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Those Old Rave Bastards from O.R.B. are on the loose again, churning out yet another banging Techno joint in the form of Red Tram. CJ Bolland, Steve Cop and Dany Van Der Rieten aka DJ Steel just cannot stay away from the studio, we can only imagine the fun they’re having coming up with tracks like this. Since the launch of After Dark and the debut release, It’s Just Music followed by Sonic Solution’s The Hornet, the message has been clear, have fun and enjoy the music. The guys have laid down a sound which represents all the pristine glory of modern production techniques alongside the very essence of that nostalgic sound from the heydays of rave. They have impressed so far and we have no doubt this will continue, come along for the ride and simply enjoy the music.

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After Dark is proud to present the brand new two tracker from Sonic Solution titled The Hornet. CJ Bolland and Steve Cop have reinvented their 1991 project for the 21st Century, and man have they created a Techno gem. Their last SS release was over 25 years ago and now, with this new sound, it just feels like yesterday. From the gut busting Beat Time to the warehouse razing Bagdad, these guys made their mark on early rave culture in the best possible way, and they are still revered with huge respect today. CJ and Steve really need no introduction, they remain as passionate about producing and DJing as they did all those years ago and up to today. It’s fair to say that with the launch of After Dark, they have a new wave of energy, taking the oldskool vibe and applying modern day techniques for a blistering hybrid groove that is sure to rock festivals and parties around the world.

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After Dark is proud to present our debut single from a trio of Old Rave Bastards or O.R.B. as they are affectionately known. CJ Bolland (label head honcho), Steve Cop and Dany Van Der Rieten aka Steel are the old bastards behind the project and they’re here to load us into the time machine and take us back to the glory days of Techno. We don’t think an introduction is really necessary on this occasion, but we’ll give you a recap of who these O.R.B.s are. CJ Bolland is considered with legendary status amongst a generation of electronic music lovers. From his early days collaborating with like-minded enthusiasts in projects such as Space Opera, Phantom, The Project and Sonic Solution to name just a few, to laying down his first studio album titled The 4th Sign which went on to become an iconic pressing. Over the years he experimented with different sounds and to date he boasts an impressive repertoire that includes DJing to dedicated ravers all over the world. Belgian DJ and producer Steve Cop has contributed heavily to Techno in the early nineties. He is the other half of Sonic Solution along with CJ and we all know the top tunes they turned out under that guise. A very much in demand DJ, Steve has played all over Belgium and more recently he has been featuring in several parties held by the mighty Bonzai. Dany (Steel) is a veteran of the Bonzai posse having released tracks under Batteries Not Included with Roel Butzen, D-Bedroom Visitors with Stefan Melis (Bountyhunter) on UVM as well as a few cuts on sub-labels from back in the day. Dany joins forces on the decks with Steve using his Steel persona and they are regular artists on Bonzai’s party and festival line-ups. A formidable trio with a wealth of experience and just the right amount of lunacy to create mind-blowing Techno.

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Orquesm return to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Techno infused album titled Casus. This one follows their recent debut here with DragOn which performed very well indeed. Orquesm are a Dutch DJ and producer duo aka Jeffrey Bakker & Michael Ulrich. They started out in the nineties playing at some of the biggest nights in the Netherlands alongside a plethora of top, well-known DJ’s, so it’s no surprise that these strong roots have given them the ability to make and play such great music. Their style varies depending on what they feel like producing and all their productions have a strong rhythmic drive as a basis. To date they have a very impressive list of releases to their name on several labels and their sound is championed by many well-established jocks and producers. Great to see them back.

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The legend that is L.S.G. returns to Bonzai Progressive with the full-on techno grooves of Freakwaves which is the fourth single to be released from his 2017 album Double Vision and features an Oliver Lieb remix as well as a Maxi Version. Since 1988 this guy has been at the cutting edge wowing us with his unique electronic music creations. He boasts an exhaustive back catalogue under several guises, moving effortlessly between genres while always delivering quality. L.S.G. is Oliver’s most famous project, but he is also renowned for Paragliders and Spicelab among many other aliases as well as working in several very successful groups. He has released on labels including Superstition, Harthouse, Hooj, JOOF and Platipus as well as our very own XTC, Bonzai Trance Progressive, Tripomatic and Tranceportation. His CV includes a plethora of remixes including Faithless, Moby, Human League and Mory Kante to name a few. Recently Oliver has embraced social media, engaging with his fans, sharing interesting and funny stories from back in the day as well as uploading some cool images of old analogue gear he used to make some of his memorable classics. An outstanding talent we are proud to have here at Bonzai Progressive.

