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We caught up with M.I.K.E./Push as he took time out of his very busy schedule to answer a few questions. With a lot of projects on the go and the owner of many different monikers we get an exclusive reveal on some of Mike’s best known guises as he resurrects them for the 21st century along with an insight into the man himself.


Hi Mike, thanks for taking the time to have a chat, how are you today?

Mike: Hi thanks. Can’t complain, just finished a remix and a brand new track, happy days!

You’ve been based in New York for a few years now, how have you been adjusting to life in a new country?

Mike: About three years now, yes. Life is MUCH different in New York City. I did visit many times before, but living is a totally different experience. My first time here was back around 2000 when I played for what was back then, The Limelight, it was a great experience.

You’re a very busy man right now, producing under different monikers and DJing across the globe what do you do in your downtime?

Mike: Messing about in my studio still is a downtime for me. But family is important to me and we do special things as much as possible. I also love training my oldest boy for football, I know he appreciates that. I’m a huge follower of Barcelona FC, so there you go.

How would you define your sound and what are your inspirations?

Mike: My main heroes and reason for my love for synth is Depeche Mode. Although very different sounding, they are the main reason why I am here doing what I love, which is music. I grew up in the 80ties when Acid House and Belgium made New Beat conquered the Club scene back then, and the first time I put my hands on a synth, I knew it was love at first touch.

You have many guises that you produce under and a few in particular that you focus on, how do you switch from each project and still maintain the creativeness for each of them?

Mike: Well, sometimes it starts out by me just walking into the studio. I get into a few sounds, tweaking here and there, and a track comes out of it, either during or after, I decide this is X alias. Nowadays my most used aliases are M.I.K.E. , Push and Plastic Boy, and I know when I want to produce something under those aliases, so I just take it from there.

And speaking of projects, we hear that you are returning home to Bonzai and bringing back a couple of your Bonzai monikers, can you tell us which ones and why you choose now to revamp those?

Mike: Oh really? Haha, well, my connection with Bonzai will never fade, and there is a reason for that. We’ve recently discussed about releasing a new Tribal Warriors and Sector 7, its more darker progressive yet with that M.I.K.E. touch. It all started after our 20 years of Bonzai reunion last year, we all felt good meeting up and from one came another. And of course there’s Push… will it be back? watch out for that one!

Rumour has it that you are creating a new album for Bonzai, can you tell us anything about that?

Mike: One word – 4 letters. Can you guess? The rest I say no more!

Do you prefer DJing or producing, and why?

Mike: I prefer BOTH! producing is a HUGE privilege and passion, and having the power to share my music with the world is a blessing and I take FULL advantage of that with my DJing.

Just last year you were part of Bonzai’s 20 year party, how was that for you?

Mike: It was awesome, I had a blast! gathering together with all the guys was a real trip, more like this please.

You’ve worked with so many great artists over the years, particularly within Bonzai’s realm, do you have any favourite collaborations?

Mike: There are some many great people I collaborated with, in and out of Bonzai. I hold a special place for these experiences! Armin, Moby, Rank 1 ,Fred Baker, Airwave .. and so on.

Apart from Tribal Warriors and Sector 7, what are your plans for the future, can you let us in on any secrets?

Mike: Tribal Warriors and Sector 7 are once a year spin-offs. More Live shows for Push! Yes, something that’s on high demand from my fans! And I will bring it back as long there is a demand for it. The bookings are flying in for this coming summer, so keep an eye out! and this time it will go globally!

Well Mike thanks for taking the time to speak with us, best of luck to you and your family in whatever you do, thanks.

Mike: Thanks!

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