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    Matan Caspi returns to BP in 2021 with the excellent, Darkness. Last time out he gave us a sublime remix for Theus’ Get Away, which followed his previous release Eunoia. In between, he’s appeared on several of our compilations. The last several years has seen Matan’s profile grow, breaking into new ground with new fans coming thick and fast. This is all down to his dedication and the way he works his grooves on the floors. He started experimenting with music when he a was little kid, playing the guitar and the keyboard, mostly thanks to his father who pushed him in that direction. He later played in some rock bands before finding electronic music somewhere in late 1999 which led to his interest in production. With constant practice on some music production programs he understood that this is what he wanted to do and this proved to be his calling as the many years of quality tracks will show.

    11 January 2021 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    Loortex aka Russian DJ and producer Denis Grebenkov debuts on Bonzai Progressive alongside singer, songwriter Natasha Syberia, with this release also marking their collaborative debut. Denis has been around for a while now; he has seen releases under several aliases including Keksu and Denart. He also runs his label Escenda where he has released 3 albums already. Loortex has the sounds and the production skills to stamp out a solid mark, we’ve no doubt the world will be seeing much more from him. Natasha is also no stranger to the scene. Under her Syberia guise, she was the lead singer in the Once in Milano rock band. She has been involved in music since her childhood, mastering the piano and violin. Delighted to have both on board.

    21 December 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    We welcome Mexico based DJ, producer Andy Woldman to Bonzai Progressive with his superb debut, Frozen Twilight. Andy has carved out a solid reputation on the underground music scene over the last number of years. He’s seen releases on Perfecto Black, Stripped Digital and many more. He’s played at some of the biggest events in his country, alongside the likes of Dr Motte, Paul Van Dyk and Markus Schulz among others. His exploits have led him to work with many artists. In particular, Pedro Eustache – himself a celebrated artist having worked with some of the biggest names in music. Together they are working on a new genre, creating an atmospheric style full of synths and wind instruments. Great to have him on board.

    9 November 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    We welcome Jon Voorn back to Bonzai Progressive for his full debut, Medinah, which follows his remix on Manu Riga’s Last Grain Of Sand. Better known as the legendary Jon The Dentist, he was responsible for a string of hard house and trance hits from the early 90’s. Long before he laid down the hard beats, he was churning out breakbeat cuts as DJ Freshtrax. While JTD is his most famous moniker, he has released music using several aliases on labels such as Tidy Trax, Sony, Positiva, Nukleuz, and his own Phoenix Uprising, Platinum and Boscaland. He’s worked in collaboration with many top artists, storming the floors with in-your-face tracks. The most popular of these collaborations was with Baby Doc, together they spawned a plethora of tracks, notably their remix of The First Rebirth which found fame on the Prolekult and which Franky Jones himself heralds as his favourite remix. An influential character, his dance music journey is one of intrigue and fascination, we’re sure he could tell some stories. Great to have him here.

    2 November 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    Manu Riga continues to impress with his latest effort, Last Grain Of Sand. Since the dawn of Bonzai Progressive, he remains a stalwart for us and on the scene. He exudes quality as well as inspiration for others to evolve their own sound. A dedicated artist with an exhausting work ethic, committing himself to various projects with top collaborators alongside managing his own labels – Vesta Records and Vesta Lux. He also provides the tunes on Progressive Beats Radio, with his show, Escape.

    30 September 2020 UPDATES Read more


    Slovenian DJ, producer, and one of our most prolific artists, Crocy, returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Magika. Matevz began his musical career in 1992, attending music school in his hometown. He played the accordion for several years and during this time he was listening to different genres of music, searching for his own sound. After many years as a DJ, he discovered and became involved in producing with his first tracks being released in 2006. His original and remixes can be found on some of the best labels in the world. His relationship with Bonzai began around 2012, and since then he has delivered a raft of quality cuts, never failing to impress with consistent quality always at the forefront.

    31 August 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    The Sirius aka DJ and producer Sergio Albornoz returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Thoth’s Spell and this one follows his debut. Nautilus Stalking. Having discovered electronic music, Sergio started spinning at clubs and local radio stations. This led him to play at big events alongside some top names in the industry. His enthusiasm for technology drew him to music production and he was soon churning out his own tracks. In 2003 he was introduced to trance music and successfully held residencies in his hometown. Over the last few years, he’s been injecting a progressive element into his sound with superb results. Sergio owns his own label, Orbital Records and he is a Director of the Academy of DJ’s and producers called Orbital, in the city of Cordoba, which has nourished a high level of artists who went on to perform all over the world.

    20 July 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    The on fire and very much in demand Rick Pier O’Neil returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Itzamna. Having started to DJ at just 14, he soon found he had an addiction to sound and went on to be a sound engineer building his first studio at just 16. Working with major labels he built a solid rep and gained Billboard success. Since 2006 he has delivered a vast amount of quality releases on top labels all over the world and his own RPO Records. He has also seen much of his work appear on many Bonzai compilations over the last couple of years as well as several remixes and original works which always gain great support. Always a pleasure having Rick here at BP, and we hope to hear more from him soon.

    22 June 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    Santini (B) & Quatretemps follow their stellar remix on Greg S’ Lost Feelings with the superb, Powder. With the original release making waves over on our Bonzai Classics imprint, we thought a couple of progressive remixes from three wonderfully talented artists would add an extra bit of spice to the track. These guys really need no introduction, they’ve been stalwarts on the scene for decades, providing magical moments for clubbers and ravers all over the world. They have been and will continue to perform live at many events, breaking from the traditional DJ routine to a more hands on, creative performance. A very much respected duo, not just with Bonzai, but within the international scene, there can be no doubt of the impact they’ve had in shaping the sound of a generation. You can catch the guys at Bonzai Originals 2020 and Legacy Festival 2020. They are also in the studio working on new Phrenetic System material as well as other exciting new projects. It’s well worth keeping an eye on these two, big things are gonna happen.

    23 March 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    Spanish artist John May debuts with us at Bonzai Progressive with the superb Electromagnetik which features a top-notch remix from two of our very own heavy-hitters, Manu Riga and Phi Phi. Highly influenced by the Synth-pop of the 80s and the melodic electronics of the 90s, he has spent over 18 years composing for himself and for others, producing remixes, creating projects within the different genres of electronic commercial as well as underground and club sound. By the year 2002 he had a number one on the dance floors of Spain alongside J. Puentes and their duo Pro-Active. He then got more into house music, producing for Vince Magnata and remixing various artists from the USA. More recently he found himself getting into the Progressive and Techno scene, with deeper melodies and more underground groove. We’re delighted to have him on board.

    2 March 2020 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


    Phi Phi and Manu Riga join forces once again to bring us two distinctly unique tracks on Voyage a Goa. This one is the duo’s second stint in the studio together and once again the chemistry is magical as you will witness. Philippe and Adriaan are both stalwarts for us having provided a plethora of original and remix works, with consistent quality, over many years. Their tracks are championed around the world and both can boast a dedicated following. It’s a pleasure once again to release another fine slice from these masters of their trade.

    4 December 2019 UPDATES Read more

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