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Belgium based DJ’s J.E.O.F., Config and P.O.W. aka Wild Guess return to Green Martian with their latest creation, Trysal 35 which comes backed up with two superb remixes. The guys debuted last year with Nebulae which charted very well among many. After that they got a great response with their remix on Digital Department featuring Cara Leigh’s You Put A Spell and Mendexx’s Life Begins. So much more to come from this talented trio, well worth keeping tabs on for the future.

The Original Mix sets off with a nice punchy kick as a stabby synth fades in and soon dominates the sound. The track breaks to reveal a neatly woven melodic flavour and a superb deep droning bass that ebbs and flows with the help of some cool filtering. The synths soon take on their own melodies and captivate the mind as they wind their way through the groove. Snappy percussions come to the fore and contrast perfectly with the deeper elements and provide a steady rhythm in the process. On the break the sound intensifies with big synth pads that give a euphoric edge as the lead comes in while that droning bass keeps everything grounded beautifully. Top notch progressive house that will definitely be a peak time destroyer.

Yuriy From Russia has been a busy guy recently and he continues that trait with a fine remix here. At the start of 2015 he remixed Audio Noir’s Life to much praise. He also appeared on various compilations as well as multiple releases and remixes on various labels. Much more to come from this talented guy so stay tuned. On the remix he gives a nod to the original putting his own unique slant on the sound. A super solid groove is formed from the tight drums and attention to detail on the melodies. Rising arps and sweeping pads bring out a real nice melodic flow while a deep probing bass ensures the groove remains on point. Yuriy lays focus on the lead that etches itself into your brain with its smooth, tender vibes and catchy rhythm. A must have track in your box that will still be around for the Summer no doubt.

Jakhira is up next with his Guess Again Remix and yet again he delivers the goods in style. His last outing was back in August 2014 with a remix on Mindgamers’ You Know Why which was very well received indeed. Since then he has shown up on various compilations as well as appearances on Bonzai Basik Beats radio show. On the remix he delivers a truly epic slice of progressive goodness. The intro boasts Dave Clarke-esque chord stabs alongside a well rounded kick with tight drums and percussions that spew out a solid rhythm. A deep and probing bass keeps the groove on course as melodies start to form up. On the break those melodies come into full glory as the lead dominates the sound to the backdrop of a deep bass drone before we are led back into the main track. Top class stuff from Jack you will not want to miss.

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