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Dani Sbert marks his Bonzai Basiks debut with powerful techno grooves on the two track Fidelity EP. Spanish born DJ and producer Dani was always destined to be in the music business having been seduced by rhythms from a young age. At just 14 years old he got his first set of Technics which enabled him to hone his skills and amass a large collection of classic vinyl. He has graced the decks all around the world and many venues, playing alongside a host of top jocks. On the production front he boasts a hugely impressive release count which cover a multitude of labels. He has had more than 500 Top 100 Beatport entries and his music is championed by many on the big stage and the small stage. Dani has a long, detailed and very fulfilling music career and we’re delighted to have him here at Bonzai Basiks.

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Mexico native Doriaan aka Dorian Padilla shows up on our Bonzai Basiks label with the fantastic Rood which is backed up with a solid remix from Bonzai legend Ben Knoxx. This one follows his last outing here – Roasrio on Green Martian – and goes some way to showcasing the diverse skillset this guy has. Doriaan is building up a discography that has one objective, to make people dance and feel a wide range of emotions. He has been focused on producing trance music, but it is inevitable to hear some other genres influences in his productions. From techno, to deep house, psy trance or even classical, his musical taste inspires him to create music that has groove, melody and emotion. Worrying less and less every day about labelling genres, the main objective of his project is to deliver great music and great feelings and memories for his audience.

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Our very own Van Czar returns to Bonzai Basiks with the thundering techno joint titled Adsum which is backed up with a superb remix from Tim Baker. Van Czar continues to delight, his creative mind never fails to deliver and in the last couple of years he has really lifted his profile in the music world. On his last outing here, he paired up with techno legend Ken Ishii on Kitai which also got a vinyl release, pleasing a lot of 12” junkies. Van has aligned himself with several electronic music legends including Dave Angel, Kevin Saunderson, Robert Babicz as well as Ken and Tim. Aside from his own productions he runs his own CZ, Ibiza Boys and Van Czar Series labels which have been responsible for some quality tracks lately. Always a pleasure having Van Czar on the roster and no doubt we will see much more in the future.

24 September 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


After a short hiatus we are happy to see the dynamic duo of Jon ManimaL & Magros aka metrONomes back with another dancefloor busting cut titled Karma. Last time we saw the guys was on their (+) EP which gained great support. Coming from different backgrounds and having both spent much time exploring music personally, they are able to join together and produce some stunning progressive and tech works in a unique way which shows off their personalities. The result is a mixture of different music styles, thoughts, perspectives and beliefs blended in one music scheme. They have taken their Metronomes Live Project on the road and performed with various artists around the world including Sander Kleinenberg, Guy J, D-Nox, Phil Thompson aka Moonface, Antony Pappa, Son Kite, Tycon, Armin Van Buuren, Antix aka Fiord, Symphonix, Glen Morison, John Digweed, G Pal and many more. Always an exciting time when their new music drops into the office.

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The ingenious Oliver Lieb aka L.S.G. is back at Bonzai Progressive with the superb Cepheid which is taken from his very well received 2017 album – Double Vision. This is the third track to get a single release off the album and is the perfect showcase for this guy and his immense talent. Without doubt one of the most influential figures in electronic music for almost three decades. Since 1988 this guy has been at the cutting edge of electronic music and has seen himself transition between multiple genres, dominating in every one. Oliver is also renowned for his other monikers Paragliders and Spicelab among many others as well as working in several very successful groups. He has released on labels including Superstition, Harthouse, Hooj, JOOF and Platipus as well as our very own XTC, Bonzai Trance Progressive, Tripomatic and Tranceportation. His CV includes a plethora of remixes including Faithless, Moby, Human League and Mory Kante to name a few. In 2010 he started Solieb Digital where he would unleash his back catalogue in re-mastered glory. Always one to watch, so much more to come from this guy.

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Techno guru and Bonzai legend Ben Knoxx returns to Bonzai Basiks with another floor stomping techno joint titled Closer, and to keep the legend theme running (CJ Bolland remixed his last effort here) we have the amazing Oliver Lieb stepping in on remix duties.

23 July 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more

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