Cordoba, Argentina based DJ, producer ZAHNA marks his Bonzai Progressive debut with the superb Lima EP, comprising 4 lush progressive tracks. Dedicated to electronic music and more specifically, progressive house, ZAHNA has secured several releases on top labels including Soundteller and Balkan Connection and has recently signed with Nick Warren’s outfit, The Soundgarden. It’s a pleasure to have here and we hope to hear more from him in the future.

Lima kicks off the EP with a soft, smooth progressive flow before contrasting bass plucks and cascading arpeggios add drive and grit. The beautifully crafted Dehli is up next with a rich proggy vibe at its core and laced with vibrant, plucky basses and mesmerizing melodies. Climb notches up the energy levels with a driving groove filled with hypnotic arps and a captivating, melodic break. Concluding the quartet of freshly squeezed mover, Varsovia delivers a much deeper groove, exploring the timeless aspects of prog with thick, basses and classic sequences, hitting the mark brilliantly.

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