Hungarian DJ and producer Traveltech aka Balint Bendeguz Bakos returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic and epic two tracker entitled Forbidden Planet. Fresh off the back of his BP debut back in May 2016 with Eiffel Tower, this guy certainly knows how to rock out the progressive vibes. No doubt we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from this guy in the future so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Forbidden Planet sets off with an infectious synth line that draws you in with its sonic vibe as nice chunky kick drums and crispy hi hats come through delivering a smooth flowing rhythm. In the background we’re treated to stunning pads that swirl through the sound creating colourful textures and a beautiful ambience. The progressive elements in the track blend perfectly and you soon find yourself totally immersed in the groove. The intensity rises and rises and on the break those synths are wide open and let loose before everything goes quiet and then, boom, right back into full on mode. Top notch stuff indeed, not to be missed.

New Life intros with a cool drum pattern made up of punchy kicks which are soon joined by a fading in synth line and a fantastic plucky bassline. Shuffling hats and rhythmic percussions start to form up and it’s not long before we’re locked on to the deep progressive groove. As the layers build we find new sounds with new melodic flavours that become so immersive we get lost in the groove. The break is a quiet affair focusing on the percussive elements before bursting back into life for the duration. An expertly crafted slice of prog that will definitely turn a few heads and hypnotize a few minds for sure.

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