After a successful vinyl run which included the Robert Babicz # 1 remix and the Original, we now have the digital release from Van Czar & Ken Ishii’s Kitai which includes a brand new Dub Mix to keep things spicy. Belgian technoist Van Czar continues to impress with his creative talent, he is all about the music with quality always at the forefront. This one is Van’s third vinyl cut on Bonzai in recent years and we hope to see much more in the future. Ken Ishii began his long career in music when he got signed to R&S Records back in 1993. His music resonated throughout the world and gained him countless awards in the process. Ken has been regarded internationally as one of the Japanese pioneers who can create world class electronic sounds. In 1998, he produced the official theme song for the winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan and it was played in more than 140 countries around the world. Down the years he has also produced music for films and has toured the world several times, unleashing his special brand of techno to the masses.

The Original Mix is a driving techno mover complete with thumping kicks, shuffling percussions and mind bending synths. A deep underlying bassline rattles the low end as those tripped out squelchy sounds penetrate your brain. Subtle tones in the background offer warmth but overall this one will hit the floors hard, definitely one for the discerning clubber.

German techno maestro Robert Babicz aka Rob Acid is up next with his Remix # 1. A true one-man operation, he writes, records and performs solo commanding an ever expanding touring schedule, tailoring the music he creates to the cities he visits. But that’s only part of the puzzle, Babicz’s art is comprised of more than just his music, he films everything creating short films that capture the emotions, colours and feel of his trips, his music and the people he finds who want to be part of that experience. In turn these also have an effect on his music, colouring his emotive, unique take on electronica with a very human feel. Here the remix takes us on a hypnotic trek deep into techno with a progressive twist. Tight beats lead the way as scratching synths cut through the groove. Gritty bass pads sweep through the sound as more conventional synth plucks take hold, giving a real chunky, in your face vibe. The perfect track for the late night session to keep the party rocking.

The Dub Mix changes the structure of the track slightly, offering a much deeper workout while retaining that trippy techno vibe.

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