Our very own Van Czar returns to Bonzai Basiks with the thundering techno joint titled Adsum which is backed up with a superb remix from Tim Baker. Van Czar continues to delight, his creative mind never fails to deliver and in the last couple of years he has really lifted his profile in the music world. On his last outing here, he paired up with techno legend Ken Ishii on Kitai which also got a vinyl release, pleasing a lot of 12” junkies. Van has aligned himself with several electronic music legends including Dave Angel, Kevin Saunderson, Robert Babicz as well as Ken and Tim. Aside from his own productions he runs his own CZ, Ibiza Boys and Van Czar Series labels which have been responsible for some quality tracks lately. Always a pleasure having Van Czar on the roster and no doubt we will see much more in the future.

The Original Mix opens with a thunderous, pounding kick drum and shuffling hi hat combi. Hypnotic synths waste no time in joining the arrangement, fading up to become the dominant force that draws our attention, taking us to another dimension. The drums, of course, are front and centre and they will most definitely generate the energy on the floors. This is arena level techno that will blow you away, not to be missed.

Making his debut with Bonzai, Tim Baker delivers a stunning remix that is sure to become a go to track for many. Tim is a highly respected international DJ and producer and he emits a striking devotion to the music he produces, plays and remixes. His insight and passion for Detroit techno and house music began advancing in 1984 when he received his first turntables. The music which motivated his early phase of Djing included Cameo, Parliament, the B-52’s, Bauhaus, Tangerine Dream, and Brian Eno. In the city of Detroit, the creative energy of the times was just beginning to manifest itself into the musical phenomena of techno. Frequent visits to several Detroit underground clubs left a lasting musical impression on Baker and the uninhibited presence of new music fuelled his eagerness to DJ. On the remix here, we find ourselves totally locked in to that distinctive Baker style of flowing energetically driven techno. The intro boasts a simple note followed by shuffling hats before a sub heavy bassline drops alongside pumping kick drums. The bass is king here, the low frequencies create a drone that will find its way into your soul as scathing synths burrow into your brain. An indisputable 21st century joint that will eat you up and spit you leaving you full of appreciation for such a powerful groove.

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