We welcome Tuneon back to Piston Recordings with another fine slice of deep house goodness in the form of his Placebo. This one marks his 5th outing here and comes hot on the heels of his We Don’t Learn EP towards the end of 2017. Always great to hear his new works and we hope to see more soon.

Placebo gives us a deliciously deep and groovy slice of house music thanks to a superb arrangement of sounds. Leading the way we have a tight drum section dominated by bright and crispy shuffling hi hats and a pumping kick drum. Swirling pads float overhead, drawing us into the groove while deep basses deliver groovy vibes to get the booty’s shakin’. A definite must have track for the floors that will not disappoint.

Daddy’s Tape intros with a cosmic vibe made up of space age pads and a tight shuffling percussion arrangement. Deep, moving basses full of grit and warmth fade in adding rich textures to the sound. A cool vocal litters the sound while thick keys are matched with bright synth stabs. The bassline powers the track brilliantly with its constant morphing and changing while contrasting sounds blend effortlessly giving the track a very dynamic vibe and a dancey groove.

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