Belgian technoist Van Czar is back at Bonzai Basiks with Danse Du Petit Matin which comes backed up with a fine remix from Jamez. Van is all about the music, he never fails to deliver the goods with quality always at the forefront. Aside from creating cuts like this he is constantly on the lookout for great new music for his label CZ, which is already gathering a hugely impressive back catalogue of sounds. We always look forward to his latest offerings, he never disappoints.

Van’s Deep Dub Tech gets us on the move with a pounding kick drum and short, sharp hi hat combo. Various percussions fade through and the rhythm takes hold as a darker elements start to rise. The kicks generate a nice bassy after touch that merges beautifully with the deep rooted subs. Soft synth notes are contrasted with chilling stabs creating a sinister vibe. The percussions play a big part here, keeping the groove on point and the rhythm flowing. Top notch yet again from this guy.

Dutch legendary DJ and producer Alex Dijksterhuis aka Jamez steps up on remix duties and delivers an absolute banging track in the process. A co-founder of Trancesetters, Tata Box Inhibitors, P.I.M.P., Loophole, Amfibian, Mindfunk and many more guises, this guy is a workhorse when it comes to producing quality music. He is no stranger to Bonzai having released several cuts on our Eyepatch Recordings imprint as well as Bonzai Back Catalogue. He has also appeared regularly on Bonzai Basiks in the past, most notably on the remix for Tribal Warriors’ (aka M.I.K.E./Push) 08 back in 2013. Great to see him back after a hiatus, he’s always welcome here. On the remix here Jamez takes us to a deeper level of techno with a sublime slice. Right from the off we’re drawn into the lower echelons as eerie synths beckon us along to the backdrop of a solid drum section that delivers a tight rhythmic groove. Hypnotic basses keep us locked in as those synths do their thing while in the background mesmeric pads remain a constant. The percussions intensify drawing us into a tribal vibe and ultimately to the floors. Fantastic stuff that you do not want to miss.

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