Russian DJ and producer Tuneon aka Mikh Solvis debuts on Piston Recordings with the superb two tracker – Chante. Tuneon’s music is based on many influences from 90’s style old school Chicago house and disco vibes to hypnotic tech grooves a common goal, to rock the dancefloors. Delighted and excited to have him on board.

Right from the off we get a nice taste of what Chante has to offer. Nice and chunky kick drums are met with slicing hats and a high pitched string. A beautifully classic styled chord stab comes through and transports us back to the heady days of garage house with a modern day deep house twist. Cool vocals make their way through the sound and add character to the track as we go deeper into the retro house sound. Top notch stuff that will definitely be a welcome addition in any set.

Renovation intros with a classic style bass on beat combi as shuffling hats deliver a nice rhythmic flow. Cool vocals are scattered around the track and create some real nice textures as they echo out. Warm retro style keys come in and are soon joined by a deep probing bassline that will hook you in for the duration. As the layers build a funky element shows up which works so wonderfully with the deep soulful side of the track. Excellent stuff, not to be missed.

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