We kick off 2021 welcoming Theus (BR) back to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic, Existence. Theus has been producing music since 2017 and is an artist with focus, he’s attended many clubs and festivals, getting a feel for the sound so he can find his own way and uniqueness. He is inspired by melodic and progressive nuances of House and Techno. He is always ready for a great performance, knowing how to read the dance floor and getting the audience to immerse in his musical experience.

The Original Mix delivers that beautifully rich, aesthetic sound from this artist. Warm beats fill the spectrum as soft piano chords lurk. A deep bass rolls through alongside mesmerizing arpeggios. A raspy, haunting vocal adds character and a melancholy to the groove. Strong delivery and superbly executed slice that will not disappoint.

Aurelien Stireg returns on remix duties, following on from his Summer debut here at Bonzai Progressive, alongside his studio partner Anthony Spallino with the superb Positive Vibrations. Aurelien has been a producer for a long time, he started to DJ in 2000 as DJ G-Traxx and performed at many to venues and events. He played several styles and is mostly known for his house sets. A few years later he became a web developer and is responsible for creating apps, known throughout the world. During this time, he was still in the studio, laying down tracks. On the remix here, Aurelien lifts the vibe, retaining that characteristic vocal and adding extra spice to the groove. Tight beats lead the way, alongside flurries of rhythmic percussions. Plucky basses add depth as warming chords caress the sound. Top-notch effort and a must have.

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