Russian DJ and producer Tuneon aka Mikh Solvis returns to Piston Recordings with the impressive two tracker entitled We Don’t Learn EP. Tuneon’s music is based on many influences from 90’s style old school Chicago house and disco vibes to hypnotic tech grooves with a common goal, to rock the dancefloors. Always a pleasure to have him here at Piston.

We Don’t Learn intros with a nice flurry of percussions led along by a pumping kick drum. The rhythm gets flowing nicely as a sultry vocal comes through adding character to the sound. Warm modulating chords mesmerize while a deep rooted bassline locks down the groove to a superb deep house workout. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

Smootha sets off with a surreal sequence made up of muted kicks and pulsing basses. Distant chord pads lurk in the background before the kick drum get beefed up with a bit of thump. Those background pads makes their way up front bringing a raw organic flavour to the sound. Tight drums and intricate percussion patterns make for interesting rhythms while cool voices litter the groove. Definitely a late night session slice.

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