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Trigo Nometry debuts on Bonzai Elemental with Music Written At Night, a sublime mini album full of wonderfully crafted chill out, breaks and electronica sounds. First up we have Comes The Night with its huge swelling melodic groove that wraps you up in a world full of colourful sounds. A series of arpeggiated notes deliver the melody with ease as a deep throbbing bass brings a warm glow. Bright strings keep that track high up in the stratosphere while carefully placed drums provide the anchor. Super cool grooves not to be missed.

If You Come to Me intros with a cool rising bass pulse that is joined by contrastingly harsh kicks and gritty synths that dish out a dirty groove. An urbanised them runs through the track with those tough sounds delivering the goods. On the other side we have bright melodic pianos and bass tones that melt into your soul only to get broken by those superb tough electronic synths and beats.

Internal Unrest begins with a cool arp that cascades up and down with a beautifully melodic trait that lingers throughout. Scathing synths take over and send the groove into overdrive with a little help from some tough breaks that wrap up the sound perfectly. A fine slice of breaks that will keep you coming back for more.

Morning Turbulence sets off with a shuffling hat and percussion sequence as winding synths move across the sound. The synths fade and we are left with those rhythmic percussions and a super warm bass tone and lush keys. Beautifully crafted melodies start to filter through as the layers build and the drums form an almost drum n bass groove. A wonderfully deep and intensive sound that will captivate with every listen.

Nightmare intros with a deep, hauntingly sinister drone that pitches slowly as distant voices lurk in the background. Accompanying that mesmerizing drone we have an equally haunting organ that subsides to reveal a contrasting bright melodic sequence that fills the sound beautifully. A rising synth takes us into a huge drum arrangement that dominates the sound with a fantastic chemically induced big beat vibe. Top notch stuff full of colour and movement that you will not want to miss.

Rounding off this superb mini album we have Silent Night which intros with a soft melodic sequence that is soon joined by a heavy duty deep probing bass and a smooth drum sequence that offers up a steady rhythmic flow. We get hypnotized by this infectious sound which continues to throw up surprises. Nice and bright synth plucks provide more melodies that sit perfectly with the upbeat vibe of the track. On the break a striking piano comes through and hooks us in for the duration. The perfect way to chill, stunning.

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21 December 2015 FEATURED RELEASES , ,




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