Subtractive aka American DJ, producer Alex Hunt, debuts on Bonzai Progressive with The Medici Effect. Having grown up in a musical household, Alex soon became hooked on electronic music. He began to learn about music and how to create his own sounds, practising mixing, sampling and synthesis. The sound of the Detroit underground influenced him and before long he created Subtractive, with a focus on non-traditional music. His compositions explore the limits of electronic music, while maintaining a rhythm which is irresistible to dancers. Great to have him on board.

The release opens with the title track, The Medici Effect, which settles into a solid progressive mover right from the off. Deep basses and a solid drum arrangement deliver a muscular groove. Gnarly in part, the track carries a diverse signature, blending multiple elements beautifully to reflect the strong nature of the sound. A definite peak time monster, no to be missed. Vanity Of Vanities concludes the release, continuing with the strong, powerful theme of the EP. Sleek arps weave through the groove as deep, undulating basses add warmth. The groove sits on a bed of punchy drums and exotic percussions, adding rhythm and spice to the track. Top-notch and a must have.

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