Tuneon is back at Piston with his third cut, the fantastic two tracker Erosion. His last outing gave us the superb Compressed Summer which drew a lot of attention and no doubt this one will follow suit. Erosion gets us into a deep house mood right from the get go as a chunky kick drum and shuffling percussion arrangement is joined by a soft arpeggio and a deep probing bassline. The beats and bass deliver a nice groovy feeling that will definitely get feet to the floors.
Multiple arpeggios blend effortlessly into a seemingly chaotic affray, yet they come out the other end with a wonderfully rich coherent sequence. Beautifully crafted and not to be missed.

Message is a pacey deep house groover that intros with a nice punchy kick drum. Percussions start to form up and transform into a solid rhythmic flow as a plucky bassline starts its journey through the low end. Various synth elements combine perfectly amidst a sweeping pad creating intricate patterns that have a definite raw edge. The synths continue to morph and filter to deliver a trippy experience and one that will grab a lot of attention no doubt.

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