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M & D Substance

17 August 2011

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Written by on 17 August 2011

New instalment in the Afterhour Trax series, this time featuring tracks and remixes from Airwave, Paulina Steel, Arto Kumanto, Code Duello, Mans & Robbertsen, DigitalJ, Castra & Sovve, Arjona vs Blufeld, Kahraman, Lucas Tesselhoff, Luca Lombardi, Thomleck, DreamMan featuring York, Arion Grey, M & D Substance, Chantola, Johny S, Jay Sustain, Zakat Project, Sovve featuring […]

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4 May 2011

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Written by on 4 May 2011

Ibiza 2K11 – Laidback Trance Frequencies Featuring original tracks and remixes from Airwave, Chris M, Wenturo, Sovve feat Devize, Blufeld, Arto Kumanto, Michal Jesensky, Güçlü Başak, George V, Narel, Planisphere, M & D Substance, Zakat Project, Eli Clement, Arjona vs Soren Andrews, Efedry, Vadim Dreamer, Max Gueli, Esprit Fort and SoulState, Foxa and Liquid Nations.

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