burn Residency, one of the biggest global DJ competitions. Since 2015 she became Resident DJ and radio host of the Beyond Borders monthly mix show on Afterhours.FM, the world’s Number 1 Trance station. Her music genres are mainly Progressive House, Tech House, Techno and Uplifting-Progressive Trance. With an ever increasing profile on the scene, Zoe has a world tour planned for 2016, well worth keeping an eye and an ear on.

My Little Secret intros with a fantastic fading in synth stab that oozes retro which is followed by a tough, powerful kickdrum that packs a huge punch and is backed up with a superb deep, resonating bass. Tight drums form up and deliver a solid rhythmic workout as the track gathers pace with the introduction of a cool tubular bell style stab. That bassline certainly drives the track home as it becomes much more prominent in the arrangement. A definite must have track that bridges the gap between deep progressive and techno, not to be missed.

Hush Hush sets off in full on mode as chunky kicks are met with a driving, chugging bassline. Distant percussions begin to fade through as cool synth stabs filter in. The track breaks to reveal a gated note with a noisy aftertaste before we are thrust back into the main groove. Those synth stabs return alongside a much more techno flavoured synth with both working beautifully together. Another fine example from the world of prog and tech that works in perfect harmony, definitely a tool you have got to get into your box.

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