Cairo based DJ and producer duo Shady Sabry and Ahmed El Touny make up Temporarily Unknown and here they debut on Green Martian with the superb Final Destination. They started to produce music around 5 years ago separately, until 2016 when they combined forces and decided to take it to the next level delivering some Deep ,Tech and Groovy beats. They both share the same passion for exploring, creating and experimenting with sounds and this is what drives them. The guys already boast an impressive catalogue of unreleased tracks that get lots of air time on different radio stations in the Middle East such as Nile FM, Marina Fm and many more. Their tracks are championed by some dance music icons like DJ Carlos and more. We’re delighted to have these guys on board and we just know the future will be bright for these stars of Egypt.

First Destination is a wonderfully crafted slice of melodic progressive house that will slot effortlessly into any late night set. Solid beats are in place for the duration as a hypnotic bassline strolls through the track, drawing us in. Superbly crafted percussions generate a smooth flowing rhythm while subtle melodies play out. The vocal is stunning, mysterious and captivating and will force you into deep though. The break is simply divine here, the melodies sweep through alongside that vocal and intense bass pads delivering a euphoric moment. A fantastic debut for these guys, check it out.

Legacy boasts a strong progressive groove that captivates the mind with its twists and turns. Tight drums lead the way alongside a deep probing bassline. The track delivers a wonderfully rich atmosphere with the use of swirling pads and subtle melodies while on the break we find a mesmerizing piano chord that gets deep into your soul. Distant voices and scattered synths litter the groove adding cool textures to the sound making this a must have track for sure.

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